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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Curtis sat silently in the small garden, listening to the birds and the other beautiful sounds of nature. He sat with his legs crossed and his eyes locked on a flower infront of him, his face painted with a plain expression as he concentrated. Curtis stayed like this for about five minutes before he gently picked up the flower and let his fingers and eyes exploar its beauty. Then he stopped, without warning, and grinned manically before tearing the flower to utter shreds, almost laughing at the sight of causing this destruction. Then, his face fell into a saddened frown.

"W..Why did you do that Darkness?.. Can't I have anything.. Look at anything?" Curtis sighed softly and stood up, walking carefully through the grass, letting it tickle against his bare feet. He walked normally, and looked normal from a distance, enough so that any visitor would ask if he was really meant to be here. In most cases, he even acted normal, it wasn't his fault he had his ticks. Curtis looked around at the other patients, stumbling and wobbling around while he walked perfectly postured. They were muttering, twitching, making noises and disturbing groans that hit Curtis' ears like glass. "I don't belong here.. You ruin everything for me.." He sighed softly