AzerothArden Greyhamn

A renegade elven soldier who've lost himself in war.

a character in “War of Azeroth”, as played by Loxley

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Name: Arden Greyhamn

Race: Elf

Profession: True warrior

Description of character: Long white hair, a single emerald green eye, the other having been put out and is now covered by a black eye patch. Has green tattoos in his face, and usually wears green garbs suitable for any elf that wanders the forests. Never goes anywhere without his two swords, a pair of elfblades called Ember and Howl, covered with intricate elven scrollwork. Arden is not a particularly renowned fighter, as there are far too many like him in the world, but that doesn't mean he's not good at what he does; on the contrary, he's an extremely skilled swordsman, fueled on in battle by hatred, where he seems as fast as the wind itself, speed being his greatest asset in combat. Arden has a golden ear ring in his left ear.


Personality: Arden puts up an image around him as a ruthless, calculating, and pragmatic swordsman, though this is far from the truth of his more complex character, which has been distorted by his past. But because he puts up this image, he often appears as arrogant and callous to most people. As such he is often met with distrust and open hostility in human settlements, and, equally, prefers to work alone.

Some history: Arden grew up in Qualinesti, the elven lands in Azeroth, the son of his village's weapons master, the person responsible for training the guards in the elven martial arts. He had a brother as well, Aedan. The two of them became known in the village for their free spirits, and rebellious attitudes, and they grew up wandering the endless woodlands around their home without fear. Arden having studied the elven martial arts under his father since he was five, it was only natural for him to become a soldier when the time came.

As he grew up, he became known as a skilled swordsman and martial artist, one of the most skilled in the village. He rose through the ranks to become a sergeant in the village's militia, which was far more skilled than many professional armies in terms of fighting prowess. Occasionally, he led hunting parties against roving bands of orcs or goblins, but they were never close enough to the village to be of any danger to the elves. When his father passed away, Arden had made it captain in the militia, and replaced his father as weapons master, and the most skilled swordsman in the village. The villagers were proud of him, and relied on him and his men for their protection against the evils of the world.

However, one day, the village was attacked by a roaming war party of evil creatures, passing through on their way north to heed the call by the Witch King. The attack was violent and the enemy of far greater numbers. It came as a complete surprise, and there were very few survivors; those who did survive were forced to flee to seek refuge among other elven clans. Among the many fallen were Arden's brother, Aedan. Arden, however, unlike his fellow villagers who fled to other villages, could not give up his hatred and thirst for blood and vengeance.

Full of bitterness and hatred, Arden left on a blood hunt, a self-imposed exile to search for the guilty parties of the atrocity. He has been living in exile now for almost three years, and have killed countless orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls, and humans in his mad blood hunt. In truth, however, Arden is not looking for the guilty parties per se, but only looking to kill as many of the Witch King's servants as he can before he falls in battle, to quench his incredible hatred. Those of his fellow elves who still know of or meet him whisper in-between that Arden Greyhamn have lost his elven ways...have lost himself in war.

Equipment or other objects/pets:

- Two light, enchanted elven straight swords called Ember and Howl.
- An enchanted gold ring in his left ear, which reacts to servants of the Witch King.

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Arden Greyhamn's Story