Victims of the Bond

Victims of the Bond

The Greek gods have chosen young mortals. They have given them gifts of great power. However, in return these young people have to agree to be Bonded to another Chosen when they become of age for the gods amusement.

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It happened when you were small, around the age of five or so. An entity came to you and gave you a choice, you could continue to be normal and live life as you always had, or you could be different, powerful, majestic. This person offered you powers. Whatever your reasoning at the time, you decided to take the powers they offered. You were chosen.

There is only one catch. A few years down the road, you will have to make a sacrifice. The Gods are going to place you with a Bond when you come of age. You can do what you like with it once it is in place, but it will always be there. Those who choose to accept the bond typically find a budding romance. Some refuse to accept their fate and end up fighting the draw to this person for an eternity.
With some, the feelings are not mutual, and they spend a lifetime pining after someone who is trying to get away from them.

Regardless this is your fate. You suffer from The Bond

[size=500]The Characters[/size]

Bond One:

Zeus's Chosen: Chris Flynn
played by Cutup


Dionysus's Chosen: Kat Jones
played by ShadowSeductress

Bond Two:

Artemis's Chosen: Anthony White
played by Scorpion01


Hermes's Chosen: Aeron Smith
played by Shadowseductress

Bond Three:

Ares' Chosen: Jamie Southside
played by Derek Smith


Apollo's Chosen: Merideth Mackenzie
played by Belynta

Bond Four:
Aphrodite's Chosen: Lewis Hartley
played by Duct Tape


Hera's Chosen: Seraphina Antoniou
played by listentotheimpani

Bond Five:

Athena's Chosen: Andrew Harolds
played by Durandal


Reserved by AngelUnderneath

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Character Portrait: Jaime Character Portrait: Meredith Mackenzie

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Jamie stared down at the hands that held Meredith. They were large as befitting a man of his size, heavily scarred and calloused from a life of fighting. The sinews standing out in stark relief. These hands had killed many a time. Sometimes with a knife, others with a gun and furthermore they had operated the gunnery controls of an Abrams tank. More then once they had beaten the life out of a man simply by themselves. These hands of his were the implements of a warrior and nothing else it seemed.

Laying in his bonded's bed his hands embracing her Jamie felt as if an other skill was being added to them. That of a comforting lovers touch. It was a role utterly foreign to the Southside Demon. But like the moment he had first fought it felt utterly natural at the same time. As if these hands were born to wrap around Meredith's body.

Smiling a quick twitch like grin the Berserker laughed a quiet laugh of an equally wicked nature to the chosen of Apollo. That brief moment in the bathhouse when their shared passions had been interrupted by the current situation. And to add irony to the point they were indeed sharing a bed.

Though the Vice President had to admit like Meredith that the sleeping arrangements were hardly the planned ones. The dog in particular was hardly what he'd call expected. But the mutt seemed to comfort her and that was good enough for Jamie to accept it.

When Meredith gradually feel asleep, asking him to stay , the outlaw biker nodded his intention to do so. He honestly couldn't see himself doing anything else . As he hadn't the slightest urge to move an single centimeter. His bonded wanted and seemed to need him here.

And Jamie happened to have the hitherto unknown desire to want to stay where he was as well. She was a pleasant armful and his presence seemed to comfort her. Which pleased him far more then anything had before. This bond thing really seemed to be quite the ride.

Ride or not the scarred and tattoed street fighter looked down at the chosen of Apollo. He spent the time memorizing the way her hair flowed around her head. Watched the rise and fall of her chest. And occasionally studying the sketches that formed the room's wallpaper. And though he did this for hours Jamie didn't feel the least bit bored.

Normally the Berserker would have. He never stayed still for long unless he himself was sleeping. But watching over Meredith's repose seemed enough for him. The heat and light upon his face told him dawn had come. The first night of the rest of his life was over. And he tried and failed to explain to himself the overwhelming appeal it had.

Unwilling to wake his sleeping partner as it were Jamie settled in and closed his eyes hoping to catch a few minutes of rest.



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#, as written by Belynta
The hospital room was quiet and for once, almost peaceful if you ignored the beeping and whirring of the various machinery surrounding the small figure on the bed. Tubes travelled from him connecting him to those machines working non stop to keep him alive, removing toxins from his body, providing him nourishment and generally helping his body perform its normal everyday functions. In fact he was surrounded by so many tubes that they almost obscured his face completely but the little girl sat beside him could never forget who he was or why he was there. Stricken grey eyes seemed huge in a pale face that had yet to take on the beauty of adulthood. The young girl was glad the room was quiet as she knew, on some instinctual level, that what she was about to do had to remain a secret. She didn't really understood why but the why was not important right then.

