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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Rosemarie sat on the grass in the meadow. She played with her hair a little bit. There was a boy also sitting in the grass. He was holding a flower. She didn't talk to him though. She didn't need to, Alice was all she needed, but it would be nice to have other friends. "Can he be our friend too?" she asked Alice who was sitting beside her. "No!" Alice said, her tone sharp. It probably looked like Rosemarie was talking to herself but she wasn't. Only crazy people talk to themselves and Rosemarie wasn't crazy. She was the only one who could see Alice, that's all. "But...why?" she asked, her voice soft and quiet. She didn't like when Alice was angry. When Alice got angry she was scary. "Rose, why would you need other friends when you have me?" Alice said, her voice more gentle now. Rosemarie looked down and didn't answer her for a while, but Alice didn't press on further. "Alice, you do bad things sometimes" Rose finally said. Alice smiled at her. "It's only to protect you," she said, "People do bad things and I don't want you to get hurt." Rose nodded her head and continued to play with her hair. "Is that why he can't be our friend?" asked Rose. "Yes," Alice said. "But --" Rose had started, but Alice cut her off. "I said no!" That same sharp, angry tone had returned to Alice's voice. "Okay," Rose said quietly. Alice was starting to get scary again. They sat there silent until Alice had left and Rose was on her own watching the boy. He was talking to a girl now. Rosemarie wondered if they would both like to be her friend, but then she remembered Alice. Alice wouldn't like that.