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When six teens find themselves with power to control the elements, their lives become connected as a dark force descends upon the world that seeks something unknown. . . . What could it possibly desire?

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Owner: Jakuri-chan
Game Masters: Jakuri-chan
Tags: action, air, earth, elemental control, elements, evil, fire, friendship, hope, light, original, romance, shadow, teenagers, teens, water, wind (Add Tags »)
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Strange things have been happening in New Ithaca City. . . . Six teens live within the confines of this near-suffocating metropolis, some have been here for years, others may have run-away from home, or have just moved here with their families, no matter how they got to New Ithaca, they all have one thing in common; they all have developed unusual powers over a particular element.

Each teenager either has kept the development of these powers a secret from everyone, even their parents, or have come out into the open about them. How their parents reacted was something that varied. . . . Some reacted with utter fear and shock, perhaps calling their child a monster or a demon in human flesh. Others may have been surprised but supportive of their child’s newfound, albeit bizarre, abilities and accepted them with it. . . . No matter how the youths decided to deal with their powers; keeping them concealed or telling their parents about them, one thing remains clear, the fact that they all now live in New Ithaca.

How they choose to use these powers of course, is entirely up to the person in question, some of the six may choose to use their powers for the betterment of humanity, while others might use theirs for personal gain; and some might take an entirely neutral stance, not using their powers at all.

The reasons behind the power’s surfacing is unknown entirely, yet still these powers have forever connected the lives of these six teens, soon their lives will intersect and they will meet, and the truth about what connects them may be revealed.

Though the cause behind the powers may remain utterly unknown to those whom have developed them, but there is a darker force at work here; something sinister that seeks to corrupt the teens for their own purposes. . . .

Whatever this sinister force seeks, it cannot be good, and it has to do entirely with the powers that the six youths have developed.


PM me if you have questions about the characters or plot; or if you have ideas you want to contribute to the plot. The main plot is set, but I'm open to any ideas!

I'd love to see characters outside of the Elemental Six, the more the merrier! They don't need super powers to be a part of the story.

The Elemental Six
Sunny-Anne Delacroix played by Beta Type Jakuri
Rin Minozuki played by AmiOfTheRain
Laura Victry played by Hinasil
Ramsey Andrew Bourne played by BambiSempremie
Uruha Reita Harada played by DarknessToDeath23
Thaddeus-Jude Rockwell played by Jedimaster_Dukon

The Other Protagonists
Azeal Damian played by projectdarkeden
Todd Mitchell Douglass played by MaxStokes
Len Minozuki played by AmiOfTheRain

Axelle LéClair played by Everyone, created by Beta Type Jakuri
Vincent Yataro played by Everyone, created by DarknessToDeath23
Leonid Machiavellie played by Everyone, created by MaxStokes

Ignis – Power over Fire *TAKEN*
Aqua – Power over Water *TAKEN*
Ventus – Power over Air *TAKEN*
Terra – Power over Earth *TAKEN*
Lumen – Power over Light *TAKEN*
Tenebrae – Power over Shadow *TAKEN*

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Legends & Lore

NOTE: Okay, so yeah, I managed to finish the story behind the elemental powers, things sort of delve into the world almost-mythology and into a fantasy sort of thing, almost super natural too, I guess. I have an affinity for Greco-Roman mythology and the roleplay, as well as its back-story was inspired by it.

The Elemental Six
‘Chaos and Order; both such concepts reflect the goodness and evil that lurk within the bounds of the human heart. A person is capable of both terrible and wonderful things. . . . Able to bring about order into the world, or able to disrupt the lives of those around them, indeed, the concepts of Order and Chaos are very powerful things. But you see, to humanity, those two things, those two opposites were simply that; concepts. People believed them intangible, and they only saw them as the things taking place before them, what they could witness. The concepts of good and evil; of the Chaos and Order that persisted within the human heart, no one saw it as anything more than something no one could see.