She slowly knelt on the chair and leaned forward until she partially over the small boy's body, she hesitated then, a small frown on her face as she wondered how to do what she needed to. But again somehow the answer came to her and she gently laid her hands on either side of the boy's head. She didn't truly understand what was wrong with him, her eight year old mind unable to grasp the complexities of a brain tumor, but she knew her twin was dying and that it was something in his head that was killing him. She also didn't understand how the angel had given her the power to save him but understanding wasn't needed just belief and she believed in it completely as only a child could.

Taking a deep breath she concentrated on making her brother get better, he had to get better he was her twin the other half of her and the only person she had in the world. At first she wasn't sure if anything had happened and then she noticed that her brother wasn't looking so pale and then she felt the pain in her head. It was like nothing she had ever felt in her short life and had no way of dealing with it. She fell off the chair, hardly feeling the impact of the floor and curled up in a ball, she began screaming and didn't stop even when the room was suddenly filled with people all talking and exclaiming over her and her brother. She continued screaming until her voice was raw and even then she tried...

Meredith sat up with a cry pressing her hands to her head for a moment still believing she was back in that hospital room, eight years old with a brain tumour suddenly in her head. Jake sat up and whined softly before shuffling closer until he was able to nudge her with his head. Hands shaking she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight using him to calm her panic. After a few moments she was calm enough to remember where she was and what had happened. A small smile grew into a wide grin when she saw Jamie still beside her. He had stayed with her all night, her heart felt like it would burst out of her chest with the elation that made her feel. Waking up beside him made the nightmare seem nothing and for that she would be forever grateful.

She saw him twitch and she worried she had woken him with her cry, she hoped not as she was sure he needed the rest after taking care of her all night. It was then that she felt the weakness in her limbs and the yawning ache in her stomach that told her she needed food, a lot of it, and soon. But she did not want to go get food just yet, she wanted to prolong the feel of her chosen beside her for as long as possible. Even though she felt weak and ravenous she also couldn't help the rush of desire that rushed through her at seeing her chosen in all of his power and masculinity in her bed.

Wanting to let him sleep but also wanting to touch him Meredith could not help leaning over him and lightly kissing him on the lips before moving to his ear and then the hollow of his neck. He smelled of the outdoors and leather and Meredith could not get enough of him. She was sure some of the attraction was because of the bond, surely being so physically attracted to someone wasn't normal was it? But she didn't care. he was like a drug that she could never have enough of and right then all she wanted was to be back in the pool with him lost in the rush of passion.


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The sun shone down on a still green meadow ringed by tall ash trees. Hawks swift of wing filled the stillness of a prefect blue sky with their cries. The grass was dripping with early morning dew, each drop crystalline perfection. Jamie wandered through this peaceful paradise in the blood stained and ripped remnants of an American uniform. He felt like a blight upon this tranquil setting. As he knew he was suppose to. It was as Ares wanted, this place was known by many names but Elysium was it's true nature.

Here a hero lived forever for glory and deeds were eternal. Here a warrior finally embraced peace. And seeing as the former soldier was both alive and at war with a world trying to rule him Jamie was a blight. It was in this land of dead heroes Ares dragged him to in spirit form as his physical body slept . At the feet of these heroes had he learned the Art of War.

Ya late skreb, was she good in the sack or something?

" Tell you the truth I don't know, something came up.

Now that won't do at all. Ya got the girl ya wanted and ya did nothing. Go on get and don't come back till ya want to.

Rejoining his physical body Jamie felt the usual rush of disappointment. Elysium was the epitome of a warrior's life. It was a gathering place for those he felt connected to by blood and history. That disappointed feeling though vanished with quite a pleasurable rush as he felt the desire of Meredith in the world of their shared awareness. Her light kiss, fleeting as it were did more then make up for his skipped lessons. Though truth be told like his bonded the Beserker wondered at the intensity of his emotions concerning the chosen of Apollo. And the hyper sensitivity to her touch.

Such thoughts though vanished the moment her lips reached his neck. Logic, reason, the hows and whys could go screw themselves. Jamie intended to fully enjoy the obvious benefits of a bargain struck with a God. Meredith mutual agreeing opinion was enough for him.

Lazily opening his eyes Jamie looked into the grey eyes of Meredith with his own dark silver ones. " Ya know you keep this up and I might just never leave this bed." He spoke with a little amused laugh, his voice tinged with a heaviness only passion and desire could bring. His hands toyed idly with her shirt and he kissed her bed tossed hair and breathed in its perfume. " Or is that simply part of your plan. Well bring on the whips and chains, they only excite me."


