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Nice but naughty and a heart that's pure

ImageImageFull Name: Esther Emily Jennette Laar

Nickname: Heron(government name, dislikes) Laar(close friends ONLY)

Age: 22, January 19, Capricorn, Junior

Gender:Female, heterosexual

Occupation: Student/Artist

Major and Minor: Art major, history minor

Member of the Club?: Yes, doesn't like it that much though.

haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?

ImageAppearance: Blond, average height, and often seen in paint smudged clothing. A few tattoos on her arms are often hidden by her sleeves, and she loves wearing white clothing, because of the way the paint looks on it when she spills it. Her eyes are a darker grey-ish blue, and she loves wearing tall rubber boots. She has a few scars on her knees, from multiple childhood accidents, which she remembers fondly.

an artist should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable

Personality:A true artist at heart, Esther believes that almost anything is possible. While she doesn't always trust everyone, she is a good friend to have, if you stick with her. As a child, Esther was very happy-go-lucky, but has since lost that attitude since coming to college to study art, which she has always had a passion for.

Esther lost her trusting naive self around the beginning of the school year, and her parents were having a hard time figuring out why. She's grown more quiet as the years went on, and more pessimistic. Painting the future takes its toll, as with all the bad things Esther paints, she remembers that, sometimes, they come true. And part of that scares her.

Esther has no trust for anyone anymore. She believes that some people will try to use her, or try to use her power for something with a negative outcome. She's outspoken about her many beliefs, and part of her wants to reveal the club to the outside world. She's not sure of the response, but she thinks it might be something like the Angelica incident, only with many more reasons behind it, and a whole lot more press coverage.

Although Esther has been on the verge of doing something some would call 'stupid' and others would call 'brave', and still others would call 'stupidly brave' for about 2 years, she tries not to show it in her everyday life, for fear that the club would find out and convince her out of doing so. She doesn't care about being called a freak by the 'normal' population, and often goes out of her way to do things 'freakishly'.

welcome to my life

ImageImageLikes:painting, most forms of art, charcoals, newspapers, real books, climbing trees, nature, sketching, raindrops on her window while its cold outside, and she's got a fire going, her mom, smiles, meeting new members of the club, making plans that she'll probably never use because she'll never get the chance to, and hot cocoa with marshmallows and nutmeg.

Dislikes: E-books, coffee, Earl Grey tea, the people who call her 'freak', 'weirdo' and all of those names that she can use for them, following people blindly, not having a choice, restricted freedom, not being able to talk, thunder, fire, cooking for herself that doesn't involve instant noodles, Apple products, drawing on computers,

strange things did happen here no stranger would it be

ImageImageDreams: Esther would absolutely love to be her own person, not part of any club, and live in a world where people with abilities can live out in the open, just like all the 'normals'. She wants to have her own art place, and to not have to paint the future.

Fears:Esther fears that her dream of a better future will never happen, that she'll have to live in secret and in fear for the rest of her life, that she'll have to paint all these awful things happening to people around the world, and that, as people keep coming to 'the club', they'll all overwhelm her with requests for their futures told, and things like that.

I can hear the infinite quiet

History: As a child, around the age of 4, Esther was found to be very gifted with art. She loved it, and with small markers usually used for bad drawings of houses or families, she drew things she saw around her, like trees, and things she saw on the news while her mother thought she was asleep, like housefires. Her parents were very shocked when they saw the detail of her drawings.

Flash forward through elementary school, and Esther is using her gift even when she's not supposed to be, drawing pictures of the teacher in a few years(deemed as 'unflattering' and 'frankly, quite rude'), and telling the girls in her class that the people they marry are extremely ugly. But she's also using it for good, to draw pictures of grandchildren for the old peoples' home that her father manages, grandchildren that they'll never see, but at least they enjoy Esther's 'imagination'.

Next is middle and high school. Esther was less obvious with her talent, thinking about all the movies she'd seen and books she'd read about government experiments on people like her, and not wanting to be experimented on. She still got relatively high grades, and performed well in her middle and high school art classes. But she never said anything about her gift, and didn't want anyone to find out about it either. This is around the time where she become less and less trusting of other people.

College was the time where Esther thought she could be herself. Then she got 'invited' to the club. And this whole mess began.

the sound of silence

ImageDialogue: #A005FF
Thought: #D496FA
Face Claim: Maddie Hasson
Time Zone: PST
Created By:GuardianOmega
Skeleton By: The Writer's Voice

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