Neptune Taylor

"In order to fight monsters we have to abandon our humanity."

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She was named for the Roman God of water, Neptune.

[ Name ]

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[ Occupation ]
Private Police force for a rich bastard.

Reflected Image

[ Hair Color ]
Naturally her hair is lacking any color, essentially it is white. It was quite useful when serving in the Arctic regions of Polar, but now that she's back home in Rune; Neptune made the decision to dye it a light shade or purple.

[ Eye Color ]
Deep, ocean blue.

[ Skin Tone ]

[ Height ]

[ Weight ]

[ General Description ]
Neptune is of the female persuasion, weighing in at a mere 110 Ibs; despite her tall height of 5'6, she has a very light frame and hallow bones that allow her to manipulate her speed when flying. Neptune has an incredibly long and slender frame, topped off with a large chest. Scientist created her with an ideal body that is a major distraction factor when fighting. Unfortunately most men are disgustingly predictable and her creators took advantage of that fact.
As much as Neptune enjoys wearing tight revealing clothing (which she really doesn't), her job requires her to. She can most often be seen in her uniform, which appears to be a long sleeved high tech leotard with thigh high leggings and ankle boots. Has she mentioned before that she hates her job? The only reason Neptune really stays in the position is because of the pay.

Inner Soul

Image[ Likes ]
Food || She has to eat a lot because her ability uses a lot of energy.
Video games || Especially RPG's.
Back massages || The spot where her wings come out becomes especially sore at the end of the day.

[ Dislikes ]
xMen || Every man she has ever met has acted like a pig.
xCatcalling || Yes, because she definitely wants to sleep with the man that wolf whistled out his convertible window.
xLiars || She learned to read bodies from a young age, Neptune can always tell when you're lying.

[ Weaknesses ]
Chocolate || Neptune is a girl after all.
Scars || There are a few scars that if you touch, will cause Neptune great pain. Most of them are on her back and stomach.
Loud noises || Her ears are super sensitive.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
Technocromancy || The ability to manipulate any machine within her range. It doesn't matter what kind of firewalls or virus protection you have, Neptune can get through it.
CPU || A random acronym she came up for it, it is her ability to transform into a human weapon. Neptune can grow razor sharp wings in an instant. Her sword is made from a type of metal so rare that the building of it used up whatever amount there was left in the earth.
Combat || Her specialty is close range hand to hand and sword wielding.

[ Personality ]
Neptune looks tougher on the outside then she is on the inside. Really she's a bit lonely and just wants to make friends that understand the trouble she went through and can relate to. Unfortunately because of the place she lives in and the job she took, there is no one she can trust or get close to. Neptune nearly always has her guard up and has to be cautious about everything she says. She's looking into going into the police force for the Lower Levels where she'll at least be able to work with a few or her war buddies.
While Neptune may seem very negative because of her natural resting bitch face, she is actually a pretty positive person. She enjoys life and takes everything in by stride, knowing that sometimes scheduling ahead can sometimes make your expectations of things a bit higher which only leads to disappointment. Neptune likes to avoid that and so her expectations for things are very low so that she can be pleasantly surprised on many occasions.
As a leader of the tech regiment, she is more of a hard ass. Neptune is very strict with her soldiers and if anyone steps out of line you can be sure they received punishment. She has a good reputation among government employees though and has one of the highest return and success rates among Generals.


[ History ]
When Neptune was born from the artificial fetus they had no name for her. She was an unplanned twin, a little sister that had absorbed all of the information and special DNA the original was supposed to have. Scientists were baffled, she had been hiding behind the other baby in every ultrasound and had gone unseen until the moment of birth. Instead of euthinizing the twin, they went to work in ensuring that she survived and little Neptune underwent several intense surgeries and transplants so that she would meet their standards and would be able to fight overseas for them.
Neptune was allowed to grow up with her sister, whom they dubbed Athena, however they warned the two not to get too close for only one of them would be allowed to live. Despite this, the twins did nearly everything together and on the night of their tenth birthday they were both given a weapon and told to kill the other. Athena didn't want to fight, but Neptune was determined to survive. If one didn't die, then surely they would kill both.
It was a quick fight, Athena did her best but she was weaker then her younger sister. Neptune didn't kill her, but ensured that her sister would not get up again. The surprising outcome was met with applause and Neptune was taken to finish her training. The next three years were brutal, there was hardly any sleep and the tests to ensure that she could lead often ended up with the child in tears. Once Neptune turned thirteen she was sent to Polaris to lead a regiment of the countries worst soldiers. Their job was to sneak Neptune into enemy camps so that she could steal information from their opponents. By the time they went home, they were no longer seen as the worst regiment, but rather one of the best.

