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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Charlie just got back from a long run through the woods, her blood pulsing. She had taken the time to clear the thoughts from her head and all the confusion from the jumbled mess constantly streaming through it. She walked to cool down a bit. Her breath was quick. She took a swig of water, enjoying the cold liquid swim down her dry throat. The night air was cool. She looked up and pondered the life beyond what she'd always known. Beyond this. She quickly pushed that thought out of her head. How could she even think of leaving? Why? There's no reason to. Everything she needs is right here, right?

She stopped herself there and completely disregarded anything that had to do with being away from this place, the place she called home. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt someone else there with her. Not close enough to see, but definitely close enough to hear. "Hello?" She cried. No answer. Who was watching her? All she could hear was the faint sound of low breaths. Nothing more. A crunch of the leaves caused her head to snap to the left and look. She was facing a familiar face, but she didn't understand why he was there.