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Ichiro Matsumori

Born from shame, raised like a prince, lived as a slave, working as an assassin.

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by kouchima


Alias / Nicknames:
Chiro, Kurochou

June 17th, 1989

Blood Type:

Cambion (offspring of a succubus and a human)

Hair Color:
Naturally red thanks to his Irish mother, but he bleaches it often.

Eye Color:
Brown; sometimes gold when he's using his powers as an incubus.

Orientation / Status:
Pansexual, but prefers men 99% of the time / Single

Country of Origin:


Distinguishing Features:
Tattoo of two kanji on his left wrist that he keeps hidden by wrapping black cloth around it
Black moth tattoo on the back of his neck
Straight scar just above the black cloth on his left forearm
A few scars from blades on his back and shoulders

He is Takeshi's right-hand man, running errands for the demon and often being sent on important missions. When he isn't doing Death's bidding, he can also be found helping Jae Hwa run the races.

Ichiro is silent and intelligent, always taking in his surroundings and assessing each situation swiftly. Those that knew him just a few years ago would remember him as young, naive, trusting, and gentle. Now, however, he is a trained killer. Ichiro is cold and, at times, borderline cruel. However, he does not turn his anger on those who do not deserve it, and still remains kind at heart, but it would take a lot for him to open up and show that side of himself again.
When he wants to get his way, or get someone to like him, he can be incredibly charming.
The incubus is a very talented musician, and though he rarely composes anymore, his still plays piano and guitar every now and then.

Ichiro has been training to gain better control of his power over the shadows. Also, as an incubus, he has the ability to increase someone's sexual desire and pleasure.
He is also very tech-savvy, and can hack nearly any system if given enough time.
On top of this, Ichiro is a self-proclaimed polyglot and speaks multiple languages. (Japanese, English, Mandarin & Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, French. Currently learning: German and Irish-Gaelic.)


His father

Pureblood demon nobility

Hand to hand combat

His family & friends
He's not the strongest physically
His past

Ichiro enjoyed a very luxurious upbringing as a child. However, becoming a successful businessman meant his father had made a few enemies. When Ichiro was thirteen, he was kidnapped and held for ransom. But unbeknownst to the perpetrators, their ransom note never made it to his father. Frustrated, the kidnappers sold him into an underground slave market. After his first mistress was killed six years later, Ichiro found himself working for a nice family as a stable boy. He stayed there for quite some time until the family fell on hard times and had to sell all their belongings, including their servants.

Ichiro was bought by a demon noble, a pureblood that would much rather spend time in his personal library than at his family gatherings. Ichiro fell head over heels for his master, and though things seemed complicated at first, they soon fell into a comfortable relationship. However, good things never seem to last long for the half-breed. He awoke one day to find his lover gone and his estate up for sale, with nothing more than a single letter giving Ichiro a brief explanation. Hurt and confused, but determined to find his now ex-master and set things straight, Ichiro escaped the slave trade and found his father. He began working for his company and, sure enough, eventually was able to reunite with his love. ...But things did not go as planned.

Heartbroken yet again, Ichiro prepared to take his own life, but was stopped and recruited by an acquaintance of his, Takeshi Kimura. Now he serves Organization VPV, which keeps a steady level of chaos in Japan's decaying post-apocalyptic society.

Base: Shou / Show (Alice Nine / A9 / Diawolf)

So begins...

Ichiro Matsumori's Story


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Character Portrait: Ichiro Matsumori


Image She wasn't Hikari at that moment, nor was she Lucelle. She was something that had been sitting deep within that young female, whom had grown quite the bit. Everything had happened in such a fast pace, and although she had been avoiding going to school, she was still having the time of her life and she was still being bullied, even from the distance, even from the shadows. Hikari knew they were tailing her, wherever she went and living at home had become a nightmare.

All those writings on the windows, they even had murdered her familiar - a bakeneko, whom she had found laying in pool of blood on the balcony, mutilated. Whatever they wanted, they weren't going to get it and as much as she kept resisting, the harder they kept coming at her. Hikari hated that. Lucelle hated that. SHE hated that.

Leaning against the hood of her racing car, she was sucking on a lollipop and wearing rather... revealing and skinny clothes. Not that she cared anyhow.