Veins of the End

Veins of the End

Nearly two centuries after humanity almost came to its end, it has come back into a golden age with large cities and cyborg mages. Most dangers and treasures are to be discovered in the veins of the End, a system of canyons linking to a large crater.

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Possibly more story to be added.

Two hundred years ago, humanity came close to its end at the hands of rogue AI, but a last minute miracle saved humanity and caused the veins of the End. A series of canyons linking to a giant crater named "The End". After the war, autonomous machinery and advanced AI were banned. Any machinery that would have required an AI would need a human soul instead. The cyborg mages are a result of these laws. They came to replace the assistant bots that helped roaming adventurers and warriors. Currently, the central city of the "republic" is found in the crater. The city is referred officially as Central City or Capital City, whereas some call it End City. It is usually the starting point for expeditions into the canyons, but is also the one access point to reach the forested overworld outside the crater and canyons.

The Veins: The veins are the canyons leading from the crater. They range from tiny gorges only a few feet wide with tiny streams to large valley like canyons. Most canyons don't have settlements or have sparse settlements. This is mostly due to the dangerous wildlife that can be found in the canyons. The wildlife range from rabbits and deer to ogres, trolls and leftover autonomous machinery from the war. Sometimes caves can be found in the canyons. However most of the caves are artificial and were dug by something or someone.

The Overworld: The Overworld is the area outside the crater and canyons. The overworld is forested and usually less dangerous than the canyons. Settlements and farms are more likely to be found in the Overworld. There are large elevators connecting Central City with the Overworld.

Central City/"End City": A metropolis that takes up most of the crater. Highrises tower in parts of the city and often the light found at ground level is artificial. Rarely does sunlight hit groundlevel, but even when it must be noon with no clouds and little pollution. The city features all sorts of folk. Punks and freaks usually make up the lower classes, while wizard plutocrats make up the upper classes. It is a rather unjust society, but it could be a lot worse given that past assassinations prove the wizards to be vulnerable and force them to enact laws to keep the lesser classes satisfied.

Cyborg mages: They form a class of their own. While they may sometimes be viewed as lower than punks as they are often mercenaries, they are commonly feared for their abilities. They range from having a few modifications to being a human-like golem with a soul crystal core and dangerously unrestricted mana. Many don't trust them as they are viewed as machines and the stories of the old war still frighten many. Additionally the past string of assassinations against the wizard class were mostly carried out by cyborg mages.

Other occupational classes:

Gunblade: A warrior capable of marksmanship and close combat, wielding a blade with integrated gun.

Lancer: A warrior who wields lances and buffs themselves with offensive magic.

Slayer: A greatsword wielding armored warrior.

Berserker: A warrior with light armor but emphasis on damage and speed.

Healer: A mage who uses white magic. Usually only uses defensive and support magics. A handful of healer cyborg mages/cyborg white mages exist (usually also more offensive than non cyborg counterparts).

Battlemage: A mage specialized in combat. Most cyborg mages are battlemages.

Sniper: A marksman usually wielding an arcane gun or a bow from a long distance.

Social classes:

Wizard plutocrats: The highest tier. The ruling class.

Government warriors and bureaucrats: Anyone directly in service of the wizards.

Merchants/clergy: Merchants and priests are usually the middle tier.

Peasantry: Farmers and simple laborers are seen as a lower class yet still worthy of respect.

Punks, freaks and thieves: Basically the scum of society. People either excluded from society or voluntarily live in a parallel society.

Cyborg mages: Usually seen as lowest tier, but most people don't try to get off on the wrong foot with them. So the class morelike flexibly moves between rock bottom and merchant class.

Character sheet:

Clothing (can be a mix of fantasy and modern clothing)
Armor (if necessary)
Abilities (dont go too overpowered)
(Optional additionals)

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The short walk and conversation ended rather quickly as the usual scents and odors of the streets were displaced by a wall of perfumed soap and grilled 'meat', Julius swiftly opened the entry of the shop not even forgetting to turn the sign as she did, something a certain blacksmith would have so easily and frequently forgotten to do so if the sign wasn't a sheet of metal barring any and all entry to the building. The electronic lock she used looked quite fancy, fingerprint verification he presumed, and likely a lot harder to trick than any mechanical lock he'd ever be able to make.

