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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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It was beginning to get dark, as well, the group around her slowly dispersed. Their minds all ran through hers as they left. Midnight, Luca, and Gabby all heading into town. She nodded in approval of this, glad that someone could cover the humans in case any vamps slipped through. It seemed like a good time to relax, but it the truth was that there was no such thing around here. 
Jenson started at a jog, saving her energy for the change. Although instantaneous, as well, she tried to ignore the pain which was excrutiating. Her spine broke in multiple places to support four legs instead of two. Every pore burned as fur grew to replace skin. Her face stretches to form a snout and her teeth became too big for her mouth as they sharpened, lengthened, and pointed themselves. Her fingernails changed into ferocious claws and her hands were now mighty paws, able to take down the biggest of creatures. 
When the transformation was complete, she picked her jog up into a sprint, pumping her muscles quickly as her breath eased while she sped through the forest. All in a days work. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. Felix's thoughts were heavy and loud. Emotional. Something was wrong and he was close. She trotted over toward him realizing that he had already morphed into his half form uncontrollably. If she were in her other form she would have gasped and cursed up a storm, but being this way she only barked. Hopefully getting his attention. And even if that didn't, she would get it. A light whistle, from Midnight as far as she could tell. She lowered her eyebrows and went to stand in front of him, the look on her face was serious, but just as much dominance. She didn't want him running around hurting anybody and the only way to ashure that was to stay stern. Pay attention to me. Nothing else. You need to calm down. I don't want you to cause any harm this way. Her eyebrows lifted enough to show her emotion had changed to straight concern and worry for him. You don't want to hurt me, do you? She questioned in her head. She hoped this was getting all to him. A light whimper escaped her throat and she closed in on him, the look still on her canine face. 

. . .

Hayley was eager to snake her hands around his strong jaws to pull him close to her. While one hand rested there her other hand struggled to pull off her shirt. Honestly, kissing was quite enjoyable to her, but she didn't want to lose his interest in continuing to do the same thing. She pulled away for a moment to slip her shirt over her head and catch her breath. She tossed her shirt towards her closet then pulled him back, but instead of kissing him she let her tongue lightly trail to his ear where she nibbled for a bit before returning to his tempting lips. 
For some reason, her mind strayed from what was going on right in front of her, instead going to the idea of hunting. One of her other favorite things to do. The thought chained to thinking of getting over the border to the wolves to her powers and with an idea she randomly pushed him away.
Her eyebrows were low with curiousness. "How do you get past the wolves " She asked. She clearly knew how she could pass their many-a-noses and always listening ears. Without her force field, her invisibility,  even her ability to block or learn powers helped her get past that Alphess Jenson. She didn't know how she would succeed without her convenient skills. An eyebrow arched as she waited for Jackson to reply to her. 

. . . 

Ian growled. He left Bunny's side, only after he threw her the stash in his pocket. It had a pretty good amount of meth in it and he knew it would fullfil her for a while. He almost left to investigate these new vamps when he snapped back, next to her ear. "I expect to see you later to finish this." He made a movement with his hand indicating their previous activities then he bolted out the door. He was fast and made his way down to the forst story in no time. "Who goes there?" He called out to the new smells that drenched the whole first floor.
A small sliver of him hoped that Bunny would join him after she got high. Seeing as how Isabelle was outside, she didn't seem a likely candidate for amusing him after he dealt with these newbies.