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Veritas Isle

Birger's Living Quarters

a part of Veritas Isle, by Fauna.

Birger's house at the top of the tavern.

Sambea holds sovereignty over Birger's Living Quarters, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Birger's Living Quarters is a part of The Swinging Ax.

There are no Places in Birger's Living Quarters.

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This here is Birger's living quarters. It is a studio apartment above his tavern. In it is a kitchen, living/dinning area, and his bedroom. In the corner are stairs leading up to the bathroom and storage area.


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Birger blinked, "She... has a bit of a crush on me? Who in their right mind would have a crush on me?" He asked her and then nodded when she asked him if she had time to show off her dresses. "Oh yes ma'am, please do, but you have to stay in front of me the whole time." He said and smirked. When they got to the tavern he brought her up and sat on his bed. "Now... do this dress show for me, babe." He said softly.