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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Evie was not in a good mood. She'd spent the rest of her day doing perimeter sweeps, while the others were out 'playing' with their new best friend and vampires. What had the world come to? Having friendly conversations with vampires and welcoming strangers with open arms? Abandoning one's packmates to go play with the enemy? It was sheer madness.

After Evie had made sure everything was okay, she went back up to her room to sulk a bit. Not like she had anything else to do. She had laid herself down in bed with a six pack, a carton of icecream, and a box of cookies. The best thing about being a werewolf; their metabolisms burned energy like crazy. She could eat all day and not gain an ounce - as long as she got a nice workout every day in her wolf form. Which, she did, seeing as her underlings couldn't be bothered by such trivial matters such as pack security.

She stayed up there and watched TV by herself, miffed. Yesterday everything had been going smoothly as far as she was concerned. Sure, the vampires were being pesky, but when weren't they? But the state of the pack had been fine, and really, that was all Evie cared about. But then everything had suddenly been thrown out of allignment. An outsider had come out of nowhere and shooken things up, and good 'ol Gabby had retured from her trip. Personally, she wasn't sure who irked her more. Midnight with her secretivness and shamelessness . . . Or Gabby with her bad timing and even worse pack manners.

Now, Evie was fully aware that Luca was not her mate, nor was he her lapdog. She knew she didn't have a right to tell him what to do - well she did, but she wasn't going to tell him who he could be with. But still, she had the right to pursue him before Gabby did. It was simple pack etiquette. The same concept as to why the senior wolves ate before the younger ones. The pecking order gave the higher ranks first pick. If Evie wanted to pursue a relationship with Luca, she had the right to go after him before Gabby did. If he turned her down straight up, then Gabby had every right in the world to go after him. Evie wasn't going to force Luca to be with her. But that didn't mean she had to like him spending so much time with someone she considered her inferior.

. . . . . .

Jackson was surprised when Hayley suddenly pushed him away. He smiled though at what she said. "Well even though I have super mad stealth skills, that's not how I get into town . . . .Well the truth is that I'm actually sleeping with Alphess Jenson. Mhm that's right. I'm so in there. I fuck that bitch like there's no tomorrow. And then when she's recovering from our awesome love making, I just sneak into town. It's fool proof - I tell you." He was joking of course; he was too drunk to take the question seriously.