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Yuuki Kobayoshi




With Yuuki, don't judge a book by it's cover means a lot more than it does with most people. Despite her outward appearance, she is actually a decent person.
Her personality is hard to describe, and pinpoint. She's like any teenager, her attitude towards things has ups and downs, but despite that, she's actually quite quiet at times, and rather intelligent.
Yuuki tends to stay quiet, and watch situations through, with calculating eyes. She likes to gather information on things, or people before she lets herself get involved with them. She may look a bit blank and bored on the outside, but she's actually sorting through the things she's seeing, almost like a detective, trying to figure out who she can trust, and how to handle things. So, she's more of an observer, rarely taking sides other than her own, unless she feels a need to step in or do something, so Yuuki's very neutral. Because of her "information gathering", she's very good at handling tough situations, and is almost always calm during them. She likes helping people through difficult things, or just helping people in general.
Yuuki is strong willed and stubborn, she stands up for what she thinks is right, because she thinks that what she thinks is final. She likes to argue with people until they see things her way, because to her, her way is the right way.
Despite that, Yuuki's actually a good person. Her outward appearance may seem bored, and maybe a bit "punkish", like she bites the heads off of barbie dolls or something, but she's actually rather open-minded, as well. She is calm and personable, with courtesy superior to most. She's one of the few people with the patience to make friends with almost any type of person.
She's open to romance, but it's not really something she's been exposed to, so she doesn't really understand "flirting" or "mushy, sappy" things.

Brief Description
Yuuki has a hard appearance. She's not often showing much of any emotion when she watches things, so people usually get the wrong impression, like shes a druggie or something, and usually back off before they can get to know her. If you can look past the first layer of "Yuuki", you'll find that she's more of an open book.
She has short, choppy pitch black hair, like her fathers, and she has her mother's gray eyes. She rarely shows emotion on her face, but when she does, she has small, cute features, and a constant light blush on her otherwise pale face. She has very sensitive skin that doesn't tan, only burns, and it bruises like a peach. She's a bit on the taller side, topping at about 5' 11', and she's 115 lbs. Yuuki wears outfits much like the one in the picture.

:) Outdoors
:) Making friends
:) Food
:) Intelligent people
:) Learning
:) Cooking
:) Animals
:) Reading
:) Snow

:( Loud noises
:( Fire
:( Bullies
:( Burnt food
:( Storms
:( Pessimists

Yuuki is terrified of fire.

Yuuki led a normal, quiet life in Japan. She has 2 younger sisters and a younger brother with a single mother. She was the oldest sibling, and often neglected by her mother, who spent all of her time caring for Yuuki's siblings. Because she lacked the attention of her family, she feels the need to give others affection so that they don't feel neglected like she did at a young age.
Her fear of storms and fire originates from when she was little, lightning struck a tree next to her house, the flames from the tree spread to her house and her home burned down. Not only did she receive burns all over her back (that can still be seen today), but, the family didn't have money to buy a new house, so her father straight up left her mother to find someone with more money, leaving her mother to find work and figure out on her own what to do. Yuuki was the only one who had been injured that day, and she'll never forget the smell and feel of her own skin burning...



Wondering~ Good Charlotte
If you want me to wait
I will wait for you
If you tell me to stay
I will stay right through
If you don't wanna say
Anything at all
I'm happy wondering

Yeah, yeah!

Since I was a young man
I never was a fun man
I never had a plan and no security
Then ever since I met you
I never could forget you
I only wanna get you right here next to me

Cause everybody
Needs someone that they can trust and
You're somebody
That I found just in time

If you want me to wait
I will wait for you
If you tell me to stay
I would stay right through
If you don't wanna say
Anything at all
I'm happy wondering

Now my life is changing
It's always rearranging
It's always getting stranger than I thought it ever could
Ever since I found you
I wanna be around you
I wanna get down to the point that I need you

Cause everybody
Needs someone that they can trust and
You're somebody
That I found just in time

If you want me to wait
I will wait for you
If you tell me to stay
I would stay right through
If you don't wanna say
Anything at all
I'm happy wondering

Yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah!

