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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Rose looked up to see a girl standing there. "Hello, who are you?" the girl said. She smiled at Rose. Her smile was kind of scary, but Rose had seen scarier things. "M-my name is..." she hesitated, remembering how angry Alice had gotten when she wanted that other boy to be her friend. "Come on, it's okay" said the girl and she smiled again. Her smile reminded Rosemarie of the cheshire cat. "It's Rosemarie" she said a little more cheerfully. "You can call me Rose though." The girl shook Rose's hand. "It's nice to meet you," she said. Rosemarie smiled. Finally another friend. "What's your name?" Rosemarie asked. "Zmey," the girl said. Yes, Zmey would be her new friend. Rose just had to make sure that Alice didn't find out about it.