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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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" You'd be surprise what I am actually into and um my name is Luca don't really remember if I told you earlier or not" he said to the vamp taking a shot. Luca had to keep his drinking under control because if he drank to much he wouldn't be able to protect himself from an attack or something. Sometimes he got so tired of being at alert all the time it got to be a drag. Letting the alcohol work threw his system he listen to the conversation. Playing with Gabby's fingers he heard the vamps offer to dance with her. This bothered Luca but not because he was a vamp but because she was Gabby. He didn't want to let her go into the arms of any man but let alone him. But he wasn't in control of her and he didn't want to be anything she did was her choice. She proved that to him when she left to go to Alaska. With the kiss on the back of the hand she asked him if he mind her dancing with him and his insides screamed to say yes. But being the guy he was he said " Of course not rather you dance with him then me". Trying to fake a smile he took another shot feeling her hand slip out of his. Many times since she had been gone had he walked pass the spot where they almost kissed. Maybe he wasn't her type of guy Luca didn't know. As she danced with the guy and looked over his shoulder Luca gave her a wink and a smile. Making sure that the guys hands stayed where he could see them and above the waist.