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a character in “Viva la Neo Las Vegas”, as played by Maci-Care

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Jackie Rae Alsty-Titol

Superhero Name / Alias: Spectrium.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Physical Description: Jackie is 5 foot four inches, yeah pretty short. She messy/curly hair, but dyes it different colors depending on how she is feeling. She likes to stand out, so having crazy make-up, but staying beautiful, crazy hair, and/or bright clothing, like white, yellow, rainbow, basically any color, but to be seen wearing black, is very rare. She weighs around 121 also. At the moment her hair is it's natural color, a nice orange, and her eye are a niceocean blue mix with baby blue color.

Everyday: Clothing in the picture, same color.

Superhero / Costume:White cloak, covers most of her face and all of her body, hair is never seen.

Personality: Jackie is a kind, sweet and gentle girl when she is her self, but as spectrium, she is basically the school bully, but alot more mean, and cruel. She is a villian because, well she wants everyone to not mess with her or her boyfriend, who she doesn't know is "Hero." So mainly, she wants all the heros to be gone, so her and her bf can do whatever they want, whenever they want without any inturupting what they do, or not following what they say.

Superhero or Supervillain?: Super Villain

Powers: Astral Projection: Ability to project herself as her soul from her body, she can go into another person's mind, or just go freely, also as her soul she can phase through solid objects.The weaknesses this power has is that if she uses too much of it, it will weaken her mentally, but not physically, also when doing an out of body experience, it leaves her body defenceless. Right now, all she can do is do out of body experiences, and go into peoples' minds to either mess with them, follow them, or search through there memories, but not memories of people who are strong willed, like superman if he was alive. Once she gets better at it, she will be able to stay out of body for longer, and even make her body be camoflauged, also when in someone's mind, she would be able to make them do certain commands, but it takes alot of her own energy, which could make her body visible. Also she can give who ever she is in minor headaches.

Abilities: Jackie is a wonderful artist, and loves to cook, and is good at making Italian food for some reason.

Smooth talking.
Being beautiful. (Does that count?)

Running, because of the cloak.
Easily intimidated.
Anything physical, she's not that strong.

"My boyfriend. Duh!”
Bright colors.
Puppies and kittens.
Gambling, but not addicted.

The Heros
People finding out who she is.
Meat, she's a vegetarian.
People finding out who she truly is, when as Spectrium.

History: Well Jackie woke up one day and had power, easy as that! Nah, but that is how it happened from her view, but now I will tell you how it happened from the outside. The night after going on a date with her boyfriend, he walked her home and dropped her off, not going inside because he was late for something. Once she got into her apartment she was surprised and tackled by an intruder. He forcefully made her drink some weird chemical that he made, thinking it would kill her, and then he left and was never heard from again, actually was kidnapped and buried alive by some loan sharks. Oh did I mention this was a kid that stalked her for six years straight! And had his heart broken when he asked her out and she said no, oh I didn’t? Well now you know.

Now about family, well they were actually killed in a tragic accident when they went out for a little alone time when Jackie was 16. They were Jenny Alsty and Jack Titol, they weren’t married when Jackie was born, so she was given both names.

Jackie's boyfriend, Dakota Kent, was actually one of her many stalkers. He followed her everywhere she went, and even asked her out, and like she always did, said no. One night at a casino, he came up to the table she was at and kept flirting with her. They made a bet at the poker table that if she won, he would have to stop flirting with her and forever leave her alone, but if he won, they would go on one date. And Jackie doesn’t ever regret losing that game.

Jackie first realized she ahd powers when well, she came out of her body as a transparent ghost, or what she now knows is her soul. She found out she can go into people' minds when she walked into someone as her soul, but instead of bumping into them, went into their body and their mind.

Other: The day she found out she had powers, she stole a voice changer from a store and made it into a microphone/Bluetooth, so when she is in costume, people won’t know it’s her. Cool right? One last thing, Dakota Kent is her boyfriend but doesn’t know he is actually “Hero.”

Theme Song:* If Everyone Cared by Nickelback

So begins...

Jackie Rae Alsty-Titol's Story