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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Gabby blinked when he woke her up looking up at Luca with a soft smile "Well hi" She laughed as he helped her up. He always took such good care of her when she didn't take care of herself. They ran into Midnight she ment to smile at her but wasn't sure if the smile moved to her lips or not. She whispered to Luca "Ok so maybe that last shot was to many sugar." He laughed lightly at her kissing her forehead she grinned filling his teeth brush her head, she loved to make him laugh. She faded off Luca was pretty much carrying her at this point.

Her head spun as she hit the pillow, the voices of Midnight and Luca filled the room around her. She smiled at Midnight's kind words towards her. She looked over at Luca reaching out for his hand, she hated how clingy she was with him it went against her nature. He walked to her bed sitting next to her as Midnight talked to him about going on a walk with her. His hands rubbed her back as she lay her head in his lap, she felt him shift to get up to go for the walk. She leaned up with out a fully thought kissing him softly "Be safe ok" She said tenderly in his ear before she rolled over curling up with the pillow like a it was a teddy bear.