Don't tell me the bad news
Don't tell me anything at all
Just tell me that you need me
And stay right here with me

If you want me to wait
I will wait for you
If you tell me to stay
I would stay right through
If you don't wanna say
Anything at all
I'm happy wondering

If you want me to wait
I will wait for you
If you tell me to stay
I would stay right through
If you don't wanna say
Anything at all
I'm happy wondering


Yuuki Kobayoshi

1.) Tell us, how old are you? What sex are you? When were you born?
Well, I'm 17 years old, obviously female, I've got proof if you want it, and I was born on January 14.

2.) Tell us, what do you Like?
What do I like? That's a pretty vague question don't you think? I guess I'll list the things I like the most. I like observations. I like watching people to learn more about them, they might think it's creepy, but I don't find it creepy at all, it's the same thing as watching cookies rise in the oven, or watching a butterfly fly, I'm just gathering information. I like to swim, and play the flute. I like writing stories, and I like making friends. Must I go on, or is that answer sufficient?

3.) What kind of person are you interested in?
What kind of quiz is this? Okay, I guess I'm interested in someone who's interested in me. I'd like someone intelligent. He doesn't have to be a genius, but I'd rather not loose half my brain cells just by looking at him, you know? I don't want someone perfect, I want someone with quirks, because then he'd be able to cope with mine. I don't want some one arrogant, either, or some sex obsessed pig, god, I hate those bastards.

4.) What does 'Love' mean to you?
This is going to sound so sappy... no one else is going to see this, right? Fine. Love is like, looking into his eyes and feeling a warmth spread through your body.
It's knowing that there's someone in the world that doesn't have to love you, but does anyway. And also, knowing that there's someone who would die for you and knowing you'd do the same for them.

5.) What is your love personality?
I don't know. I haven't really been exposed to love other than the type that you read in books. I guess I'd be a more physical lover, more hugs, kisses, sex, less poems, "I love you"'s and all that sappy crap. It's just not me.

6.) Is your glass Half Full, or Half Empty?
Do you mean my view of life, or other people? My view of other people would be half empty I guess. I don't trust easy, I'm more of the "guilty until proven innocent" type of person, that's why I watch people so much. But, if I get to know someone, I'm a half full kind of girl.
My view of life is half full, I guess, I figure, I'm a smart girl, why not appreciate life and what it has to offer for people like me?

7.) Tell me, what kind of Soulmate may upset you if you got?
Like I said before, don't give me an idiot, Mr. Perfect, or Mr. Let's have sex every night until we die and then keep doing it in the afterlife, too.

8.) How sexually active are you?
I'm 17 years old, what do you expect? Not that I've had it much, like once or twice, but I'm not a virgin.

9.) What are places you like, or scenery?
I like the outdoors, period. But, I guess if I had to pick, somewhere with water, like the beach or a lake, or rivers or something. I really like swimming, so anywhere with water is a good place for me. But, I also do like cities, the lights can be pretty gorgeous.

10.) What did you want to be when you were little? What do you want to be now? Why?
When I was little, I actually wanted to be a firefighter. Weird for a little girl, don't you think? It was probably because my neighbor was a firefighter, he was pretty cool.
Now, because of obvious reasons, firefighting isn't exactly my cup of tea. I'd like to be a Psychologist or a Therapist, helping people with their problems would be nice, and I wouldn't mind the observation included in it, it would be a good thing for my abilities.

11.) What are your favorite bands? Favorite songs? Any Genres?
I'm not very big on music, but I do like under appreciated rock bands, metal, etc.

12.) How do you spend free time?
I like to read and write stories. Obviously, I don't mind standing at the sidelines of a game or something and watching people's tactics. Then I like to jump in and play for a bit, because if you know how they play, you know how to take them down, too.

13.) Do you read? What is your favorite book?
I've read lots of books, how am I supposed to keep track of favorites?

14.) Who was the last person you dated?
The last person I dated was an idiot who didn't appreciate me like he should have. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say, he was more interested in getting in my pants than me.

15.) How would you describe yourself?
Observant, kind, smart. But people don't understand me, they think that just because I look like a punk, that I'm some sort of emo druggie or something, so I guess, misunderstood, too.

16.) Where would your dream date take place? Why?
On the beach in winter. I've never been to a beach in winter, but I bet it's beautiful.

17.) What is your Spirit animal?
You are a Hawk: Hawks are the messengers of the Spirits. Adept with language, you might be a writer or a teacher. Your ability to assess situations impartially means that people often seek your guidance before making decisions. A brilliant visionary, you sometimes forget the mundane details of life like eating, sleeping, or paying bills.

