Vineyards of St. Elise

Vineyards of St. Elise


The Cathedral of St. Elise stood tall, in all its elegance and beauty just outside the walls of Gwendolyn City; a peaceful landmark among the chaos and territorial divide that the mafia had wrought, an area of serenity, a cathedral of unspoken words.

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Vineyards of St. Elise

Two decades ago, Gwendolyn City was one of the smaller towns in comparison to the King's Capital. It used to be the landmark trading zone between several kingdoms and its races. Gwendolyn City was known for its beauty and hospitality, travelers from all over the world ventured miles upon miles simply to seek work among the riches of Gwendolyn's streets. The city was considered the one ray of sunshine amidst the labour-intensive and cruel regime the King had imposed, albeit there was no saying how much longer they could persevere.

The day of the king's death, Gwendolyn City was enveloped in chaos. The criminals of the town had taken advantage of the lack of guards within the walls of the merchant city, causing distress and bloodshed through the city streets; panicked citizens rode out to the King's Capital for help, but to no avail. The silent grief of the gone monarch would've taken priority over the crown's own possessions, if not for the aid of a knight of the Royal Guard. He gathered few men, brothers-in-arms and rode out to defend Gwendolyn from the criminal outbreak, but upon arrival, the streets were silent, clear as day if not for stains of crimson tainting the cobblestones of the tight streets. Helplessly confused, the infamously late hero sought to investigate the scene further and with several clacking sounds of hooves against stone, his eyes were graced with the opportunity to witness the forging of history, the day of Gwendolyn's liberation.

In the middle of the main street stood two bloodstained carts, carefully secured around pack mules. His eyes widened in shock, a chill ran down his spine and his hands shook the reins gently as they trembled. The carts, filled with bodies of civilians, men, women and children, armoured men and privateers; he did not know whether to turn his horse and run or pursue the investigation. The loud, echoing sound of a fired flintlock took the knight by surprise. His horse rose into the air, balancing on its hind hooves and in anticipation of the beast's retreat, he tightened his grip on the reins and rode toward the source of the sound. As his gaze scanned the surroundings, he found several men with their hands tied behind their back, carefully aligned and on their knees, executed one by one as the sound of the flintlock echoed through the streets.

When he finally came to his senses, the knight dismounted his steed and with the loud thud of steel sabatons against cobblestones, he approached the executioner with a cautious demeanour. He was not greeted with hostility or bloodshed, instead, the man turned to him and brought his hand horizontally up to his forehead in a salute. Before the knight's lips could even part to speak, the man stated with a voice so calm, it had made him think the chaos of Gwendolyn City had never existed. "Justice has been met; on this day, Gwendolyn has liberated itself not only from the grasp of a tyrant, but the wrath of man itself." The man paused, moving to place one of his feet atop the corpse, turning to address dozens of people gathered within the square. "We have won a battle at the cost of our families and homes. We have raised our weapons and fought for the safety of our children. From this day forth, Gwendolyn belongs to the citizens! We will restore hope and we will seek faith from the Cathedral of St. Elise, where we will convene every week until we restore Gwendolyn to its former glory..- No, to a greater future!"

"That is the story of Gwendolyn City's rebirth. Every citizen has pledged themselves to one of the rebuilding families; and you? Who do you belong to?"

The founding families of Gwendolyn City, known as the "Gruppi Mafiosi," were families of the leaders of the Gwendolyn Reconstruction. They worked day and night, invigorating civilians with a brighter future. When the reconstruction had finally come to an end, the leaders had been left with a choice. One of them had to take up control and become the mayor; however, a fight erupted between two of them, arguing over who should have control, as all families had put a lot of time and resource into the reconstruction. The argument went on for days, until the group of four had finally decided that they would split the territory equally and rule over each their part.

Little did they know their greed would only grow greater, causing much more bloodshed over territory and power. The leaders convened once more to create a treaty of peace. Every weekend, the bloodshed would stop, and if anyone were to break this agreement, they would have to pay with their life.

Part 1: Character Information
  • Each and every resident of Gwendolyn City has to pledge themselves to a "gruppo." Citizens without a pledge are seen as residents of the hovels, criminals and ne'erdowellers.
  • Characters can be very unique! You are not limited to being a human. The known inhabitant races of the Six Kingdoms are Humans, Sorcerers, Elves & Shifters.

