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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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" I wasn't even thinking in that way at all" he said holding in a laugh but letting a little smile creep across his face." Actually we can both do teamwork and get her up there" he said. But as soon as he said that something happened to them and they appeared in Gabby's room. " Wow that's quite a trick you got there" he said laying Gabby down in the bed." And I would actually enjoy a walk right now after we get her settled". He sat there for a moment with her head on his lap before he got giving her a kiss on the forehead. But as he left she got up and gave him a soft quick kiss. He didn't expect it at all but wasn't complaining at all. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol or because she really wanted to. " Aren't I always safe. You sleep okay I will see you when I get back" he said as he walked toward Midnight. That kiss between him and Gabby was unexpected. When she left he thought she didn't like him that way. Now Evie was thrown into the mix and life had gotten more complicated. Evie might have a thing for him and Gabby might too but how does he choose? Shaking the thoughts from his head he went back over to Gabby and gave her a soft kiss and whispered " you know it scares me how much I care for you" in her ear. With a wink he walked back over to Midnight. "All right lets get this adventure on the road take me anywhere you want to". She grabbed his arm and did that thing to him again and took him somewhere he wasn't familiar with. " Hey I gotta ask you something. I think I have a problem with Evie and Gabby. I care about them both but being the nice flirty guy I am I don't wanna hurt anybody. Plus I don't know exactly who is better for me or who to choose. I'm so confused and since your a beautiful woman you should be able to help me out with this".