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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Midnight smiled at him. "Problem? I wouldn't call it a problem. What do you want Luca?" She flopped on the ground and laid there looking up at him. "Thats what it comes down to." Midnight reached up and took his hand gently, allowing warm feelings to wash over him. She didn't want him to be sad or confused, he was very kind to her, and him and Gabby were the closest thing she had ever had as friends. "It will be hard but on the one hand you have Gabby and in the other Evie. I can't tell you who is better for you, if either of them, thats something you should decide. I don't know if choosing one over the other will create conflict. I am a bit worried for you. I want it to work out for your pack, but I also hope for your happiness. If there is anything I can do to help you, I will." Midnight was a little confused herself by the whole thing. Gabby seemed like a little sister and best friend, while Evie seemed like a boss and protective older sister. Midnight didn't honestly know how to advise him. Relationships were a strange territory for her, she had never been in one. "Just do whatever makes you the most happy and you will never regret your decision. I envy you for that Luca. You have a chance to make a choice and directly impacts your own happiness. I am not allowed such choices and it kills me. I know your afraid of hurting one or the other, but this is about you. Oh and another thing, what does me being a beautiful woman have to do with this?" She cocked one eyebrow up staring at him.

Midnight pulled him down next to her and ran her fingers over his head in a comforting manner. She understood how he was feeling on a level but when it came to the subject of love she was, well, deficient. "I know it will work out for you Luca. Anyway what's a nice flirty guy like you doing worrying about this stuff anyway. Your a good catch and either girl would be lucky to have you." She nudged him playfully. "Why were you so nice to me in the woods, when you first met me Luca? Its something that was on my mind. I was an intruder on your land, I was expecting Evie's reaction from you." She tucked her hair behind her ears watching him. She smirked a little bit resting her head on his shoulder. "It was because I was half naked wasn't it?" She gave his stomach a little tickle knowing that the naked part didn't hurt. She knew he was all talk and no show with the flirting so she felt comfortable playing around with him. Her charm was creeping up on her and she did her best to subdue that oh so familiar irresistibly that seemed to effect anyone in close contact with her. If she could wish away anything in her life it would be that. No one ever enjoyed her for simply being her, it helped her do her job but it was still a curse. She got a devilish grin on her face. "Ever slept with either of them? And This time I do mean like that." It was a personal question but she felt no shame towards anything that had to do with sex.