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a character in “Wanted: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, as played by Fredalice

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Name: Jackie Carns
Nickname: Grumpy
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: single

Appearance: Image
She wears laced up boots, brown patched leggings, a forest green sleeveless shirt and a brown vest and really large leather gloves.

Personality: She is sarcastic and loud and has a bad attitude. Though she is also very close to the rest of the Dwarfs, with them she isn't so bad. For some reason with strangers you will always see the worse in her, but with friends they see the best. With the Dwarfs the sarcasm comes off as more joking than being mean. She is also an inventive person and it is her passion to create new gadgets for the Dwarfs. She likes getting her hands dirty and is more of a doer than a thinker. She is determined and motivated, meaning once she starts a project she'll stay with it till the end, same with her friends. She doesn't communicate with others well and the only way she knows how is by mean, or sarcastic, jokes and bashing other people.

Equipment: She carries a a hooked cane, always wears her goggles and she'll sometimes bring with her new gadgets to test on her victims.
Special Skills: She has an unusually good eye for details and can spot a mistake (either in a person's stance or her gadgets) a mile away.
Fighting Style:Her fighting style is just basically bashing heads, whether its bashing their heads against a tree or against another head), she also fights dirty and cheats a lot. She doesn't feel bad about pushing someone into a puddle by their butt and riding off with their loot. She also loves to bad mouth them as their already down. This is why she's called Grumpy.

History: She grew up in forest, she was dumped at a young age by her parents because of how poor they were, so she learned to survive and grow up fast. When she had found a good system she decided to play around with somethings and try to make her life a little easier. This is where her obsession had started. She lived in a cave with a lot of gadgets making it crowded with strings and pules. Then she got recruited to the Seven Dwarfs by the original Seven Dwarfs when she was 15 and she kind of became the leader of the new generation. She's been the one to recruit the newer additions and though she isn't really leader material, she still tries to keep the group together in her own way, with her own language.

So begins...

Jackie Carns's Story