18.) Is there anyone you've got your eye on? *wink* Why?
No. I'll save my heart for my soul mate.

19.) Can you tell us secret you never told anyone?
I know that my dad had another wife, even before he left, but that's all I know.

20.) What are the lyrics to the song that describes you best?
Friend Like That~ I like it simple and
I'm not a Superman
I never said that I was more than that
I'm not a wanna be
I'm who I want to be
And I intend to be
How you created me
I... I need somebody on the inside
I... I want somebody who can set me free
I'm not The only one who feels like this
I've got a few others around me
Hey let me hear you say
Make some noise if you feel this way
Hey if you've got a friend like that
Hey let's scream and shout
If you know what I'm talking about
Anybody got a friend like that
I once was little and
I always had a plan
You thought my friendliness
Was just an act (hey)
I'll be your friend indeed
And you can count on me
And I can guarantee
Your friend I'll always be
Does anyone out there feel alone?
Can anyone hear me (woh, woh)?
Down and out your heart is cold
It's never easy (woh, woh)
But if you believe that there is hope
Then sing it with me

21.) What color resembled 'Passion', to you? Why?
Passion is an emotion, not a color, I'm not answering this question.

22.) What gets you hot? Why?
I don't know, the sun?

23.) If I walked into your bedroom right now, what may I see?
Well, I don't really have a bedroom anymore, so I guess you'd see charred ash and stuff. My mother moved into an apartment with my sisters and my brother, but I came here right before she did, so my only room is the school's dorm, so, that's what you'd see, the school dorm.

24.) You like TV, huh? What is your favorite Movie? How about Anime? Why?
I don't watch much TV, it kills braincells, but I guess, I like more action anime, or detective shows like NCIS or something.

25.) How would you Impress someone you like?
I don't know, be myself. Maybe I'd take them to my favorite cafe, something like that.

So begins...

Yuuki Kobayoshi's Story

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Yuuki Kobayoshi

Yuuki scratched at the small white slip of paper in her hand with her nail as she waited for the subway to make it's final stop, dropping her off at her new home. Call her stupid, but she still didn't read the name that she new was printed on it with neat black letters on the inside. Supposedly that name would be the one of the person she was going to be forced to love and marry by the time school ends. She didn't see a point in looking at the name, not if she wasn't going to find out who it would be today, no, she'll wait until tomorrow morning.

The train jerked to a stop and she stood up, pocketing the slip and picking up her suitcases. Yuuki used the overstuffed leather bags to push her way through the people to get out. Crowds were never her thing, too many people all doing random things, it made her eyes hurt.

She stepped out into the station and made her way outside, the light blinding her for a few moments before she kept walking. She quick hailed a taxi, and stepped inside, hurling her bags onto the seat next to her.

"Destination?" The scruffy man asked, looking at her through the mirror.

Yuuki stared back, memorizing his beady eyes and stubby chin, holding his stare, before turning her eyes to the window, "Curious Academy, I want to be dropped off at the front gates, got it?"

He scoffed, "so you're one of those desperate types."

Her eyes shot at him, sending him a quick glare before returning them to the streets outside. "No, I'm one of those types who just lost her home, and found a fancy new place where I can live, and learn. I'm also one of those types who would like to get there before my hair turns gray."

He doesn't say anything, but begins driving.

When the cab stops in front of the gates, the driver simply states the price. Yuuki politely hands over half her wallet and grabs her bags. "Not many people like smart asses, missy. Remember that when you're talking to your 'soul mate'."

Her eyes soften a bit and she gives him a knowing smile. "I will." She says in a mocking tone, before slamming the door behind her, and strutting up through the gate. 'What he doesn't know is I'm not a smart ass to just everyone, just dumb asses like him.' She thinks to herself.

* * *

Yuuki layed out her things in her room, and set her bed before she even noticed the bed on the other side of the room. The realization hit her that she had never considered having to have a room mate. "As long as they're not stupid, I'll be fine." She repeated to herself as she finished unpacking, setting her flute case on her bed and setting a few of the books on the nightstand beside her bed. She had bought them at a book store nearby a few weeks ago during the open house when she met the teachers. It was a cute store with loads of selection, and it sat right next to an amazing cafe. Yuuki had decided right then that she'd be frequenting that place. She finished up with her things and stood still for a moment, admiring her work, before picking up her camera off of the foot of the bed and hanging it around her neck.