Julius welcomed Drax into her store and immediately upon entry he felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of mechanical and electronic devices and parts, many of which he couldn't even figure out what they would even be designed to do, aside from the obvious humanoid looking parts of course. Near a mountain of manual and technical documents he saw a plate accompanied by the presumed tin pot. Wasting no further time he walked over to the pot and gently picked it off the counter, not wanting to disturb the pile of paperwork near it nor accidentally rip a handle off the pot.

Drax then followed Julius who had disappeared into the workroom just a few moments prior, the lighting in there was much more suitable and quite practical for the assessment of the damages. She then told him to grab the pot and asses the damages as she cleared space on one of many workbenches and pulled out some tools to work with. He was one step ahead of her with that one.

He then held the pot against the light observing the bottom of the pot, it seemed to have been warped out of shape in multiple places, the spot with the holes in particular looked like it had caved over time rather than via a shock force. He tapped the pots side with his cybernetic finger a bit in a few places and then did the same on various spots on the bottom including right next to the holes. "Hmm. Lead free pewter, though quite soft. Gallium? Nah, would show flaking. Definitely not enough material though" He mumbled to himself as he observed the pot from all sides.

He then lowered the pot with a sigh and turned to Julius. "To be honest, it's a small miracle this pot survived for as long as it did. Corners cut everywhere, the material is so thin the entire bottom has been warped and formed sagging spots and it's some type of pewter alloy softened with who knows what metal, the only upside is it's not alloyed with lead or mercury." He then put the saucepan down on the cleared patch of workbench. "It's salvageable, but I don't know how long it'll last and would advise using it only on low heat. Anyways I promised I'd show you how to fix things like this, so let's get to it." He said as he grabbed a set of pointed nose pliers from the table and started clamping down on the edges of the holes. "Firstly we want to flatten the edge material, the cleaner we can make this edge the nicer the end result will be."

After the edges were sufficiently flattened he grabbed the soldering iron with his free hand and applied it's heat to the material around the hole. As the material softened he pulled it with the pliers stretching it over the hole pulling it slightly upwards to leave a gap between where the the bottom should be and where the stretched patch was, then turned the pot around and did the same on the inside from the other side of the holes while making sure to keep adding the heat from outside of the pot to prevent any residual lead from getting on the food side of the pot. "we now pull the material over the holes making sure to stretch a bit further than the opposite edge of the hole, while carefully applying heat to the outside of the pot. Then do the same in the opposite direction on the inside."

He set down the soldering iron and pliers, then grabbed a small hammer with a flat top. "This is the fun part, we're going to flatten the stretched out pieces we've pulled over the holes. It's important that you start by hammering from the exterior of the pot inwards first. Because when we hammer from the inside of the pot we can set it down on the table which will ensure the bottom is as flat as the table below it." He said as he started tapping the stretched material into it's final positions. "Even after this you still don't have a water tight seal, normally you'd weld or solder it shut at this point. But since we don't have those options available, we'll use a different technique. Cold welding, it's a different technique of welding that uses force rather than heat to coerce the metal to bond with itself. It's not suited for harder metals as it requires very high pressures, but with tin it works well enough." He explained as he grabbed the soldering iron and heated the hammered parts a decent degree. He then grabbed the hammer again and pressed it onto the now heated parts of metal while pushing on it from the other side with his cybernetic finger. "Obviously you'll want to use a heat resistant glove at the very least or some other tool you can apply a pressing force with."

After pressing each of the patch-ups to a cold weld he put the saucepan down with the bottom up. "All that's left after this is to wait for the project to cool down and it'll be ready for use. And with this I conclude my metalworking 101 crash course. Any questions?" He then said with a joking smile on his face as he turned towards Julius.

(I'll make my next post after Milkhoney has posted his reaction and join you guys in the veins)


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Fade stepped forward, head held down, avoiding stepping in the pool of gore that Elys had made of one of the frogs.

"Now I see," he uttered, commenting on Elys's use of barriers as an offensive spell.

He hadn't really expected to carve on living bodies so quickly, it was a bit much, not helping that he was, at heart, someone who liked animals. These things didn't have the capacity to really understand what they are doing, to them this was just part of their survival. Seeing Elys crush one into pulp without blinking didn't help set his mind at ease. At least they weren't people, at least they were amphibians, cold-blooded, not noted for emotional attachment or social skills, and ones known to kill on sight and overall cause misery to the residents here. This was not training, this was a service.

Don't think. Don't feel. Make it quick.