[ Others ]
~Neptune sometimes goes to visit her sister who resides in an assisted living facility that can properly take care of her.
~She is currently in a romantic relationship with Tristan, a fellow Variant whom she met in Polaris. He's the only man Neptune has ever met that makes eye contact with her.

So begins...

Neptune Taylor's Story


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The world is a cruel place, but it is also very beautiful.

As Neptune watched the sunset on her last patrol of the day she made a wish; that soon she would be able to get out of this awful job and work with her friends in the Lower Ring. Was it selfish to complain about having to work in the Upper Ring while other Variants were homeless or being put down? Most likely, however, the woman she worked for owned her and it wasn't exactly an easy thing to simply quit her position; especially because she worked for her creator. A woman that went by the name of Inori Trask; she not only had a bottle of the euthanasia serum labeled with Neptune's ID number, but she promised that as long as Neptune continued working for her, no harm would come to her sister; Athena.

The only way out of this unwilling labor was if Trask died, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon as the young scientist was as spirited as ever. Neptune sighed as her watch beeped, signaling the end of the days shift and began heading towards her room on the eighth floor. After she showered and changed the female would go visit her boyfriend in the Lower Ring, Tristan Bellum. Neptune stripped herself of her tight jumpsuit, leaving her gear on the dresser and turning the water on full blast. She washed away the day's dirt and grime quickly, scrubbing herself down in an effort to look clean.

No makeup, Neptune never wore makeup as she believed that it was something only a whore needed. The female rifled through her drawers, picking through her belongings in an attempt to find clothes that weren't wrinkled or needed to be washed; she really should consider buying a laundry basket. Neptune finally decided on a silk purple button down and a black skater cut skirt that she tucked the shirt into. She danced around the room trying to squeeze her long legs into her only pair of black tights and for finishing touches grabbed her heels, peep toes with with little black bows.

It was funny how she hated boys and didn't mind Tristan, in fact, Neptune rather liked dressing up for him. The thought of how she could wear revealing clothing and he would not only make eye contact, but never cared about what she looked like excited her. Was it stupid? Probably, but to each his own.

It was seven o'clock when Neptune opened her window and climbed onto the edge, activating her Variation. Her wings spiraled out of her back and turned into what looked like crystal butterfly pinions. She pushed off the ledge and headed towards the Skybridge, watching as the rich pedestrians below went about their ugly lives. Within fifteen minutes Neptune was in the Lower Ring and on her way to Third Tier. It wasn't a far walk from the Bridge to the club, the problem was that the route was through one of the worst sectors; thankfully, however Neptune gave off a vibe that kept the bums at bay; other Variant weren't always so lucky though. She had heard of females being kidnapped and violated, males taken and exploited for their bodies.

"Almost there," she mumbled, turning the corner when a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder and snapped her around. Instantly Neptune was in fight mode, but it was just a bum panning for money. Neptune shrugged and reached into her purse, but as she did so he attempted to snatch it from her. Instantly her fist went up and smashed the guy right in the face, two yellow and brown teeth flying from his disgusting mouth and landing on the ground. Before the bum could react Neptune kicked him in the side; she would have done much worse but someone grabbed her from behind to stop her.

