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Kasumi Saitou

"Everywhere I go I bring chaos and destruction. I just want it all to end..."

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by kouchima


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Alias / Nicknames:

May 21st (year unknown, but somewhere around 200 years ago)

Blood Type:


Hair Color:
Black, but he bleaches and dyes it constantly.

Eye Color:
They take on a golden hue when others around him are being affected by his aura

Orientation / Status:
Gay / Single?

Country of Origin:


Distinguishing Features:
Lip percing and ear piercings


Kasumi is usually very soft-spoken and shy, tending to keep away from heavily-populated areas. He doesn't trust very easily, but when he does decide to get close to you, you'll have a loyal friend for life.
He can be extremely energetic and upbeat, which annoys many members of VPV. Because of this (and other complicated reasons), though he has ties with the Organization, he tends to steer clear of any VPV-owned buildings.

As an amanojaku, he brings out the evil and perversion in those around him, whether he wants to or not. This tends to cause chaos wherever he goes. The longer someone is exposed to him, the more darkness envelops their aura and the more twisted they become until he leaves. Effects can take quite some time to fade away depending on the strength of will of the victim.


Warm weather

Crowds / Being around too many people
When others try to get close to him

Usually able to remain positive despite his hardships
Extremely loyal and determined

Physically no stronger than an average human
Cannot control his aura
Naive and easily persuaded

Kasumi was created during the Edo period of Japan as one of many brothers and sisters that were placed throughout the country to cause havoc. As an amanojaku, he naturally brings out the evil, chaotic side of other beings, without even trying. However, he was created with a defect (or so he believes): he felt gentler human emotions such as sympathy and love. Because of this, he has been struggling with inner turmoil ever since he was put on this earth. His demonic nature craves chaos and negative emotions, but he himself does not care for such things. He would much rather be loved, cared for, and just be allowed to live in peace. But his aura causes mostly everyone he comes in contact with to give in to their darker sides, whether it's an immediate effect or an eventual one.

Kasumi has traveled all over his home country, as well as parts of Europe. He never stays in one place too long. If he loses control of his natural aura, a whole city could go up in flames and chaos. Even so, he is the weakest of his siblings, and therefore looked down upon by other demons and spirits. He doesn't seem to mind. Kasumi would much rather observe humans and interact with them instead of supernatural beings. However, humans are more easily affected by his powers, and therefore such a desire has gotten him into a bit of trouble before.

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Base: Kazuki (Royz)

So begins...

Kasumi Saitou's Story