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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Jenson huffed and picked him up placing him easily on her back so he could lay on her. She galloped toward the house and up the stairs and placed him on his bed. She raised an eyebrow and pulled his covers up with her teeth. 
After a second, she felt a bit awkward in her wolf form because when she changed back she would be completely bare. She was a bit modest, but if someone accidentally saw, she wouldn't cower either. She walked into her room and changed back into her human form. 
After the morph she hopped in the shower. She loved the feeling of the hot beads of water pelting her skin. She got out and dryed off, letting he'd black hair air dry after she dried it some with the towel. She walked into her large room, abandoning her towel in the bathroom. She picked through her closet unable to decide what to wear. 
She found a cocktail dress and slipped it on over her head. She looked in the mirror again and decided to sit at her vanity. She brushed through her hair and applyed a bit of makeup, a bit of eyeliner and some bronzed. Otherwise her skin was practially flawless.  
After she was ready she headed downstairs. She smirked and headed into the woods. She loved being barefoot, she felt so close to the world.  She was heading around a familiar, but secluded region of the forest, deep in the realms of their land. She focused and could hear absolutely nothing. She sighed, content. She loved being so far away that she could not hear a single thought. It felt like a curse sometimes, her power. She felt nosy. Ugh. She put it out of her head, focusing on the reason she came out here in the first place. She tucked her hair behind her ear and slipped a joint into her mouth. She had missed smoking too much. The end of her finger sparked into a small flame so she could like her smoke. She inhaled it and tried to hold it in, but it had been so long since she had smoked that she began coughing violently. She cleared her throat after nearly coughing up a lung and dared to take another hit of the inticing dro. 

. . . 

Hayley raised an eyebrow. She couldn't really tell if he was lying or not but the subject had completely turned her off. Her despise of the wolves was almost as bad as her hatred towards Ian. She snatched a shirt out of her closet, a black v-neck button up. She put it on and shuffled her hair around on her shoulders. Then shook her head adjusting it messily. She wasn't all that drunk. At least it wore off quick. That was one thing that she both liked and disliked about being a vampire. She shrugged at the thought, still watching herself in the mirror. She grinned, showing her obvious fangs. She giggled at herself as she headed out of the bathroom. She kisses her pointer and middle finger and made a peace sign as she headed out the door. She laughed again at herself for just leaving him there, but she could care less. She would go back to him later. Right now she has something to do. 

. . . 

Ian paced around this new vampire. His eyes trailed her up and down and he could only smile at the sight. A new toy, He chuckled aloud and a grin formed on his near perfect features. this could be fun. He thought. He let his cold fingers trail down her cheek as he came to stand in front of her, his purple eyes tearing into her blood red orbs. "And what is your name," He tilted his head a bit as he finished with a flawless grin, "darling?" 

Jenson's dress.