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Young and stupid, left wide open. Hearts are wasted, lives are broken.

a character in “We are Beyond the Sky”, as played by DarknessToDeath23

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Uruha Reita Harada

Versailles The Love From A Dead Orchestra

Boy 2
Nickname or Alias:
Uru, Harada, Rei
Japanese-Even though he does not look like it.

Standing at 6'3 and weighing around 200 pounds, Uruha is a tall and very good looking person. He has a red brownish color in his hair, that's a little messy but gets taking care of everyday. His hair is long but, it stops at his shoulder blades and it looks like he has layers in his hair at the middle of his hair but they just stick out. His hair is soft and some of it is shinny, it might look as if he doesn't do his hair but he does. His eye color is a light brown that looks yellow when he's in a light room or outside and it's sunny. Uruha skin is California Tan not that much but it has little color to it. His skin and hands are very soft, it feels like babies skin. He wears more dressy type of clothes like vest and tux's. His choice of clothes gives his look a very great taste to it.

Hair Color:
Red Brownish
Eye Color:
Light brown

Uruha is charming, kind, and calm. He can be very quiet and cold when he is either sad or in a bad mood. Uruha is lazy most of the time and plays video games all day, but when it comes to music he is full of energy and outside trying to do something with his life. He is also very creative it is the only thing he knows best which means he is brave and he loves to try new things not all the time but he will. When Uruha is happy he'll play something on his guitar-which is named Mysterious, or he'll smile a lot. But other than that he is a very good person to talk to and be a friend with. He likes to talk to people who stands out in the crowd, who stands out like he does.. Since he's.. indifferent..
His guitar
His family
Nice people
Being alone
Video games
Sunny days
Others getting hurt
Herpetophobia- Fear of reptiles or creepy, crawly things.
Iophobia- Fear of poison.
Insectophobia - Fear of insects.
Katsaridaphobia- Fear of cockroaches.
Lygophobia- Fear of darkness.

Light Manipulation
Twilight Manipulation
Energy Manipulation

Laser Emission-
Can fire power beams of energy from their body wether it be from his feet, hands, eyes or mouth
He can turn invisible or mix in with other things.
That's all he learned from discovering his powers.

Personal History:
Uruha was born into a happy wealthy family in Tokyo, Japan, now who lived in a high classed house in New Ithaca City. His father works as a FBI agent and his mother was a singer, designer and an actress. Uruha was living a normal happy life until he discovered something that would ruin it all. Uruha was arguing with his mother about him being a doctor other than a guitarist. He was full of anger and wanted to let something out something powerful. Lifting his head up uncontrollably he let out a horrifying roar and beams of light blasted out his mouth and eyes. Couple minutes later it stopped and he looked over at his mother who looked terrified, baffled and shocked. When she told his father he thought it was a joke and told her she was just seeing things. Uruha know what she saw and he felt horrible and weird. Him and his mothers relationship change after that week. They barely talk anymore and if they did it would be very uncomfortable and awkward.

A month after the incident his powers developed a whole bunch. He started to imagining things and then they would come to life. One day when getting home from school he imagined having a guitar for his birthday sitting on his bed with a bow on it, when he walked in his room it was surprised to see a guitar on his bed with the same exact bow on it. He went to ask his dad if he gave him this guitar and he said no. Uruha knew his mom disapproved of him even playing guitar and he wondered who gave it to him... It couldn't possibly pop in out of thin air.. Could it? He kept it every since that day, hiding it from his mother as possibly as he can.

A week later was more suspicious than ever, Uruha was feeling sick and felt like he was going to throw up so he ran into the bathroom and ran past the mirror. But when he was running and glanced at the mirror he realized he was invisible and slowly walked back to the mirror and was in complete shock. After a couple minutes of feeling sick it stopped and he slowly started to fade back in. He ran out of the bathroom and he removed it the next day. Surprisingly none of these strange things happened in school, not yet though.

So begins...

Uruha Reita Harada's Story