Few humans actually think about the ‘color’ of someone’s heart, about which way the scale in them is tipping.

You see, Chaos and Order, good and evil are far more than the concepts that exist within the soul. Sure, the true meanings of those concepts are things mortal men and women cannot grasp, people think of them solely as actions, the actions people carry out. . . .

But . . . what if these two conflicting concepts had been born into the world at one point? What if the forces within the human heart were strong enough to give birth to Chaos and Order incarnate? Long, long ago, in a time told of only in stories humanity now considers to simply mythology; such events did indeed transpire.

In a time when fantasy was reality, when beings known as Gods and Goddesses roamed among humans, a great and terrible war raged on for nearly one-hundred years. The first to be born was Chaos, in those times, Chaos was the force that reigned over the human heart, people panicked, many bloody battles were fought against each other, and there was little order in people’s lives.

Chaos was born from the fear, the terror, the anger, hatred, sorrow and disarray that was life, from the evil that echoed in humanity. The evil within the human heart was so strong, it gave way to a being which was the personification of something people only considered a concept.

And for countless years, darkness ruled over the world, things like love, happiness and all things good slowly began to fade away, and be forgotten as Chaos’ influence grew greater and greater. . . .

Yet, from this darkness, hope took root in humanity, the stories passed down from generation to generation of the times before Chaos’ birth gave people hope. Something to believe in, to strive for, they wished to see the Sun as their ancestors had. With that seed of hope planted in the human soul, Order soon came into being. Born from the human heart as Chaos, Order was the embodiment of all things good in the soul, things like love, joy, the will to live on. . . .

Humanity revered the birth of this new being, and light began to shine once more on the world . . . yet, the birth of Order was not something that would simply eradicate Chaos from existence. Chaos was a concept of persistence-it was something that refused to relinquish its grasp upon the world. Order and Chaos did battle.

Their war raged on and on for what seemed like forever, every battle ending in a stalemate. As Order and Chaos were both beings borne from the human heart, because of the human heart, they were matched in power. Neither one was stronger than the other, yet Order knew that should it back down from the battle, Chaos would attempt to seize control over all life once more-there had to be balance!

One after countless battles and years of war, something amazing happened. Order gained the upper hand, just for a moment, it gained an upper hand, and managed to strike a fatal blow unto Chaos and bring it down.
However, if Order had managed to strike Chaos down, why is it that disorder and concepts such as evil persist today? Well, Chaos was a being born of the human heart, as Order. Chaos could not die, no matter what sort of damage it took, Chaos could not die, like Order.

Order, knowing that Chaos would recover from the blow it had taken and resume their fighting decided upon a course of action that it intended on using to restore balance to the world. . . .

Order severed itself into six separate beings. These six beings embodied that which made the world, the elements of fire, water, earth, wind, light and shadow. It had become the beings known as Ignis, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Lumen and Tenebrae. And with great haste, the elemental six tore Chaos into six piece itself, and proceeded to seal them away.

However, the seals were not permanent. . . . Order knew this, it knew that no matter what course of action was taken with Chaos, it would not be one that would last forever. Because Order and Chaos were born from the human heart, both entities would continue to forever exist, meaning that one day the six pieces of Chaos would awaken from their seals, and emerge to once more battle Order. How long that would be though, there was no one who could say for certain, as it depended upon which way the human heart tipped.

Should humanity begin to fall toward evil, Chaos would emerge again. And yet, with Chaos asleep, the world would fall out of balance. Without Chaos, there is no Order; you cannot call Order by any name when there is not something that offsets it, which gives the concept a name to compare it against. Knowing this, and wanting to preserve the balance within the world, and give humanity a choice in whether or not they were good or evil, Order as the elemental six choose to sleep itself. Should a time ever come when Chaos would begin to stir, Order would begin to do the same.

