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How Dogs became man's best friend

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The great illness began 10 years ago, when a group of stray cats had been exposed to a strange material, soon after the began to mutate and gained the ability to walk on two legs and began to become more hideous. The humans however saw them roaming the streets breeding with others like them and they seemed docile enough so they picked them up and took them home. Days later every human that had taken those cats home with them had grown ill, it started as a low grade fever and built it's way up to nausia, vomiting, and sometimes progressed into worse things such as cancer. Scientists grew curious as to why only the humans that had taken these cats with them had gotten sick so they took one of the cats and examined their DNA. As it turned out the cats had spores from a very deadly plant called the Dragon's blood plant stuck to their fur and any creature that had gotten those spores into their airways or blood streams was infected with a deadly virus.

The cats were eventually quarentined and kept for further research. Soon after their containment, the humans had decided to give that species the name Vallican. The Vellicans however were cunning and escaped from their quarentined zone to spread more of the disease around. Now almost every human has the illness, those who don't are moved to safe zones to ensure they remain healthy. All hope began to seem lost until a doctor Frank adams had discovered a plant that would counter the effects of the dragon's blood spores and heal the people who had become ill. The only problems are that no human is well enough to go, and the plant is far off in wolf territory it would take at least a month to get it.

Fortunately a young German Shepard by the name of Akira stepped forward, her human girl Jessica had become deathly ill and she was hanging on by barely a thread of life. Akira loved Jessica like she was her own pup and wanted to find the plant to save her child even if it meant she would die. Upon hearing these moving words other dogs decided to go with her their hearts filled with hope for their human companions, they knew that they could do it, that they could save their humans. So, Dr. Adams gave Akira some supplies and a radio to contact her in case there are any break throughs with the sick humans still in town while she and the other dogs went off on their journey to save their friends, confident that they would succeed. However, the Vellican threat still exists and they are growing much more powerful and vengeful each and every day, and they plan to get rid of the dogs before they can get the plant.

species:(dog,wolf, or vellican yes the vellicans can help the dogs if they really want to but few will be trusted you have to prove yourself first.)
breed:(if a vellican just put tabby, bengal, norwegien blue etc you know normal cat breeds)
appearance:(vellicans often have strang appearances feel free to use odd pelt colors, dogs as well just nothing too wild.)


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Brave german shepard with a warm loving heart

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