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Cinderella and Prince charming's daughter.

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Brianna Jessie Watt

ParentsCinderella and Prince Charming.
[/b]Grade[/b] 10
Originally From England.
PersonalityBree is more like her mother but she has her fathers out going and determined personality added. Bree can almost make friends with anyone she wishes. Although she can dance well Bree is still very clumsy and trips a lot, sometimes it's just on plain air. Bree loves to cook and sew. She has made many of her own dresses and clothing. Bree likes to sing at home and she will never sing in front of people at school.
LikesDancing, sewing, cooking, singing, having fun, ect
DislikesWhen people pick on her, being clumsy, cats, sight of blood, ect
Pets/Familiars She has a few mice as her pets. Her mother doesn't mind them but they can not be within two feet of her father or he will freak out.
Favorite Class(es)Sewing class, foods class, and world history.
Least Favorite Class(es) Academics, Physical education, and Biology.
ExtracurricularsKnitting club and ball room dancing. Oh and forgot to mention drama. She's really good at all of them.
Anything Else
-Bree is afraid of heights
-Bree is terrified of snakes

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