Fade had been approached by a larger one, bouncing over to him, pounding the ground underneath it with its heavy body. An awful croak bubbled from its throat as it readied itself to attack him, and lunging through the air. Fade reacted, the sinew of his arms tightening, as he quickly drew the large blade, and in a single motion, with a glimmer of light, cut through the amphibian's body diagonally, cleaving its head in two, then stepping aside as its body collapsed, kicking briefly as it bled out and expired. Fade swung the sword downwards to loosen the few bits of gore from his sword, and readied for the next with no loss of breath.


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After a little post class discussion and an assurance from Drax that he wouldn't charge Julius anything for the lessons he walked out of the shop in the direction of his own.

Once he arrived at the hole in the wall he called his he unlocked and lifted the metal gate in it's stowed position. He went through the creaking door and straight into the backroom only stopping for a moment to drop the bottle of booze of on the worktable before moving to the closet that housed his 'adventuring' gear.

A few good minutes later he was done with strapping the various bits of armor to his body and quickly did a run-over on the condition of his bolt rifle checking for flaying on the wire, scratches or any other defect that might impair it's working condition. After confirming his weapon of choice was in near perfect condition, it had some small cosmetic damage, he slung it over his back and grabbed his shield. He then locked up shop once more heading for the king frog's usual habitat in a jogging pace.

As he arrived at the ground he could see from a distance as one of the frogs was quite literally squished into a pulp by some kind of barrier. That one wouldn't be worth much now, with the prime meat squished together with the lesser parts and even possibly contaminated if it's intestines ruptured.

Fade however managed a quite clean kill slicing the head cleanly in two and causing a large open body wound with a single slice.

Drax quickly found a target of his own and rushed up to it as the frog was still blissfully unaware of his existence. As he came around the back of the frog he dove forward aiming his bolt rifle upwards directly under the head of the frog and releasing a bolt that cleanly passed through the frogs brain stem. A weak croak sounded from the frog before it fell over forwards slamming it's head on the ground with a heavy thud. After Drax rolled out of his dive he turned back to the killed frog and watched for a moment as the legs still twitched and blood pooled from the entry and exit wound. He then turned looking around for any frogs approaching him.

(Sorry for the extremely late response)


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Any word from MilkHoney?

Re: Veins of the End

MilkHoney wrote:In the ongoing saga of errors, I'm missing half the tabs on the roleplay main page. No Settings, Characters or History. Universes>Veins of the End>Settings is a working link. Scrolling down the main page passed the introductions also has the posts, or using the Read from the Beginning button gets you there. I'm hoping RPG is just trying to streamline the format.

That's actually because those tabs were removed and were consolidated into the Home and Forum tabs. I'm also pretty sure that Introductions are automatically hidden behind a button to active authors.

Re: Veins of the End

In the ongoing saga of errors, I'm missing half the tabs on the roleplay main page. No Settings, Characters or History. Universes>Veins of the End>Settings is a working link. Scrolling down the main page passed the introductions also has the posts, or using the Read from the Beginning button gets you there. I'm hoping RPG is just trying to streamline the format.

Re: Veins of the End

It is all the website. I will be back from vacation Saturday. I will post then.

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Found a good link for post history. I posted a reply.

I got one Error 502 today, and then found I couldn't tag characters on my post.

If these errors are all in the roleplay, maybe we need to move it here, to the forum?

Re: Veins of the End

So long time no post because of constant error 502, so I couldnt access the site.

Re: Veins of the End

Julius is unfairly judging everyone, no doubt. For as short of time as she's been observing them, her first impressions aren't going to be fair to anyone. Who can possibly know anything important about a person's character after five minutes of people watching in a bar? Their casual talk of violence and killing people makes her feel unsafe, and she's justifying to herself why hanging with this crowd isn't a smart play, even if she is genuinely curious about these people and their plans for adventuring. Coming from someone who blows off steam in the Veins, it is a bit hypocritical that she's drawing the line between the risk she takes alone versus the risk of being in the group. But she hasn't lost body parts or died yet. Whether that is by luck or strategy, she's not going to jinx it.

She's also not saying any of this shit out loud.

Hey, I know there have been posts on the roleplay, but I can't see them. I've tried to come at them from a couple angles, but I keep getting the setting page with 12 directions (north, south, up, down, etc.) instead of the post history. Anyone else getting this error?

Re: Veins of the End

I think Julius is jumping to conclusions because Elys didn't lose comrades out of lack of respect or lack of valuing them but because the Veins can be so dangerous. It is practically a given that only the most hardened of adventurers can survive in the Veins.

Re: Veins of the End

Sorry. I will post tomorrow. I havent had the time to post today.