"I'll take it from here," it was a gentle voice, a calming presence. Slowly she came off of the high that came with fighting and straightened herself. Neptune picked up the small wrapped box that had fallen from her bag when the bum had grabbed it and stuffed it back inside. She turned to see Chris, one of the police officers that had taken a government provided job. He was handcuffing the hobo, calling for a car to take the guy in. "Thanks," Neptune mumbled awkwardly and continued on her way.

She entered the bar/club and looked around for Tristan who was behind the bar. It wasn't so busy now, but Neptune knew that later this place would be packed. "I got you something," she said, sitting on one of the bar stools and pulling out the little wrapped package. It was a new bow tie since his was a bit worn at the edges and threads were beginning to come loose.


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”What is it, Ted? Im busy.”

The War God, Tristan Bellum, was sitting reclined in his black leather office chair. He had just gotten off the phone with Sterling Industries, a glassware producer. He had called them to know why his shipment of Se Quois Shooters was replaced with boxes of Champagne Flutes. The woman on the phone had been insisting that it was most likely a shipping error, even though not 2 minutes prior, shipping had claimed the exact reverse. They had been jumping him around their offices like a game of take no blame hot potato. They had been giving him the run around and Tristan was just done with it. He would have addressed his oldest friend more politely, but common courtesy was not at the top of his mind.

”Sorry to bug you, Tristan, but....we sort have a problem.”

Teddy Prokop entered the unlit room, a lit cigarette hung from his left hand. His brown eyes shone unsteady from behind his glasses. His brown hair was styled in dreadlocks, which rather clashed with his trendy silver suit.

”Whaddya mean sort of? Do we have a problem or don’t we, Ted?” Tristan said, his eyes focusing on Teddy behind his designer shades.

Teddy took a drag on his cigarette after he reached the desk. Tristan merely raised an eyebrow in anticipation. Teddy released the smoke and spoke.

”It’s about Sector Seven.....they’ve canceled.”

”WHAT!?” Tristan kipped up from his reclined position, his office chair went flying straight back into the wall, shattering. What do you mean, CANCELED!!?? I booked them MONTHS in advanced!!! How do they have the BALLS to cancel on ME!!??

Teddy hardly flinched as Tristan’s hands slammed into the prometheum steel desk, denting it in several inches. ”Apparently their bassist injured his hand at some party earlier this evening and they want him to rest it before they go on tour. But, it’s okay, nobody knew they were coming tonight. It’s Mystery Guest night. It’s not like we’re letting anybody down.” Teddy said, trying to calm down his friend and colleague.

”I KNOW, TED! People are still expecting SOMEONE!! And I can’t think of ANY performer in town who would come down to the Lower Ring with no warning, in THREE HOURS!!!!!!!” Tristan yelled, pushing past Teddy out of his office.

Tristan threw open the door to his office so hard, the door knob became embedded into the wall. Trstan began to descend the circular stairs to the first floor. Teddy was jsut behind him. It sounded like he was trying to reassure him or something, but Tristan wasn’t paying attention.

First some lazy pricks at a terminal put a zero in a wrong place, making him play phone tag for an hour with the least responsible people in the city. Then, some prick musician sprains his hand spanking groupie asses, and his whole Club’s reputation is on the line. What made him angrier than any of these things was.......that this is what he had to get angry at.

There was once a time that the source of his anger was the sight of the mangled corpses of his comrades. He used to get pissed at the thought of not getting to drop point in time to get his soldiers out. The only people that earned his rage were those that regretted killing an enemy soldier, because that meant that that man died for nothing. Everyone’s death has a meaning, and he would wish a meaningless death on no one, even a Korean Mech Pilot. Once, his biggest problems was, Will I get to see her one last time? Now only this stupid bullshit was there for his ire.

People tell him that he should feel blessed that those are his biggest problems, but then Tristan gets angry and hits those people.

Tristan eventually made it down to the first floor bar and began to mix himself a drink.

”I got you something.”

Tristan’s head slowly raised from behind the bar. He saw a small wrapped package in front of him. It was in a beautiful hand, connected to a pale slender arm, which belonged to...”Neppy...”. His gold eyes stared at her from behind his tinted glasses. Those eyes. Those absolutely breathtaking eyes. It was the first thing he noticed about her. It was not the color that he found beautiful. Nor their shine. But it’s whats behind the eyes. The person that shone through those immaculate portals.