If ever a time came when Chaos awoke from its slumbering, Order too would awaken, and prepare to battle Chaos again to preserve the balance of the world.

From the time of Order and Chaos’ slumber, thousands of years would pass by. . . .

Neither of the two had been disturbed from their slumbering, until now, the six pieces of Chaos have begun to stir, breaking free of their seals and preparing for the inevitable battles to come. And as it was said when Order sealed itself away; the elemental six themselves had since awoken, choosing for themselves vessels whom they would use to fend off Chaos.

They have come to possess the souls of six young humans who are unaware of the roles they now play in the Destiny of the world. . . .’


1. As far as posting length goes, I'm not a freak about this, but I'll ask that you post at least a paragraph? Please?

2. No godmodding! It's not fair to the other players.

3. Feel free to post as often as you want, but I'll ask that you post a minimum of once per five days. If you can't post for that amount of time, please notify me in the OoC thread. If you vanish on us without notification for longer than five days, your character will be rendered as an NPC, where the remaining players may assume control of them. Nothing personal, I've just seen too many roleplays die as a result of inactive players. One character gets stuck where they are and if another character is interacting with them, then they are stuck also. It just creates this whole gridlock effect. . . .

If you return, I'll give you back complete control of your character.

4. Romance is encouraged, but if things get hot and heavy beyond that of what you would see on regular television, I'll ask that you please take it to the PMs.

5. Violence and gore do not bother me, but lets all leave it at a level that won't leave anyone mentally scarred, okay?

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Setting: Avalon2011-11-30 02:16:01, as written by Jakuri-chan
Sunny squeaked and jumped back a bit when she saw Len sitting quietly on the couch; she hadn’t expected him to just be sitting there? Had he even gotten anything to eat? It wasn’t as if Sunny herself was one to talk, she herself had not gotten anything for breakfast, well, not yet anyway. "You should know, Rin is actually really rude, bothersome, annoying, dense, stubborn, and someone who enjoys hitting others.” She heard him say. A smile was brought to her lips at hearing Len go on about his sister, the bonds between siblings. There was nothing like it in the world, though Sunny herself couldn’t know a bond like that. She was an only child after all; well, as far as she knew. . . . She had not had any contact with her parents in three years. . . . .

There's only very few she'll be super nice too. Like you and me, though she snaps on me a lot. She must really like you Sunny!" Len finished. Sunny was happy to hear something like that, Rin, no matter what Len had said about her, seemed like a nice girl, and Sunny was glad that it seemed like Rin liked her. It . . . it would be nice to have a few friends about her age, and it would be especially wonderful if one of those friends were a girl. Since Rin was an element user like herself, Sunny could finally have a friend she could act like, well, a girl with. Even if Rin wasn’t exactly girly and into the same things she was into, it would still be nice to just have someone around!

And Len accepted his sister as she was, no questions asked. She was happy to see that since it meant another friend. Now, I just wonder where that shadow charmer is. Sunny thought with a sigh, looking down at her feet. Rin had taken off into the rainy skies alone the previous night, for whatever reason, after the whole incident with Mitch, Jude and the light-user, Sunny didn’t know where she might be. With how close she and Len seemed to be, Sunny was sure they would have had some form of contact in that time frame. . . .

Wait a second, Jude. . . . Sunny thought, a bit of a light bulb going off in the teenager’s head, looking up. He was the air user who had royally ticked Mitch off last night, he seemed like a know it all and a bit of an arrogant prick, but before he’d vanished out of the window he had said something that made Sunny think a little bit different of him, and he had also said, ‘You will know how to contact me.’

Sunny wasn’t sure what he had meant when he’d said that; did he mean e-mail? Mailbox? Phone. . . ? But he had made certain she could contact him some way. Just Len and I wandering around New Ithaca on our own, looking for one girl, sheesh, we’d never find her on our own! Sunny thought, shaking her head with a sigh, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall. Jude seemed . . . he seemed to know so much about me and Rin, maybe if I could contact him, then he could help us. she looked up and at Len who was standing in the doorway, I don’t know if Len would appreciate the idea, but it might get his sister back to us quicker.

