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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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The music came to a stop, Gabby did a mock bow to Ryan before staggering slightly before composing herself, she winked slyly at Luca before coming back over and crashing back into him as she sat down. "Miss me?" She asked trying to sound innocent as her drunken tongue would let her. She kissed his neck,"you know my darlin'" She said in almost a purr as she took another double shot, before finishing her drink that was waiting for her."You should dance with me, I am a very good one just ask pretty boy here." She motioned toward Ryan, her accent rang out thickly. She looked at him staring at his eye she felt her start to water she pushed them back shaking her head"pardon me as i become a puddle and make an ass out of myself." She thought to herself, she wasn't sure what it was that made her run that night. In her thoughts her hand slid to his she laced her fingers between his taking his shot out of his other hand finishing it for him. "You should.." she stumbled and tripped over her words leaning up on her elbows to look at him more. She lost her train of thought and lay her head back to his shoulder tracing the lines of his chest over his shirt. She felt his chest rise and fall as he talked to the vampire his voice rocked her to sleep a lot faster then she thought possible. He started to run his fingers threw her hair she leaned her head more into his hand. The hand she rubbed his chest with fell in his lap as she gave into the fight and closed her eyes. Even smashed sitting at a table with a vampire in a semi full bar she felt home and safe.