Tristan eventually took full notice of her package and he took it from her. He slowly opened the package and stared at it’s contents. It was a pristine bow tie. He gently took it out and began undo his own bow tie, only now noticing how frayed it was. The War God then slowly and diligently put on his brand new bow tie. He turned and stared at himself in the mirror. A small smile began to slowly creep up his face.

Tristan turned around and looked at Neptune. He then slowly lowered himself down to her height and planted a kis on her lips. It wasn’t fervent or sexual. But it was deep and it was real. When he finished, he rested his forehead against hers, keeping his eyes closed

”Thank you.”

It was then that Teddy came arrived from the stairs. ”Tristan, you can’t just storm off from this problem. Getting angry about it won’t help. We need a musical act and we need it soon. What are you....oh...hi, uh, Neptune.” Teddy finished awkwardly, just realizing he was interrupting a private moment.

Tristan sighed heavily and pulled himself away from Neptune. ”Thanks a lot, Ted. I know. I’ll think of something.” He turned back to Neptune, giving her a genuine smile of apology.


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A bad dream, that's what it felt like. Except.... It wasn't. Every night Christopher relived the same horrors, the blood on his hands, his dead comrades; he could hardly put the gun in his belt without a flashback of a face that no longer walked the earth. The cooling period is what his creator, Jim Parsons, had called it. The worst was over, but now he had to endure what was leftover in his brain.

There was a tear in his government issued police uniform. He frowned, examining the hole that had been caused by the graze of a bullet. The wound had already healed, one of the advantages of being a Variant, but the capabilities of his body could not fix thread and there was only one person Christopher knew that could use a thread and needle. Up to the Middle Ring he would have to go, it seemed.

He stopped by his house first in order to grab some money and an instant soup to compensate for the lunch he had missed. After putting in the hot water and pocketing the cash, Chris left and locked the door; heading towards the Middle Ring skybridge. Chris had been to all three of the rings, but out of them all he enjoyed the Middle one the most. It was where all of the farming was done and the trains took you past beautiful pastures and picturesque crystal lakes before you reached the inner city.

Chris stepped off of the platform, breathing in the fresh air; it wasn't anything like the freshly pumped oxygen in the Upper Ring, but it was better then the smell of sewage and piss that lingered around every corner in the bottom. A sigh escaped the male's lips as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his red leather jacket, he had changed out of the police uniform and was carrying it in a small sports sack that was slung over his shoulder. Christopher was halfway to his destination when his phone went off, tiny vibrations running up and down his arm. In annoyance the boy whirled around to find a piece of glass. He pressed his palm against a shop window and waited for the image to transfer. "What do you want?" The officer asked while running a hand through his hair, it was one of his seniors, a cop that claimed he had seen everything and yet did nothing. "A is off tonight, I need you to fill in."

"Can't, I'm busy." The old man gave him a glare that could wither the toughest of gangsters. Chris's expression remained placid, bored even. "Come on King, it's not like you've got anything else going on." He shrugged and pulled at his shoulder, the one that was not connected to the shop front. "I told you, I've got stuff to take care of. See if Sin or Wilson are up to it." With that Chris ended the call and continued on his way to Enid's home/shop. He knocked on the door twice before seeing the closed sign and wondered if she had run out. Chris could wait here for her to get back if she was in fact gone, but he didn't want to seem like some sort of stalker.




Neptune's smile grew when he said her name. She loved the way his mouth quirked up in a dance at the edges then slowly spread to the middle; she was also glad he liked the new bow tie and reciprocated the kiss with just as much passion. There was never lust or need in Tristan's kisses, just an intense fiery feeling that Neptune couldn't quite capture with words. She remembered when there was a time every morning Neptune would wake up unknowing as to whether their lips would brush again and all that cheesy romantic stuff people thought of when they were in a relationship in the middle of a war.

"Thank you," his words were like little fireworks in her ears, dazzling and powerful.

