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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Looks around at the others here.I wasn't hearing things at the moment,which was good, in a way.I liked them sometimes,they gave me company when those people tried to lock me up.They give me suggestions too,and tell me what kind of people are ok. They say almost anyone here can't be my friend.It makes me sad though,because I don't have any friends but "them" .And I don't even know who they are.I usually call them the voices or just voices.Its easier then names. I look around at the other patients.Some looked like they were looking at someone who wasn't there,others looked in pain,some just looked gone,like they're just a person who has lost it so far they can't speak and can barely move with out screaming. I should feel sorry for them,but voices say its normal,and it isn't that bad.They have friends like them.I smile but it flattens when I see a guy walking around. He looks unlike the others. Voices starts again,he tells me to hurt the guy,but I know better.I will only get dragged away.Voices may seem right,but he doesn't seem to get that bad things could happen.I sigh as I see another flash of red on the sidewalk.A girl walks up to him. I await to see how this turns out,I feel like I'm watching some science experiment for crazy people.I laugh and watch