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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Midnight smiled as Luca walked up with Gabby. "Well it didn't go, nothing seems to work out here. Im very frustrated. Everyone seems to be held up over you actually Luca. Evie, and sweet Gabby." It was no secret that Midnight preferred Gabby to Evie. "Everyone is so caught up with what they want they are not thinking of the whole picture." She shrugged a bit and leaned her head on his shoulder. As they finally got back to the house she looked at Gabby. "Poor thing. Want me to take her up to bed?" Midnight brushed Gabby's hair gently out of her face admiring her. "You are lovely, and have a good heart. I am fond of you." She shot a look to Luca. "And not in that way. She is just a nice person and they are rare."

Midnight looked to Luca smiling, things didn't seem so crazy when it was just him and gabby, but throw evie in the mix and someone always ran off. It unnerved her. "After we get her into bed you want to go for a walk? The night is still young and plus, I will take you anywhere you want to go." She placed her hands on Gabby and Luca pulling them through the shadow's to Gabby's bedroom with her. "Literally anywhere. I'm just a little confused by this place and the people here, I could use someone explaining it to me, and helping me understand. Not everyone has been as kind as you and Gabby." Midnight honestly just needed someone to talk to, she was in a strange land, with strange people.