Deciding to risk it, Sunny swallowed hard and spoke up, “Um, h-hey Len. You remember that guy from last night, Jude? Though, I guess it would be hard to forget a guy who wandered in through a window. . . .” she rambled on before shaking her head, “Anyway, he said something about me being able to contact him, and he seemed to know an awful lot about the lot of us, I was thinking that maybe if I could find out how to contact him, maybe he could help you and I track Rin down.”

“I-I’m going to check my mailbox,” she said nervously before Len could say anything to her, slipping by the thin boy and darting down the steps until she got to the entrance way of her building. I hope he doesn’t get upset with me for suggesting this. . . . she thought, opening her door and going over to her mailbox. She took her keycard out and slid it into the box; though the actual thing had a slot for mail to go into, to unlock it you had to slide a keycard into a pad and wait for verification. When she was able to open it, she did so; several articles of junk mail falling out of the box and at her feet. Sunny groaned in annoyance, stooping down to gather the pieces of junk she noticed something that was out of place on the pavement; a handwritten note with rather fancy handwriting.

Urgent. Must talk. I know your secret fire charmer. 415-919-6789.

Sunny’s eyelids lowered a bit and she groaned, Yeah, that’s definitely Jude. . . . she thought, shaking her head as she came back up the steps, to her place so she could get on the phone and give him call.

Walking back into her living room with the mail, and note in hand, she looked at Len and held the paper up for show, “Yeah, the air-user did indeed leave a way for me to contact him . . . though I don’t appreciate him calling me a fire charmer.” She said, grabbing hold of the phone that was locked onto her wall, dialling the number on the paper.

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Setting: Xibalba2011-11-30 03:46:09, as written by MaxStokes
Todd Mitchell Douglass

Mitch made his way quickly through the concrete jungle he had called home his whole life. He jogged through back alleys, vaulted over trash cans, hopped fences, and even cut through an apartment building or two. Xibalba may have been a bad scene, but it was home and Mitch knew it like the back side of his hand. On his way there he wondered what was so special about this delivery. Well whatever it is, four grand! I can buy a dirt bike or somethin’ with that kind of cash! How awesome would THAT be! Mitch had a wide grin on his face as he jogged down the sidewalk. He dodged past an old woman with groceries who got a little frazzled by the close call. “Damn it, Mitch!” He knew he was getting close to where his uncle Rick lived. “Sorry Miss Routan!” He called back as he continued jogging away.

A minute or so later he was out in front of his uncle’s apartment door. He was slightly more out of breath than normal, probably because of the cold. He knocked twice. “What’s the password?” A voice called from the inside. Uncle Rick, always with the password. “Come on uncle Rick, it’s me, Mitch.” He said, catching his breath a little. “I said, what’s the password?” The voice called again, this time closer to the door. This joke is seriously getting old. Mitch sighed. “Fuck the police…..” He stated a little dryly. The door flew open. “That’s my Mitchy!” Mitch was grabbed on the shoulders and pulled in by a rather tall, yet skinny man with black hair and a goatee. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties and was wearing a white suit with a blue silk button up undershirt. “How’s my favorite nephew?” He said as he led Mitch inside and ruffled his hair. “Still wearing that crazy skeleton hoodie I see, when you gunna grow up and get some fancy duds like a real player?” Mitch broke free and fixed his hair. “What like you?” The man grinned. “Oh, that’s cold Mitchy, how can you be like that to your favorite uncle?” Mitch finished fixing his hair. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, what’s this delivery? I remember on the phone you said I’d make five grand?” Then man grinned at his nephew and walked over to the table in the middle of the rather furnished apartment.

