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Name: Giada Mariani
Age: 22

Height: 5'10
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Giada has a practical, but elegant style wearing a nice blouse and pair of black pants is common but that doesn't mean she wont put a pair of jean either. But she's not cheap she will wear designer clothing and shoes. She relies on allot of her own natural beauty instead of make up, but she does use a tanning bed to keep her summer glow. She keeps her hair long and usually flowing, not doing much more than blow drying and brushing it. Being born into a small time mob family means that Giada is also accustomed to elegant dresses and jewelry but not gaudy.


Giada is very intelligent and isn't easily drawn in to someones show, she despises liars and fake persona’s. She is very forward and upfront often times to a fault, and she hates when someone tries to disrespect anyone she cares about. Giada has been labeled a loud mouth bitch by her brothers cause she always speaks her mind. She does have a temper but is often called a slow burn fuse, she takes things a little at a time and eventually everything builds up and she explodes. She does however have a loving and caring side that she only shows to people who get close to her. She has a very high value of family and loyalty to it.


~ Glock 17 and a Glock 19 both 9mm
~ Purple switch blade
~ Pocket Pistol .22
~ Cell Phone
~ Mazda RX-8


Giada is the daughter of a small time mob family that over the years has become loyal to the DeLuca's. She is also Layla's cousin through her mother and Layla's father. Being slightly older than Layla she has taken up a sort of big sister role in her life.

Her father and older brothers do allot of Nico's light work, so she gladly got into the family business. They also own a small Italian restaurant in town where allot of meeting take place without interruption. She is completely loyal to Nico because her father was loyal to his father, and she has a big sense of family and would give her life if necessary.

She has her own apartment downtown, and is very adamant about nobody but her family knowing where it is. Claiming she like her privacy and doesn't like to deal with allot of people. Layla has live with her there on occasion, before she hooked up with Nico. Giada has never been to happy with Layla's choice to be a Call Girl but feels that Layla has to make her own mistakes to get it through her head. But she does feel that Nico was the best thing to ever happen to Layla.

So begins...

Giada Mariani's Story