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Apocalypse it may be called, but maybe not. World it is in which you try to survive, how will it go is up to you. Dead roam as if alive, infection awaiting your smallest mistake. One wrong move and you may just end up like the rest...dead or worse.

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Character Portrait: Lucy Quinn

Character Portrait: Malcom Torrance

Scientist who looked for a cure before his lab was overrun and partners were killed.

Character Portrait: Thomas Lionel Hawkins

Thomas is very protective, whenever someone he knows or someone he's close to get's hurt,s he feels very extremely guilty, He also has some anger issues so sometimes lashes out at people, His main weapon is a baseball bat and his height is 6'1,

Character Portrait: König Von Krieges

Generally lacks empathy and will almost unconditionally not care, if he enjoys them he will use them, constantly looking for ways to restore government.

Character Portrait: Kobe


Character Portrait: Zara

Seemingly cold, yet in reality caring person.

Character Portrait: Adyson

Character Portrait: Ayden