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a character in “We are Beyond the Sky”, as played by projectdarkeden

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Role: ???
Nickname or Alias: Hawk
Gender: Male
Nationality: German (though he was raised in U.S.A. for most of his life.)
Age: 18


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145
Hair Color: bleach blonde
Eye Color: ocean blue

Personality: He is a happy go lucky type of person who is willing to help those less fortunate then him. He is a sucker for a bet no matter how small. He can be quick to anger when it comes to work and those picking on the weak. People say his biggest flaw is that he tends to get involved with things that don't concern him. It can be said he has trouble trusting people right off the bat but will warm up to them if he spends enough time around them or if they prove to be trust worthy

Likes/Dislikes: Reading, Gambling, poetry, girls, and star gazing/ losing,

Phobia(s): enclosed spaces (i forget the word.)

Power: none
Skills/Abilities: Due to his background he has learned how to hack computers. He is skilled in Judo and mauy thai. He has also studied fencing and kendo sword fighting.
Personal History: Azeal comes from a wealthy family that owns several companies in Germany and America. They own companies that do things from computers to the latest clothing fashion around the world. He was sent to America to go to school and has already joined the ranks of his families' corperation.

Azeal had never had many friends because most were intimidated by his status. After finishing his studies he returned to Germany and became the supervisior of one of a few of the companies that belong to his family. And heads around the world almost on a daily routine. Now he heads to New Inthaca City to check on the branch there.
Other: Will do anything under a bet.

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Azeal Damian's Story