Part 2: Races & What You Need To Know
  • Humans are the more ingenious races. They are gifted tinkers and ferocious politicians. The Royal Guard is known to only accept humans into their ranks, and as far as history goes, humans have always ruled over the Six Kingdoms.
  • Sorcerers are gifted with an affinity to magic. Though it is stated that everyone except for elves has the ability to grasp the basics of magic, sorcerers are the only race that can bend magical energies to their will. They have the ability to control elements, as well as the light and the energies themselves. However, shadow magic and illusionism are illegal.
  • Elves are known to be the only race that has no grasp or understanding of magic; this, however, has never proven to be an issue. Elves have produced the greatest military strategists and their medical science has developed beyond that of any other race.
  • Shifters are a half-breed race of sorcerers and elves. They are sometimes called mezzo-rasse. They possess a strong affinity toward nature, due to the history of the elves and the elemental magic of sorcerers. Shifters have hightened senses, such as better eye-sight, hearing and the ability to pick up scents. There are two types of shifters: the Halflings, which possess some animalistic traits which can display themselves physically or mentally; and the Familiars, which are shifters with the ability to transform into the animal form bestowed upon them on birth. Familiars are often contracted by the gruppi as security officers and commanders of their men, thus creating tension between the two types, as one perceives themselves better than the other.

Gruppi Mafiosi
"They run the town. If you cherish your safety, you'll pledge yourself to a family and stay within their territory.

Gruppo Goldweild is run by no other than our infamous knight-savior "Tardy" himself. No one knows why he chose to abandon his post with the Royal Guard and return to Gwendolyn, but we don't dare ask. His gruppo owns the fanciest district of Gwendolyn, the "Quarter of Flowers." It's tidy, has regular patrols and is one of the larger territories.

Don: ??? Goldweild | Human
Advisor: ??? | ???
Guard-Captain: ??? | ???

Gruppo Ravencraft is actually named after one of the trading ships in port. Its captain is the don of the gruppo and they're known to be the supervisors of every trade in town. Gruppo Ravencraft also owns the brothel within the Cathedral of St. Elise. A brothel within a cathedral, you ask? Ech..- I think the idea is quite revolting, having turned a place of faith into the den of sin, luckily, they only own part of the cathedral.

Don: ??? | ???
Advisor: ??? | ???
Guard-Captain: ??? | ???

Gruppo Hart has the smallest territory within the city. Their don is an ex-criminal that managed to escape the wrath of Gwendolyn's citizens and has forged himself a new reputation during the Gwendolyn Reconstruction. Gruppo Hart has questionable intentions, they're surprisingly tame when it comes to territory, though their men are the best gamblers you can find. Gruppoy Hart is rumored to associate with the criminals of the hovels, though this has never been proven. They have a strange reputation, some fear them, others put them on pedestals.

Don: ??? | ???
Advisor: ??? | ???
Guard-Captain: ??? | ???

The Hovels are a place you don't want to go to. One of the leaders of the Reconstruction lost his territory during one of the many battles within Gwendolyn's streets; he was exiled to the Hovels, but swiftly built a reputation with the criminals and the poor, earning them a place as their "self-proclaimed" don. I wouldn't trust anyone from the Hovels with my life, but due to his newly found power, the other gruppi fear the worst. Rumour has it, some of the gruppi convene with the don of the Hovels in secret, forging a temporary contract of peace in return for favours.

Don: ??? | ???
Advisor: ??? | ???

Character Sheet
Code: Select all
[size=85] [b]Name[/b]:
[b]Race & Specialization[/b]: (If Sorcerer: Specialization = Magic Power | If Shifter: Specialization = Type and Form | If Human or Elf: Specialization = Profession.)
[b]Pledge & Rank[/b]:  (If not one of the three leading ranks, put -Pledged.-)
[b]Appearance[/b]: [right]Image here[/right]
[b]Personality Traits[/b]:
[b]Likes, dislikes and fears[/b]:
[b]Other[/b]: (This can include anything from pets to outfit references, theme songs, favourite colours. Anything you need to flesh out your character!)


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