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Character Portrait: Chris Flynn Character Portrait: Katherine Amelia Jones

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#, as written by CutUp

Chris started to calm down, and released the bully. He then took the guy's wallet from out of his pants. Chris opened it up, took the little bit of money in, and took a good like at his license. "Alright Darren. Let this be a lesson to you." Chris said as he read over his license, making sure he knew his address. He put the license back into the wallet, and threw it down at him. "If you ever mess with her again, or be a all around dick to anyone else, I'm gonna come to your house, and rip out your spine through your ass, and beat whatever little shred of life left out of you. And then I'm gonna mail your spine to your grandma. Am I clear?"

Chris then took him by the back of his head, and made sure he was looking at him. "Am I clear?" He asked again. "Ye-es." Darren stammered to get out. "Good. Now get out of my sight you little bitch." Chris said as he let go of his head, and gave him a firm slap upside it. "Being seeing you around buddy." Chris said as they limped away. "Kat, if they ever mess with you again, tell me. I'll take care of it. I've got this thing about bullies. Especially when they mess with people I care about." Chris said as he gently placed his hand on her shoulder, and gave her a warm, calming smile.

He was feeling a little nervous about what she thought about his little display. She must think he's some sort of psycho. But here he was, not even 24 hours after meeting here is he already putting her in with the people he cares about category. Chris took his hand off her shoulder, and turned his back to her, and was ready to head back to Denise. "I...I'm sorry if I made things worse for you. I...just can't stand by when shit like that goes down. Pisses me off. Although I probably went too far with the whole 'mail your spine to your grandma' thing." Chris stopped, and said to her, without even turning back to her. "See you later Kitten. And I mean it. If they mess with you again, tell me." Chris then returned to Denise.


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#, as written by Belynta
Meredith Mackenzie

Meredith smiled at his words and leaned into his touch revelling in the feel of his palms against her shirt, she wanted to be closer to him and cursed the clothes that were in the way. She lifted her t shirt and pulled it over her head in one fluid motion exposing her bra and stomach to the air. The movement caused her to feel momentarily dizzy and she knew that she was being foolhardy in ignoring her body's increasing demand for food. But she did not want to stop again, they had already been interrupted once and she hated for it to happen again. She leaned down again and kissed him deeply, no longer keeping her kisses light or soft, her kiss was now one of passion barely restrained. She wanted him and was not being shy about it. She kissed him for as long as she could before dizziness overwhelmed her again. She pulled back gasping holding still until the dizziness passed.

As if thoughts of being interrupted had conjured him Meredith heard her brother's voice through the closed door, a moment later he had opened the door and stepped inside. Jake jumped off the bed and greeted him happily tail wagging but Meredith just glared at him. He stopped when he saw his sister atop Jamie in jeans and her bra, he blushed bright red and quickly looked away.
"Oh crap, I'm sorry for barging in like that. I forgot you Merry."

Meredith looked pointedly at the door but Ash stayed where he was a determined light in his eyes. "You need food Merry, you know that. Whenever you heal anyone you always need food after rest."

"I'm fine Ash really." Meredith said only for her stomach to growl loudly enough for Jake to look confused as though there was an invisible dog in the room.

She sighed and nodded." Fine, you're right. I'll be out in a minute."

Ash nodded and left taking Jake with him, Meredith sighed in frustration before looking apologetically at Jamie.

"I'm sorry, I'm not a tease I promise but he's right I do need to eat. If I don't eat as soon as I wake up it just makes me worse."

She climbed off the bed and had to steady herself against the wall as another wave of dizziness hit, once it had passed she pulled her t shirt back on keeping her back to her chosen. She felt frighteningly close to tears and she fought them back, she had not cried in front of others in a long time as she was used to it being used against her, she was worried that if her chosen saw her cry he would think her weak and she didn't want that. She wanted, needed, to be strong for herself as well as him as she had sworn to herself that after finally escaping her father she would never be weak again. Yet no matter how fiercely she told herself this she still felt the tears fighting to fall, she knew it was because she was exhausted but also because no matter how he behaved she worried that seeing her last night and this morning in her weakened state would drive him away.


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Character Portrait: Jaime Character Portrait: Meredith Mackenzie

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Now we're talking Jamie thought with what was his last bit of rational thought as Meredith in the beginnings of her glory kissed him with neither coy or misleading intention. She wanted what they had both wanted since last night in the bathhouse. The Beserker drank in the sight and feel of his bonded body above him. His hands roaming over the curves of Meredith. The former Abrams gunner was reveling in the utter and wanton desire their bond inspired. No matter how tightly she pressed her lips against his it never seemed tight enough.

But the Gods have ever a sense of humour and this time was no exception. As the chosen of Ares began to work on the catch to Meredith's bra the sound of a voice and the door opening cut through the fog of lust to the ever aware part of his mind. If he hadn't been the subject Jamie might have laughed. Meredith was atop him half naked with the Southside Demon doing his best to make the half bit go away. At the forgetting part the outlaw biker did laugh. As if anyone could forgot seeing a man of his size and look.

