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Hiromasa Miyazaki

Love conquers all obstacles.

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by kouchima


Alias / Nicknames:
Hiro / Hiro-chan
Some members of The Organization call him "tenshi", as he seems to be an angel among demons at times.

October 2nd, 1987

Blood Type:

Dhampir (human mother, vampire father)

Hair Color:
Black, but he bleaches it platinum, sometimes adding fun colors.

Eye Color:
Brown, but likes to wear light colored contacts.

Orientation / Status:
Gay / Engaged

Country of Origin:


Distinguishing Features:
Though his hair is naturally dark, Hiromasa likes to keep it dyed shockingly bright. He may change this from time to time as to not get bored, he always returns to platinum.
He has a labret piercing, 5 piercings on his right ear, and 4 on his right.
He also has a few faint scars here and there from missions given to him by Takeshi or Kochou.

In his opinion, his full-time occupation is being Takeshi's best friend. In the organization, however, he acts as a liaison between members, and is usually the first to welcome new recruits and show them the ropes. If anything, he acts most like a messenger for Kochou and Takeshi when his healing powers are not required.

Hiromasa is calm, kind, and affectionate, a stark contrast to most-- if not all-- the members of VPV. He is the type of person to try and take control of a violent situation and diffuse any conflicts, especially if they involve Takeshi or Luscious. The dhampir has been known to be a bit of a mediator during arguments, even those that involve lower-ranking members, and he doesn't seem to mind whatsoever. In fact, he encourages peace between species and races. Despite this, Hiro is not against violence when it is deemed necessary.

Hiromasa is currently being trained by a talented healer, as he wants to be useful to The Organization in a non-destructive way. So far, he has shown true talent, and grows more skilled with each passing day. He's unsure where his natural abilities came from, as his pureblood ancestors rarely show such powers.


Winter (Especially snow)
Makeup & Fashion

Pureblood vampires
Unnecessary violence
Spicy food
Hot weather

Heals quickly

Physically no stronger than a normal human
Occasionally has a manic thirst for blood
Afraid of heights

Hiromasa was the result of a one night stand between the infamous pureblood Naoko Miyazaki (king of his clan) and a common human. Once he was born, his mother abandoned him in shame. She gave him to a local orphanage with a note that was to be given to him when he was deemed old enough to understand his past.

As Hiromasa grew older, he found a strange attraction to blood. Every time one of his friends would injure themselves, he would gently caress the wound with his tongue, causing it to heal. The people who ran the orphanage paid no mind to this, knowing that a few of their children were not actually human, and tried to explain it away as youthful innocence whenever questioned. However, Hiro continued to wonder about what he truly was until his ninth birthday when he was given the letter his mother had left for him.

Upon finding out he was the son of a powerful pureblood, Hiromasa left the orphanage in the middle of the night and began to live off the streets of Japan. He finally found his way to the manor where Naoko and most of his family resided, only to be turned away by a disgusted Shoichi Miyazaki (Naoko's first-born son).

Completely alone in the world, Hiromasa stumbled upon a young blond boy only a year younger than him. He could tell right away that this boy was in the same predicament as him, and accepted the blond's invitation back to his house for supper. Hiromasa introduced himself to the boy and his mother, and learned their names in return. He stayed with the boy, whom he now knew to be Takeshi Kimura, for a year or two. But when it came time for Takeshi and his mother to leave to avoid the council, the young Hiro decided to part ways, saying he'd only weigh them down. They protested, but he insisted. And so, the two boys said goodbye and went their separate ways.

Over the years, Hiromasa met up with Takeshi and his mother numerous times by chance. Well, not completely by chance. It seemed the boys could always tell when they were close to each other. They became quite good friends, and kept in touch even when they were living in different cities.

When Takeshi's mother was killed, Hiromasa immediately moved to Tokyo to be with his friend. He was shocked to find the blond had given into his violent nature, and tried to coax him back into the caring, kind dhampir he knew his friend to be. However, Takeshi would have none of it. This is who he truly was, and sadly, Hiro knew this to be true. So he's sticking by his best friend, watching out for him, and making sure he doesn't do anything completely stupid.

Base: Subaru (Royz)

So begins...

Hiromasa Miyazaki's Story


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Character Portrait: Hiromasa Miyazaki



What the boy that was about to enter didn't know was that Luscious wasn't the new ally
that some of the VPV members thought he was. They just hadn't seen him before, as
the man had always been hidden in the basement of this god ridden church, always
alone, always working on something. He didn't need any sleep nor any food, as he wasn't
human or anything like that. He was something... or more like someone that had been
present in Kochou' life longer than anyone, and Takeshi had been his drinking buddy for
some time now.

Luscious had been reading in the chapel, when he sensed someone entering the main hall.
He looked unusual to himself, but it was still one of his main looks that he cherished lately,
and so he bit into his lower lip and perked up, when he heard the soft and angelic voice:
"Yes?" He stood up, and turned towards the male couple of meters away:
"I believe Takeshi has sent you?"