New YorkLayla Ferris

"There's no such thing as good girls gone wrong, only bad girls found out"

a character in “Ventrue”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name:Layla Ferris
Age: 20

Layla dresses like any girl would in her profession. She has long brown hair that goes past her shoulders, that she usually keeps braided in pigtails. She is half Japanese, with brown almond shaped eyes. Everyone tends to beleive she is younger than she actually is, and the way she dresses doesn't help. Sexy tops and short skirts. She also has a tattoo on her lower back between her hips "tramp stamp". She wears simple makeup that doesn't take away from her natural beauty, but accentuates features such as her eyes and lips.



Layla takes her profession very seriously so she tends to be very seductive and amorous. She loves looking nice so she goes shopping when ever she gets the chance, not always the best thing when you want to hold onto your money. But she doesn't see herself leaving the profession anytime soon so she has fun while she can. Many of the other girls that she works with are addicted to drugs in some sort. The only thing Layla is addicted to is sex, and tries to get it when ever she can. She specializes in role play, she is very popular because shes "legal", but doesn't look it. Despite all of the "love",that she gives to her clients she is noway a push over. She will pick up anything and use it as a weapon if she thinks you a threat to her. And she will fight dirty with the other girls to make sure her own ass is covered.


Pink .22 automatic
Switchblade Knife pink handle


  • Costumes(school girl etc.)
  • cell phone
  • "toys"
  • makeup
  • ipod-w-external speakers(has her favorite music to strip to on it)


Layla was born and raised in Manhattan, unlike many woman who become Call Girls she grew up in a well off home to good but strict parents. Her mother and father met when her father was started working for a big company in New York. He was there for a conference and met her mother there. After a short courtship they married in Japan and he moved her mother back to Manhattan with him. For several years her father refused to let her mother to have a child, when he finally agreed, he was disappointed to find they were having a girl. He never let Layla forget it either, but even though he didn't want her being very controlling over her and her mother, she was not aloud to date, wear pants or cut her hair. When Layla turned 18 and graduated form High school with honors she left home. Her father told her if she moved out she would be disowned but this didn't stop her in fact it fueled the fire that had been burning in her soul for so long. A longing to see the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

What Layla learned quickly is when you hot you get what you want so using her looks to her advantage she started dating rich men. This is how she met the Ventrue's, she had been another mans date at a dinner party at the mansion. Always looking for a thicker wallet, she never left joining the group of beautiful woman that were already there. This caused problems for her because the businessman that she had come to the party with was not happy with the date that he had spent a bunch of money on not coming home with him. Needless to say that the businessman was given a offer her couldn't refuse and Layla never had another problem with him, in fact he was never seen again. So going up the ranks very quickly in the group of girls(they don't like her too much), she became one of Nico's favorite girls. So now in this world of crime and sex she struggles to make sure her neck stays off the chopping block.

So begins...

Layla Ferris's Story