After waving for the kid to sit down, he pulled himself a chair. “Good try Mitchy, but we both know it was four grand.” He pulled a cigarette out of his coat pocket and lit it. “Well what’s the deal then?” Mitch asked anxiously. “Well…” Rick took a puff of his cigarette. “…this ones actually really important Mitchy. Not even I know all the details. What I do know is that this needs to happen, right. No screw ups. You can handle it right?” Mitch grinned. “Oh, my favorite uncle Rick. If you didn’t know I could handle it, you wouldn’t have called me in the first place.” He said, mocking his uncle a little. The man let out a little laugh then got up and retrieved something from the other room. When he got back his face was quite serious “Alright then, here’s the package.” He laid a black briefcase flat on the table. Mitch looked at the case. It was plain, nearly all black, and probably phony leather. However the most distinguishing feature was the golden lock on the side. “What is it?” Mitch asked absentmindedly. “It’s a briefcase, what’s it look like Mitchy? Don’t ask what’s inside it, I don’t even know.” He’s acting kinda’ weird about this one. Four grand. Well, uncle Rick wouldn’t give me anything he didn’t think I could handle.

Rick sat back down, he had finished his cigarette and he mashed it into an ashtray that was sitting near the edge of the table. “Alright Mitchy, here’s the job. You know the mall near the south end of Avalon?” Rick paused. “Yeah, the one near that big billboard advertising for deep see fishing out of Pacifica Beach?” Rick nodded. “Yeah. This briefcase needs to be under the bench closest to the north entrance at eleven fifty five on the dot. No sooner, no later.” “Why not twelve?” Rick frowned. “I don’t know Mitchy! I told ya‘, I really don’t know a lot of the details on this one.” Mitch leaned back in the chair. “Damn, sorry. Just makes more sense to me to have it at twelve.” Rick scratched his head. “Well, it doesn’t matter. It just has to be there at eleven fifty five exactly, ok?” Mitch answered. “Yeah I got it.” Rick frowned. “You sure?” Mitch leaned forward. “I told ya’, I got it. I, got, it.” Rick nodded. “Ok, sorry Mitchy. It’s just this is really important.” “Yeah, you already said that. I know.” Rick dug into his pocket. “Well just make sure you stick to the time on this watch.” He handed Mitch a cheap looking digital watch. Mitch put it on. “Ok…”

Rick leaned back. “Got all that?” Mitch grinned. “Yea, eleven fifty five, south Avalon mall, under the bench at the north entrance.” Mitch looked his uncle in the eyes. Ok, now for business. Just like you always taught me. “ Now, what about payment. Just like normal, right? Half now, half after?” Rick laughed. “Ha, yeah right. You want me to give you two thousand dollars just like that? No, all after.” A little bluff…. Mitch started to take off the watch. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to find somebody else….” Rick laughed louder. “That’s my nephew!” He held up his hands. “Ok, ok stop. How about this?” He got up and went over to a small safe that was sitting on a shelf. Grabbing a couple of rolls of money, he tossed them to Mitch. “There’s four hundred. That’s what you get paid for a normal delivery. The rest comes after, when you come back.” Mitch held the rolls up and looked them over, …I knew he was good for it… then grinned. “Yeah, alright, I guess this’ll do.”

Rick grinned at his nephew. “And on top of that. After you do this job, I think you might be ready to meet some of my friends from up town.” Mitch looked over at Rick excitedly. “You mean I could join the Machiavellies?!” Finally! Hell Yeah! Next stop, a badass supersport bike and a duplex on the upper side of town! Rick raised an eyebrow at his nephew. “How bout we see if they like you first?” Mitch grinned. “Come on uncle Rick if they are able to put up with you, how could they possibly not like me?” Rick rushed over to his nephew gave him a few playful boxing slaps. “Ha! Cut it out!” Mitch laughed, trying defend and retaliate against his uncle. After a couple of seconds, Rick helped Mitch up out of the chair. “Alright, you best get going.” He glanced at the watch on the boy’s wrist. “It’s almost nine forty. Best to get up there before the drop off time.” Mitch grabbed the briefcase and started towards the door. “No worries, I got this easy.”