Re: Veins of the End

Yay, we have a soundtrack!

Go ahead and jump. Julius is eavesdropping. If Elys and Adam leave the bar before Julius has found an excuse to take the day off and play in the Veins, there will be a surprise on the shop door encouraging Julius to leave for a bit.

Re: Veins of the End

Let's just say that Julius wasn't there when Elys awakened which is why Elys has a hard time recognizing her. And maybe Julius remembers Elys from back then. But Elys never stops by the shop as nothing has taken damage substantial enough for her to go to the shop.

Re: Veins of the End

I'll continue to be careful with using pronouns in game, but out of character, I'm sticking with female pronouns for Julius.

MartinVole: Wow, the height I guessed at was close. I thought your 2'x" might have been in meters.

Julius definitely wouldn't recognize him from behind with a cloak and helm, but from the front, that's a body she'd remember seeing in town. He's an experimental prototype, and while she wouldn't know how he got that way, she'd be very curious about his construction. Occupational interest. Intensely, unnervingly curious; but equally unwilling to ask him about it outside of her shop, because she is squishy and cyborgs aren't. Also, people generally don't like personal questions coming from strangers that they don't mind coming from doctors. If he still has that human sense, that pressure on the back of the neck and raised hairs that alert us someone is watching, she'd be setting it off anytime they passed on the street. But as he is a weird, intimidating freak of a cyborg, he probably gets that all the time, right? What is one more set of eyes.

Aniihya: Julius's master (who needs a name) would have been able to cast molds off her body for an expensive custom skin job. She could have her original fingerprints, for example. He could also cut and transfer her hair, so she could style it as she normally would. If he was allowed to keep the molds to reuse, the price would be cheaper, but she might encounter another cyborg with her face, maybe with different coloring. He would have been able to edit out small details before reusing, so her copy wouldn't have her fingerprints.

Julius would be 26 years old when Elys died. As an apprentice, Julius probably did the actual pouring for Elys's artificial skin, may have watched or participated in any paint retouching necessary for realistic skin tone, and was likely a second set of hands for assembling modern upgrades and afixing them to the golem core. The price would jump up to have a master exclusively work on a project without leaning on help from an apprentice, and it would take 3-4 days longer. As the apprentice work would happen at the shop, if Elys's foster father wanted to see her soul stone inserted in the privacy of his own home, away from extra eyes, Julius wouldn't have seen Elys awaken.

It depends how secretive Elys's foster father would want to be, and how much he was willing to invest in her when he knew he had to send her away. Let me know what Elys's foster father would have chosen.

If Julius was allowed to work on the commission, she'd definitely recognize work from 4 years ago.

Re: Veins of the End

Socially speaking, I would say the three either only vaguely know each other or are new to each other. My character remembers Julia but probably wouldn't recognize her at first glance or be like the kind who will keep looking at someone wondering if they know them or not.

Also the person who modded the ancient golem with modern technology to form Elys body was basically Julius' former teacher/master. So I'd guess Elys may know Julius by name but hasn't really seen her much. Regarding pronouns, I guess Elys would refer to Julius as "them" as Julius gender is unknown to her or she generally refers to people she doesn't know well as "they/them".

Regarding Adam I would say Elys knows his face or figure but not his personality as she has only seen him around town.

Re: Veins of the End

Adam himself is rather reclusive, I mean, his one friend down here currently is a cat. Even when he wasn't cyborg, he was still pretty reclusive given his job. Not sure how many would know him, unless matters like this are publicized here. If anyone, maybe Elys would have heard something. Otherwise he just stands out by being some weird tall silver-haired cyborg.

Edit: Also fixed a goof on Adam's height. Must have been late.

Re: Veins of the End

How small of a world is this, socially speaking? When these three walk into a bar, are they going to recognize each other?

If either of them knew Julia Singer personally, or could recognize her face after 10+ years, we need to talk about that ASAP please.

As a trades person, Julius works on cyborgs regularly, but I'm not going to presume Elys or Adam have been to the REPAIR shop unless you tell me otherwise. If they have been customers, I need to know if they paid cash or trade, what pronoun they use for Julius, and if they gave her a coat. It wouldn't have to be the coat she's wearing now, but the distinction would be important to her.

Also, I apologize for the mega post. It took much longer than desired to get my agoraphobic character from Point A to Point B. She didn't want to go out her door when there was work and food inside it.

Re: Veins of the End

When should we start? Also if you have ideas for lore, feel free to share them.

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