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"I'll protect you Rin. I swear it."

a character in “We are Beyond the Sky”, as played by AmiOfTheRain

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Len Minozuki

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Role: Rin's brother
Nickname or Alias: Len-Len
Gender: Male
Nationality: British/Asian
Age: 17

Appearance: He has stitchs on his chest from being clawed at by a rabid dog.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 110 Lb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blueish Green

Personality: Honest and truthful untill death. Something that Len lives by, and something he hopes others will live by as well. He's quite smart when he feels like it, yet not as strict and dull as people might think him to be. He's actually very hyper and stubborn, he trys to give Rin anything she wants, to matter what he has to do.

He wants to protect her, and he had to take training in Kendo and Judo to make sure he'd be able to protect her. He's brave at the face of danger when he needs to be, and he'll never back down, leading him to be almost as stubborn at Rin is.

Long walks
Kendo and Judo
Protecting others
Being Brave

Being a coward
People who want to hurt others
Being unable to protect others
Being insulted

Arsonphobia- Fear of fire

Power: N/A
Skills/Abilities: Len is pretty skilled at Kendo and Judo, he can also cook pretty well. He's able to read realy quick in more cases, unless he's trying to get out of doing something. Like his sister, he has cat-like grace.

Personal History:
There's not much to Len, expect before Rin came to live with him. When Len was little and staying with his parents and Rin, he was a major trouble maker, and he wasn't to smart back then. The only reason he went to the boerding school was because it was free and his uncle said he'd pay for it. On his first day at the boerding school, a couple of kids threw glass objects at him, leading his eyes to be scratched.

He then needed to wear glasses or contacts, though he usually wears contacts in most cases. The kids were expelled, due to demand from Len and Rin's parents. Only a year later, he found out his parents were dead. When his uncle and family members were trying to decide where Rin should go, Len spoke out of turn, begging them to let Rin stay with him.

He didn't want her to feel alone, or like it was her fault. He loved her to much. Soon, they gave in, and sent Rin to Len's house. That's when they became close as close could be, and when they started to open up to others after their own accidents happend.

Other: He got smarter when at the boerding school, it was the only way to get Rin if he was a A student.

So begins...

Len Minozuki's Story