Mitch knew he would have plenty of time to make it to south Avalon from here, even on foot. Rick called out to him as he was walking down the hallway. “No busses or cabs! Like always!” Mitch turned back calling out. “Do I ever?!” I figured he woulda’ realized by now that I hate cars… Then he continued down the stairs. He made his way onto the street. Rick opened a window and called out. “And call me right after it’s done! Ok?!” Mitch waved over his back and started down the street at brisk walking pace. Four grand and an invitation to the Machiavellies, here I come!

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Len yawned, scratching his head as he leaned agaisnt a wall. "Um, h-hey Len. You remember that guy from last night, Jude? Though, I guess it would be hard to forget a guy who wandered in through a window. . ." Len rose a eyebrow at Sunny as she said this. "Mhm. Seemed like a good guy atleast." Len said, tilting his head at Sunny as she went on. Anyway, he said something about me being able to contact him, and he seemed to know an awful lot about the lot of us, I was thinking that maybe if I could find out how to contact him, maybe he could help you and I track Rin down.” She finished, but Len only sighed and nodded. He didn't really care, yet he didn't want to.

(Sorry, still editing, I'm sorta hiding while typing and need to go. Sorry about taking so long. Saying F you to a teach doesn't make em happy though.)

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Todd Mitchell Douglass

Mitch brought his arm up to look at the watch that now adorned his watch, it was ten forty-seven. Letting his hand fall to his side, he looked back to the street he was walking down. There were people everywhere, but that was regular for this part of Avalon, especially during the day. He was about three fourth’s of the way to his destination at south Avalon mall. He looked down at the black briefcase he was carrying. He grinned in realization that he was getting close to completing this delivery. All during the walk he had been wondering what he was going spend his new found cash surplus on and again his thoughts slipped to the decision. However, this distracted him from the cab that was letting out slightly down the street from him.

A hurried woman stepped out, she was late for a job interview and her head could not be farther from where she was. As she stepped out, she nearly forgot to pay the cabbie. After handing over a few dollars and frantically asking the man to keep the change, she spun around and began walking to the nearest building. This just happened to be when Mitch was walking by, as they collided they were both knocked to the ground. The woman dropped her purse and its contents scattered across the sidewalk. Mitch however, held firmly to the suitcase. “Hey what’s your problem buddy?!” Mitch asked angrily while he rubbed his head. “Oh, no! I’m sorry!” Mitch looked up to see the woman. “Uh, no problem..” he replied. The woman looked at her watch. “Ah! I need to go!” She exclaimed, grabbing for her purse’s contents. Which had spilled across the sidewalk. “Uh, here, let me help you.” Mitch said as he grabbed a few of the items and handed them to her. Though he was little help with just one hand.

The woman quickly finished stuffing the items back in her purse and got up. “Thank you.” She said swiftly before walking quickly off in the direction that Mitch had come from. Wonder why she’s in such a hurry? Mitch though as he watched her scamper away. Then he noticed a small glint at his feet. He pick it up looking at it, then called after her. “Uh, miss you forgot your lip…” Mitch noticed something strange as he trailed off. There was a black SUV a few cars back that was parked next to the curb. The windows were tinted so he couldn’t see inside, but he got a bad feeling when he looked at it. He turned around, dropping the tube of lipstick and continued walking down the street. Why did I get that feeling… He wondered as he walked down the street, now a little more swiftly and paying attention to his surroundings. He wracked his brain, trying to make sense of the feeling.

