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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Luca watched them the whole time they danced not taking an eye off of them until the song finished. He watched Gabby as she stumbled over to him from the dance floor. He knew that she was drunk but he couldn't help but smile even when she was drunk she looked cute to him. As she sat down basically almost sitting on top of him he let out a soft laugh. Once she was seated he took another shot and so did everyone else at the table. " You guys looked like y'all where having a good time out there" he said creating conversation with Ryan. He felt Gabby's soft lips on his neck which made the hair on his arms raise. It felt good what she was doing but he knew sooner or later he would have to get her home. As he started to take another shot she took it out of his hand a drunk it herself. He knew that that shot would be her limit. " Okay no more shots for you ".

After about 10 minutes of talking to the vampire, which would have gotten him in so much trouble if his bosses found out, he felt Gabby drift to sleep. The comfort he felt from her leaning on him and holding his hand was nice. " Look dude I would love to sit a chat with you for the rest of eternity but I don't have that long like you do and besides I got to get her home". Getting up from the table he woke up Gabby and shook Ryan's hand goodbye. After Gabby got her stuff he put his arm around her shoulder allowing her to lean all her weight into him.

Walking out of the club he spotted Midnight who seemed to be walking back toward the house. " Hey Midnight hold on". Once he caught up to her he smiled and walked beside her. " She had a little too much fun at the Jazz club" he told her as they walked to the house. " So how did your playing detective go?" he asked her offering her his arm to take as they walk. Luca listened to her talk as she took his arm and Gabby leaned on him. " I know I said this earlier but I am a really lucky guy to be seen with you two beautiful woman on my arms" he said. " I guess I can cross this off my bucket list then" he teased.