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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Alice isn't my friend? thought Rose. "But Zmey, if I don't do what she says...she'll make me hurt people," Rose said. Zmey shook her head angrily. "All you have to do is not listen to her! She can't make you do anything!" Zmey said rather loudly. "But--" Rose was starting to say before Zmey cut her off. "But, nothing! You don't have to obey Alice, take control of your life!," said Zmey, "Besides...I can't be friends with someone who listens to things like Voices." She started to get up and walk away. "Wait!" Rosemarie said. Zmey stopped walking, her back facing Rose. Rose sighed. "I'll...I'll try to stand up for myself. It's just...Alice has always been there for me. Sure she could be mean sometimes, but she kept me company when I was lonely. She'd always seemed like a friend to me." Zmey turned around slowly and Rose was silent. She held her breath wondering what Zmey would say to her now. She hoped she hadn't blown it with Zmey. Rose was really starting to like her, even if she had a vicious-looking smile.