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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Setting: Springside2011-03-17 05:32:38, as written by Neonemerld
Felix howled at Jenson as she stood before him. His eyes looked tormented, but his body was ready to attack. His animalistic instincts fought against his emotions and human rationale. His large, muscular, canine paw came up, ready to strike Jenson, but it froze in place. His eyes darted around, but mostly between his paw and Jenson. He howled once more as her thoughts penetrated into his mind.

Pay attention to me. The words rang through his head. His paws twitched.

Nothing else. His eyes scanned hers, some of the muscles in his face twitching.

You need to calm down. Her words became to soothe him, his bones creaking as his arm slowly started to lower.

I don't want you to cause any harm this way. His heart sunk. He became aware of himself, of the fact that he was a monster. His muscles began to give out as the expression on her face changed to a look of concern.

You don't want to hurt me, do you? With those words, he let out a blood-curdling howl. He brought his arm down and looked her straight in the eye. His large eyes blinked a few times and he looked down at himself, seeing the monstrosity he had became. He growled quietly at himself, then started to morph back into his human form. He could feel all of his bones compressing and all of his muscles contracting. Despite this, it was much less painful than normal, or he at least paid less attention to it. He let out an exhausted sigh as he finally became a human again. He leaned back against a tree and slumped down, letting out a huff of air. That form had been like a prison. He had no control of himself in that form. He was just glad to be free of it. He looked up at Jenson, a rather cold, emotionless look on his face. His mind was completely blank, not a single conscious thought passing through.

"Sorry, Jenson." he muttered quietly. He went quiet after that, putting his head back against the tree as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his head. He wiped it off, turning his head to the side as he did. When he turned his head, he revealed the side of his head to Jenson, the marks from earlier that were bleeding were completely healed already. He stared off towards the desert, questioning if he should even bother going back for his iPod. He turned in the other direction, towards where he had set up a trap with blood and booze. He wondered if anyone had become caught in the pitfall he dug. Even in the worst of times, Felix still put the pack ahead of himself, and through them, the humans. He sighed and rested his head back again, a thought finally going through his head.

Rest first, then I can check...


Katherine sat outside, on top of a hill in the forest. She let out a sigh and let herself lie down. She stared up at the tree canopy as she enjoyed nature. Her fingers traced symbols in the dirt at her hips. She pulled gently at the grass, plucking a blade from the ground and rubbing it between her fingers, releasing the natural oils within and filling the air with a pleasantly fresh aroma. She let out a sigh and sat up again. She pulled out a set of matching, sterling silver daggers from her belt. She grabbed one by the tip and stood it straight up, the hilt pointing up to the sky. She pulled her hand back, then threw the perfectly balanced dagger at a tree. The dagger spun in the air and embedded itself in the tree with a thunk. It ended up buried four inches into the tree. She grabbed a second dagger and threw it as she had with the first and at the same tree. It embedded itself barely a foot above the first. She picked up the third and again threw it. This one embedded itself directly in between the other two. She sighed and lied back down. She yawned and picked up the fourth and final dagger still at her side. She stabbed that one into the soft ground and made herself comfortable on the forest floor.


"Who goes there?" someone called out. She turned around to see a man standing there. He seemed like an authority figure, or he at least had the attitude of one. She gave a sly grin and walked up, holding her hands up, more mockingly than anything. As she held her hands up, her jacket fell open, showing her corset and her accentuated bust that would be large even without the corset. She wore nothing else under the corset, and the only thing she worse aside from it and her jacket was a pair of black leather pants. She had nothing else on her, not even a bag of clothes or food. When she spoke, it was almost jokingly.

"I am but a traveler in search of a warm bed to sleep in." she said with a chuckle. "What does it look like? I'm a vampire, just like you."