"Don't thank me, that's what couples do. Right?" She wasn't really sure if that was true or not, but one of her comrades had always received little presents from his girlfriend when they were in Polaris. "Tristan, you can’t just storm off from this problem; getting angry about it won’t help. We need a musical act and we need it soon. What are you....oh...hi, uh, Neptune."

Neptune gave Ted a short wave, her curiosity besting her, she swiveled around on the bar stool to face the golden eyed man. Tristan was always getting angry, but if Ted was running around like a chicken without his head off then it meant that they believed their reputation was at stake. "Thanks a lot Ted. I know. I’ll think of something." The female spun around in her chair again, thinking. If Tristan would let her onto his computer (she would never invade another Variant's technology without their permission) then Neptune could most likely find someone for him. Let's see there was a dancer, a gardener, tailor, a handful of combat specialists.... A certain blonde crossed her mind, one whom Neptune had only met once and she was drawing a blank on the name.

"What about that girl that served on Nova? The blonde? I think she works at a strip club now..." Neptune trailed off, lost in thought for a few seconds. "I can find her if you'd like?" She asked Tristan, figuring that someone was better than no one.


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By order of the Prime Minister and Chief Master Sargent of Rune, you are hereby required to report to Research Building A113A, located in the Medical District of the Upper Ring of Rune by the time of 1:00 PM on the day of 12/06/4897. This is mandatory and any Variant that fails to comply will receive capitol punishment.

Thank you,

Prime Minister Wesley


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Night had fallen, the soft tickles of pink and sneezes of orange in the sky had long since faded to the navy of twilight and silence had begun to wrap itself around the Lower Ring. There was a false sense of security in the air as gangs retreated back to their homes for the day, done collecting their payments and raiding other gang bases. Blood was being blasted off of the streets by sidewalk washers and mothers were calling their children in from minuscule front yards, telling them that it was time to come inside for the evening.

At the police station, Sin was angrily buttoning up her shirt. She had been given the duty of rounding up all Variants tonight and begin to send them to the Upper Ring for whatever it was the government needed them for. Suspicion was high, there were whispers flitting across the halls as she made her way downstairs with the two other Variants that would be assisting her. In Sin's hand was a small device, a reader that could find the bar code of a Variant within three hundred feet. They were not going to take anyone in by force, no their job was to simply inform and point them in the right direction; should there be resistance however, they were allowed to subdue, but nothing more.

It was a long night, Sin had gone into bars, knocked on apartment doors, and had crept through alleyways in order to inform Variants of the mandatory report. Only one had resisted, but Sin had stopped him before he could do any damage and brought him in to the police station so they could perform the transfer.

Currently Sin stood in front of Medical Research building A113A, her hands shaking a bit as she wiped them on the pant leg of her uniform. She strode into the lobby, the last one to arrive and the doors locking behind her. The deadline had passed and Variants were standing in the entrance of the building. A few Sin recognized, a blond that owned a bar she had frequented and his purple haired girlfriend who could often be found there, a stripper Sin had given a ride home to once on a cold winter night. There were others, the gardener she had seen beat up humans who stomped on his plants, Wilson and Christopher from the police department, the private detective Pandora she had helped solve a case with once, as well as the talented mute seamstress, and... Wait, was that a human? The person was handcuffed and two armed guards stood on either side.

Confusion rode her expression for a moment, but it wasn't any of Sin's business if the government wanted a human here. Unless they were actually a reporter that had gotten into the building for a quick scoop? She shook her head and turned to face the man standing on a mini stage at the front of the lobby. He cleared his throat, the sound coming over the loudspeaker. "I'm sorry to have to gather you all on such short notice, but-" he paused, hesitating. "War has broken out once more between the Americans and Koreans. I'm afraid you've all been recommissioned for a new assignment in Hoshii. You're all going back to the battle front."

Sin's heart sank, her knees began to shake and she felt weak. Someone in the room threw up, another few burst into tears. The Variant leaned against the wall, her head spinning as she digested this news.

They were going back to the war.