Wait a sec…. I’ve seen that SUV before! A few blocks back! He suddenly realized. Is it following me?! He glanced back behind him and sure enough, there it was. Although this time it was driving. Shit, shit! This is just what I need! He looked back to the street in front of him. Ok, ok, Mitch. Play it cool. It’s probably just a coincidence. He glanced down at the briefcase in his left hand. Yeah right. Ok, you gotta loose ‘em. But how? If you bolt now, you’ll never make it. They’ve got a car. He looked around, searching for an out. None of the alleyways looked promising. He kept walking. Think Mitch, think! What can you do?! He came to an intersection and looked right. Yes! Lucky! There was construction on the street to the right, and traffic was being obstructed and backed up. He turned an began to walk down that street. Ha, now losing ‘em will be a breeze! He started jogging a little and glanced back. Alright!……oh crap…. The Black SUV was stopped in the traffic behind him, but then he saw the doors open and men in black suits and sunglasses get out. You’ve gotta’ be kidding me! Those guys look straight out of spy movie! He turned his head back to his front and started in a dead out sprint. The men also started running.

Mitch dodged around people as he sprinted down the street. He glanced back, the men weren’t far behind. Crap this ain’t workin’. He darted into an alleyway. As he ran through it he spotted a fence a little ways down, but it wasn’t going to stop him. He jumped on a nearby trashcan and then off a side wall, vaulting over the fence. Rolling out of the landing, he got up and started to run again. Ug, wha…. Suddenly, Mitch found it hard to breath and his legs felt really tired. Damn, of all the days to have a cold. He looked back to see the two men climbing the other side of the fence. Shit…. I’m not gonna’ be able to out run them… Mitch glanced around quickly and spotted a fire escape. That’ll have to do. He jogged over to it and began climbing.

When he got to the top of the building he jogged to the center looking around. “Wha, what the hell! What kind of shitty building is this!?” Save for a few air condition units, the roof was barren. No roof access. Shit, I’m so fucked! He glanced down at the suitcase he was clinging desperately to. Then he heard one of the men begin climbing up onto the roof. He rushed to the other side, peering over. You’ve gotta’ be kidding me! There was a building next to the one he was on, but it was a one story less and there was what looked like a seven or so foot gap between them which went all the way down to another alley. He glanced back to the other side of the building. The one man had just finished getting up onto it and started walking toward him. Mitch glanced at the other building, then gulped. I’m gunna die! He took a few steps toward back from the edge. Spring off the edge, roll when you hit, spring of the edge, roll when you hit…. He sprinted for the edge. Everything sped up for an instant, then he was in the air. He felt like he was flying. Then his feet hit and he rolled a few times before coming to a rest.

He was lying on his back. He brought his hands to his chest and searched across franticly. Then he sat up. “Ha…..ha….ha…ahaha!” he laughed uncontrollably. “I’M ALIVE!” he got up quickly and looked back at the edge of the other building. The man was standing there staring down at him. Mitch grinned “HA! TAKE THAT YOU SPOOK LOOKIN’ MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU CAN’T CATCH ME! I’M TOO AWESOME!” He cupped his hands at his mouth as he yelled at the man. The other man reach the edge and they glanced at each other, frowning. Then one reached for something in his suit. HOLYSHIT! Mitch grabbed the case and scampered to the other side of his roof and down it’s fire escape. By the time the man retrieved the camera and brought it up to take a picture of the boy they were pursuing, he barley had time to see him slip off the roof. Then the other one called in on the radio, but they both knew it would be no use.

On the ground, Mitch had made it a few blocks away before he glanced at his surroundings. Crap, I’m further away now! He glanced down at his watch. It was eleven. Ok, I still have plenty of time. But damn, who were those guys? The obviously wanted the suitcase, but they didn’t look like thugs. Or even regular police…..what’s in this thing? Mitch glanced down at the case again, now it seemed even more ominous. Ok, four grand and an invitation to the Machiavellies. Just get it done and you‘re gunna move up in the world, just like you‘ve been planning. Mitch hurried off toward south Avalon mall, making sure to stick to the back allies and side streets.

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