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"Knowledge talks but wisdom listens."

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Ramsey Andrew Bourne

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Role: Boy One
Nickname or Alias: Ram
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Appearance: Ramsey is a tall guy, with some rather impressive muscles for a swimmer. His hair is slightly longer at the back – reaching his shoulders and he pulls it up in a low ponytail. He has a tattoo across his shoulder blades – a Jimi Hendrix quote 'Knowledge Speaks but Wisdom Listens' which was his sixteenth birthday present from his brother(I couldn't find an image of the tattoo). He usually wears a tux for work as a waiter in a small restaurant or just some jeans and a hoodie. He dislikes wearing thick coats and when it snows in winter, he wears a couple of hoodies rather than a coat.

Height: 6'4
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Reddish-brown

Personality: Ramsey is a young man who doesn't have the same morals has everyone else – he doesn't believe in most things that the society does. He can be hard working when he wants to be. He dislikes people who had everything handed to them on a silver platter and secretly he is jealous of them.
He has a jealous personality, but he keeps it in most of the times. Ramsey wishes that one day those people got taught a lesson – for them to see just how difficult life could be. He does get irritated and angry easily but if his job is at stake, he controls himself very well.
In a way, his personality is like water – flowing and forever changing. He can be charismatic and charming when he feels like it, but most of the time he would rather not speak and for people to leave him alone.
Deep inside, he is ashamed of not coming from a wealthy family and that he didn't have the same things as other people have as a child but he prefers to lock that part of him away.
Ramsey loves sour things and absolutely hates spicy foods.

Likes: Rock/Metal/Punk music; designer clothes/newest gadgets (due to the fact that he only owns a few – and they are now outdated and he had to work hard to get them); horror movies; parties; cloud watching; sour and bitter foods
Dislikes: Posh, rich people; fashion models (thinks they're too thin); poverty, spicy foods

Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.
Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns.

Power: Aqua
Skills/Abilities: Ramsey was self-taught in street fighting – due to being raised in a rather rough area, he learnt how to fight from getting into fights. He is also an excellent swimmer, however that is purely recreational.
He is also skilled in lying and deception.
When it comes to his Water-Controlling abilities, Ramsey is highly skilled at it. He can control water – no matter how big and use it to create whatever he wishes. He can also change water states – liquid, gas, solid without much effort (however, the larger the area, the harder it gets).
He can control other living things, to some extent (Explained in History).
Personal History: Ramsey was born in a small post-mining village in Yorkshire, England. His family was working class, with his father working in a factory and his mother took care of the house. Most of the time they had just enough money to go by (but sometimes they could hardly do so and had to borrow money), so Ramsey learnt very early that if he wanted something, he had to work hard for it. From a very young age, he did paper rounds in the surrounding villages for the local shop, earning himself some pocket money. He was a very independent child, being the middle child of three – having an older brother and a younger sister, his mother did not have very much time to take care of everyone while doing housework.
Ramsey has attended the local primary school and later on high school – which did not have the best reputation. While he worked hard in lessons, he was only an average student, so he stopped trying sometime in Year 8 (second year of high school in England). He concentrated more on skipping school, going to parties and hanging out with friends. Ramsey was getting into fights quite often, and quickly learnt how to defend himself.
Sometime in Year 9, Ramsey started to drink alcohol, in secret from his parents and the authority. He wasn't the perfect child, he has tried smoking and drugs all before he even was thirteen. The latter two didn't become habits, as Ramsey did not really like them but he frequently got drunk on weekends with his friends.
It was at the end of Year 10 – he was 14 – when Ramsey has discovered his gift. While he was swimming at the local swimming pool, Ramsey was concentrating on trying to beat his best score at swimming laps, and he imagined the water pushing him forward while he swam. To his astonishment, he swam faster than ever and the water was actually pushing him along. Over the course of the next years, Ramsey learnt to control his gift and tried out many experiments with it.
When he was sixteen, Ramsey graduated high school but chose not to go to college. He had average grades, as he tried to get at least the passing grades from his lessons in his last year, however, he got very high marks from Physical Education. He started to work at the local music shop, while still living with his parents. He was saving up to move to America, because he wanted to start a new life there. Ramsey also gave part of what he earned to his parents, in order to help them a little since it was difficult to get by with only his dad's wage.
Just after his eighteenth birthday, Ramsey had most of the money for America saved up. His father also gave him the money from Ramsey's savings account so he had enough to go to America, to rent a small flat and some leftover for him to be able to survive a month before he finds a job. However, his mother did not believe that Ramsey was able to do it, so they got into an argument about it. His mother was about to slap him in the face when an angry Ramsey screamed for her to stop. To their shock, his mother's hand stopped and she couldn't move it. Only when he willed it for her to be able to move again, his mother's could move her hand. A couple of weeks later, Ramsey departed for America.
He arrived in New Ithaca City and found a small ,cheap one-bedroom apartment. Ramsey also quickly found a job as a waiter. He sometimes misses his old life of breaking the rules without anyone knowing and generally having fun, but he is content with what his life is currently and is glad to have achieved his dream of moving to America.
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