TransylvaniaEmilie Barnes

The more you try, the more you care. And the more you care, the more you have to lose.

a character in “Van Helsing: Age of the Twins”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Name: Emilie Barnes
Alias/Nickname: Em, Emmy
Birth date: June 17th, 1995
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Nationality: British
Class: Mind


Colour: Green, definitely green.
Music: Linkin Park an Breaking Benjamin
Food: Gyros
Expressions: A smile, or a smirk, sometimes with Emilie its hard to differentiate. But if she's not doing either of those, her expression is usually distanced, solemn, like she's lost in her thoughts or a memory.
Book: Tales of The Brothers Grimm


Clothing style: Emilie is a bit edgy, but also a bit soft. She wears whats comfortable for her. A typical outfit for her would be, a shirt with sleeves long enough to cover most of her hands, jeans, and combat boots. If she's cold, she'll wear a jacket, but otherwise, her attire is sometimes pretty plane. But she has her moments. Sometimes she'll dress full on punk, or maybe something thats all soft and warm. Depends on her mood.
Prized Possession: An old locket that she's worn since she was a little girl. After Kai and Aliena disappeared, she put their picture in alongside her mothers. It helps her to feel like maybe one day, she might possibly see them again.
Other: She may not be a body student, but that doesnt mean she's not handy with a blade. She keeps a switchblade in her boot at all times.


First memory: A rhyme sung to her by her mother. Dont ask her why its so important, it just is.
Favourite sport(s): Soccer
What are your character's prejudices?
Vampires, and all other creatures she's been brought up to hate.
How does your character feel about love?
She's open to it, and she kind of is in love with likes Zach, but is pretty sure he has no idea she exists, so she keeps shut about it.

Mother: Isobel Barnes
She doesnt remember much about her mom. She left when Emilie was only 5 years old.
Father: William Barnes
Her father is like her best friend. When she was a little girl, he'd tell her the tales of the brothers Grimm. It always fascinated her.
Siblings: A younger brother, named Jordan, she's protective over him, but is always teasing him, just because she loves how he puffs out his cheeks a little and his face goes red when he's angry. She just thinks its adorable. Its one of the few things that can really make her smile.
She had two other siblings once, Kai and Aliena but when she was 13 years old, they disappeared and she never saw them again.
Short Background: Emilie is the girl who's smart, but sometimes she can just space out for a minute and you end up needing to slap her in the face to make her snap out of it. She's the girl who likes to laugh, but also knows when it's time to shut up and act serious. But most of all, she's distanced from the rest of the world. She's lost so many people, that she doesnt want to have to go through it all again. So she just doesnt get close to people, preferring to keep to herself. Even around him. She likes him, but she'd never tell him that, because she's scared of getting hurt.

So begins...

Emilie Barnes's Story