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white padded rooms, Crazies, and the down stair basement.

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Curtis looked across at the girl who was addressing him, a look of confusion slowly spreading across his face, "I don't look crazy..?" Speaking under his breath, he looked across at where the girl was gazing. "I'm not.. I'm not like them.. any of them.." Curtis lowered his head and sighed, slumping down in the grass where he was stood, and bringing his knees up to his chin. "You.. you shouldn't be talking to me.. You're crazy right? Well.. I'm not.." he looked over at her and began to grin, "Of course she's god damn crazy! Look at her shitty little face!" Curtis tensed up his face and gripped his head, "No! No I'm sorry.. Ignore that.."

Curtis sighed and hid his face in his knees, lifting and dropping it a little bit as if hitting his head against a wall. "I'm.. Curtis.."