We Will Never Surrender

We Will Never Surrender

A somewhat bleak alternate history where WWII was never brought to a close. Instead the war spread and consumed Europe, locking the continent in a never ending conflict, of blood, mud, brass, and trenches.

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World War II. The second war to end all wars. Germany's back, and this time it's personal. They have Japan on their side, all is well. The war progresses. Then it stops. Then it starts. Back and forth, the front being pushed around, mangled, tangled, and wrangled. Countries are taken over, reclaimed, renamed, changed. And it just keeps going with no end in sight. All the factions have their own reasons to be there, and none of them are playing nice.

By this point in time there are no Axis and Allies, no heroes and Nazi's. The Germans rose up and Hitler was put to the firing squad, but many factions remain, Nazis and rebels alike. The UN has ceased to exist, it's every country for themselves. The USSR is claiming as much land as it can. The USA is just trying to get it's people home and make a buck doing it. Japan. Well, no ones really sure what Japan's doing.

Who are you in this giant FUBRed chess game? A soldier, just trying to get home. A true believer, a zealot willing to die for czar and country? A civilian, trying to survive in this hellish war-torn land you once called home? Tell the stories of these people lives and, yes, maybe their deaths as well.

Welcome to: We Will Never Surrender.

Now to the fun part. I'm new here so please, if I did anything wrong with my setup, presentation, story, etc. please tell me and I'll do all I can to fix it.

So, how I envision this is the world is still turning, new inventions are still being made, weapons, vehicles, clothing, you name it, so you can easily set up a scene where you have a battle hardened veteran in old handmedown dough-boy dress, carrying an M1 next to a scarred new guy in digital fatigues with a scar-H. If you want to, throw in that they took Einstein's nuclear formula, and made power cells out of it. Winston Churchill's been made immortal and is now the god king of Britain. Hitler's back, and now he's a cyborg bent on world destruction instead of domination. Aliens have prolonged the conflict for their own entertainment. The sky's the limit, and I really won't call you out on anything short of "i pull this pin, and everyone else on the field dies." That tests my suspension of disbelief.

As for a story-line, I don't have one in mind at the moment, more of a make it up as we go along. Feel free to make your own thread inside of it, take it over, delete it whatever. I'm more just throwing this idea out there and see if it gets any catch.

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