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Way of the Ronin » Places

Places in Way of the Ronin

This is a list of locations that can be found in Way of the Ronin.

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⌈May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.βŒ‹

Wanderer. That was what he had become. He knew this as fact and fully accepted the title as it suit him well. Adjusting the cloth over his mouth and nose the man approached a town, he had heard of it from the last village he had assisted. This town was under the plague of a renegade group of thugs, lowlifes of the worst type. They claimed to be samurai. The man in the simple armor finally arrived in the town, no one made eye contact, no one even looked up from watching their feet. Something wasn't right. It was as if every single person had been cowed into submission, like they had all given up. Tenshi went up to a woman and tapped her shoulder gently. The woman shook her head slightly and hurried on her way. The man folded his arms, this just didn't sit right with him. Not one bit. Most of these women were bruised and battered. Tenshi felt a cold anger underlying within him. He would find these ruffians and make them leave, by force if need be. He made his way slowly but surely into what appeared to be a bar of sorts. He went in and sat at the bar. There he looked around, music was softly lilting through the air under all the murmuring and the shouting of the big ugly group in the back corner. Tenshi pulled out his scroll and his little charcoal and began writing. He slid the note to the bartender lady. Tenshi noticed she was only around fifteen, but she was more beatup than most and some of her wounds were caused sexually. Now his cold anger was beginning to boil but he remained calm. If he lost his temper nothing would get done.
"Who did this to you?"

The girl looked at him, bandages covered her left eye she slid him a cup of tea and her body trembled as she nodded towards the goons in the back corner. Tenshi took the note and wrote again.
"Remain calm and exit the bar. Now, before you go nod if they are the goons who are tormenting this town. Also point out the leader. I'll rid you of them. Do not fear."

The girl trembled once more and nodded with a gulp and whispered. "Sago." Tenshi nodded and took her hand, she tensed and Tenshi raised his free hand to calm her. She nodded and he helped her outside. He motioned for her to go, to run away. The girl's eyes welled up with tears as she had an overwhelming feeling that this man would do as he said he would and she embraced the stranger with thanks before running off into the town. Tenshi smiled as she went but once she was out of sight his smile vanished and he strolled back in toward the back corner. He pulled up a chair and sat down with his tea. The men who were there all quieted and looked toward Tenshi with hate-filled glances. Tenshi looked up from his tea and smiled wide holding up a hand in the form of greeting. The biggest man in the back snarled trying to intimidate Tenshi.

"An' who the fuck 'er you?" He slurred, obviously drunk. Tenshi winced slightly at the stench of his breath and stood up slowly and bowed pointing to the angel wings insignia on the hilt of his katana. The man let out a loud laugh.

"Angel? You claim to be a fuckin' angel?" His thugs laughed. Tenshi threw a knife right next to the leaders head and his hands went to the hilt of his katana. He moved quickly, jumping onto the wall he free-ran a ways before landing on the table in front of the boss, the twin sheaths of his katana on his back giving him the appearance of an avenging angel Tenshi held the blade up to the boss's throat. All the other thugs drew their various weaponry but Tenshi's eyes never strayed from the leader. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a note he held it in front of the boss.
"Leave here. Take your goons. Never return. Or I will be forced to kill you all."

The boss's face turned red and he slammed a fist on the table and yelled, causing all the other patrons to flee the establishment.

"Kill this 'Angel'! Kill him! Show 'em what we do to punks who think they can take us on!" All the men began charging at Tenshi at once, he only had a moment to react. Pulling out his second katana Tenshi blocked them above his head as he crouched low and shoved his Katana into the leader's throat. He sputtered and then lay still. The other men only got angrier, the first two began coming in for an attack and Tenshi quickly kicked one out of the way, pushing the other three off him so both katanas were at the ready. He dove and parried and after awhile he had made short work of the thugs. Before exiting the bar he left some money on the bar for the damages and an apology note for not being able to solve it with words. Then he left. Before he got out of the city he was interrupted by a man. He said that he needed Tenshi for a noble cause, after hearing the explanation it seemed like a good deal. So he agreed and went with the man, an Ikeda Kojuro.

Once they arrived where his fellow new comrades were he was introduced to a woman by the title of "Kana-dono" Tenshi bowed respectfully and then sat cross-legged to observe the further interactions with the rest of the party. They were certainly an odd group but Tenshi figured that this was his destiny. As such he welcomed the change in pace. He thought to himself that this was going to be a wonderful new challenge indeed.

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