" Ya got real lousy timing kid." Jamie spoke with an annoyed little sigh that became another laugh as Meredith's stomach growled loud enough to confuse her dog.

As her brother left the chosen of Apollo apologized for the interruption, the frustration clear in the tone of her voice. " Don't worry about it gorgeous, plenty of hours in a day ya know.." He replied with a suggestive wink and laugh.

Of course such a cavalier attitude ended when the Vice President of the Southside Demons MC saw the extent the healing had drained her. Then came a sight the chosen of War had not seen in quite some time, that of someone fighting tears.

The desert wind blew hot and fierce, blasting everything in white hot particles of sand. The row upon row of tents slowly being buried under this reclaiming of the land. Jamie was in the prefab steel garage where the tanks were parked. He and Ivan were preforming routine maintenance on their Abrams while Delphos was having a discussion with a quatermaster regarding their allotment of M82A3 rounds. Sean had volunteer to brave the sandstorm to get the mail.

When he came back the future president of the Southside Demons looked ashen. Clutched in his hands was the sort of letterhead official orders straight from the Whitehouse were written on.

" What's the matter Brother? " Jamie asked with growing concern as he slid off the tank turret were he had been checking barrel wear. In response Sean thrust the letter at him. Taking it the Beserker read the few lines penned on it in a bold and flourished hand. Dropping the piece of paper as if it was a venomous snake he hit the side of the Abrams with a string of profanity before and after he started nursing his hand

" Amazing how quickly death can be summed up isn't it.." Sean spoke leaning against the tank's tracks. His voice broke and he lost the battle against the tears he had tried to fight.

Then as before the Southside Demon didn't know what to do. Though he had himself shed tears when He and Sean had buried their father Jamie still knew nothing of them really. Personally he had hated that moment of weakness, that utter surrender to sorrow tears were. Defeat wasn't part of his creed after all. Still a day spent being part Meredith was giving him new insights.

" Just let it out Meredith, it ain't no worse then bleeding when ya get cut. No pain no gain after all." Jamie said laying his hands on her shoulders and resting his chin atop her head. " Besides if I left now I'd never get show you how good I'm in bed. Not to mention they'd stick me with that mouse who handed out the name tags." He added with a quiet but amused chuckle. " So lets go get some breakfast and pay your damn brother to leave us alone for ten freaking minutes. I hope it doesn't cost more then five grand, it's all the cash I've got on me at the moment. "


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#, as written by Belynta
Meredith laughed through her tears at the thought of him being bonded with the girl Kat or even worse the goth girl, though she didn't know either one well she somehow doubted they could handle him. The thought also caused a tight feeling in her chest and she realised it was possessive, he was hers and she would not give him up without a fight. She leaned into him allowing his strength to bolster hers until she felt she had herself under control. She wiped her eyes and smiled at him in thanks. Feeling oddly calm after her tears she made a feeble attempt at smoothing down her hair before giving up, only a hot shower and severe brushing would fix it after the nights events. But that could wait, first came breakfast.

"If my brother demands five grand for letting you being alone with me I will be having words with him." She said dryly as she left the bedroom holding it open for Jamie to follow her. In the living room cum kitchen Ash had already laid the oval table with dishes. Her stomach growled again as she caught the scent of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. Ash smiled at her as she came out of her room and waved a hand towards the table, clearly determined that she was to to let him deal with breakfast. She wasn't going to complain and sat patting the chair next to her for Jamie to sit.

Ash had outdone himself, piles of bacon, eggs, toast, and a large amount of mushrooms appeared in front of her, and Meredith didn't hesitate tucking in with relish. Ash left the bowls with the spare food on the table experienced in the sheer amount of food Meredith ate after a healing. Meredith had no doubt that he had done all this because he felt bad about what happened and although she did not blame him she understood his need to do something for her. She ate quickly but tidily, hating mess, and in short order she was heaping her plate with seconds. Ash sat down with them but didn't eat instead sipping from a mug of coffee. She didn't question it as she knew that Ash hated breakfast and never ate till lunchtime.

In between mouthfuls of food Meredith glanced at Jamie and then Ash hoping the two of them might be able to start afresh, things had not gone well last night, understandably under the circumstances but Meredith was very close to her twin and she really didn't want her twin and her chosen to be at odds. After all both were effectively joined with her, one by sharing a womb and the other by magic and the gods will.

"So Ash, I'm assuming you're busy today? Maybe seeing Claire or working?" She made effort to hide the unsubtle hint in her words and she knew Ash would get the message. Ash raised his eyebrows suggestively and winked and she grinned at the moment of shared understanding.

"Jake would probably welcome a trek around the lake." Ash said dryly. "its a good walk, at least a couple of hours, should give you two plenty of time to...catch up."

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