She had decided that she'd make memories out of the years she'll be here, so she bought a camera off of the internet and made a promise to herself that she'd document everything with it. After she tested the battery and grabbed a book, she turned on her heels and headed to the door and made her way outside.

She found a small spot of shade under the only tree she had spotted on the property, and sat there. Silently, Yuuki fiddled with the lense of the camera, while silently going over everything in her mind. The place seemed pretty empty so far, she hadn't even spotted a teacher. The only person she made contact with since she got here was the secretary who took her papers and gave her her room number and key, as well as her schedule. She reached over and picked up the book, setting it on her lap, but she didn't start reading yet, she just sat there and admired the quiet.

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Rhys Mano Erasmios

It had been raining earlier that day. Raining, in a place where it was usually decorated by snow. It had come as a bit of a surprise to Rhys as he first set foot outside that very morning. The sidewalks were stained dark from the moisture and only the faintest of drops had been falling at that time. He had stepped out when it had first begun. And now, as he drove to the place where he would ultimately experience love, or hoped to do so, it was a full downpour.

A different thought passed through his head with every swipe of the wipers as they moved back and forth in a metronomic fashion. The rain made everything feel so gray, and Rhys couldn't help but turn his gaze to the drops of moisture that formed on his window as he stopped at lights and signs. The view of the world through them made it seem magnified and distorted, and it sent Rhys into a silent ramble about how the rain portrayed the world as it really was.

Gray, distorted, and much bigger than people thought. In fact, it was such a long string of thoughts that it completely occupied him as he mechanically drove the full hours of the trip to the Curious Academy where he would soon be boarding.


As he reached the end of his trip, and was pulling into the main gates of his new home, the string of thoughts had been continued and had just reached the phrase 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Everything in life was only beautiful because an individual's opinion. One could find a flower beautiful, whilst the other could consider it just an eyesore and a waste of space.

What the actual verdict is is undetermined, because it is only a given title based on one's point of view. Rhys wondered if that was how everything in the world worked, and the answer escaped him. Besides, now wasn't the time to be searching for another intricate answer to a perhaps thoroughly philosophical life question, no, now was the time to find a parking spot and get directions to his room.

And so he did, parking in a slot that seemed to be placed adjacent to a single tree, which was adorned by a woman sitting in it's shade and reading book. Thanks to the shade, Rhys cast his gaze upward to observe the drastic change in weather here compared to where he had just been earlier on in the day. It was fairly sunny, with only the occasional cloud in the sky. It felt nice. But he could not spend the entire day gazing at the sky and enjoying the warmth and comfort it gave him, he had things to do.

And do them he did, starting with him reaching out his hand for the door handle and stepping out of his vehicle for the first time since he had started his trip. Finally getting to stretch his legs felt amazing as Rhys picked up a standard pace along the sidewalk, which ran next to the tree with the woman, and to a door that lead into the building.

As he passed the tree, he gave merely a wave over his shoulder behind him to the woman that sat in the shade, hoping that she would perhaps be looking up from her book at the appropriate moment to see his offered greeting.


Once he had reached the building, it didn't take him long to find the secretary office and he picked up his room key and schedule. It wasn't until he had navigated himself to his room that he realized he had forgotten his baggage in his car. But, instead of going back for it, he decided on entering the room anyway and claiming a bed for himself. It was a quaint room, outfitted for two people.

Standard, really. There was basic carpet, which seemed to be a teal color and two beds, one on either side of a portion of the room. There was a portion of wall that jutted out to the left of the door, and extended forwards, concealing a small kitchen area, where the carpet lead into tile. As Rhys explored the small kitchen, decorated with a small round table and two chairs, a refrigerator, stove, and small amount of counter space, he came across another door that lead to a bathroom with a basic set-up.

It had a toilet, sink adjacent to it, and a shower that was concealed by a sliding glass door designed in a way that made everything blurred as you looked through it. The glass was also patterned in a way that made tiny individual windows, each having different amounts of sides and varying shapes. Sure, it was small. But it was also comfortable. As Rhys exited back into the kitchen and across to the living area, he claimed the bed furthest away from the door and emptied his pockets onto it.

As he looked at the small pile of items, he wondered who he would be rooming with. His eyes then set themselves upon the slip of paper he had received after taking the soul mate quiz. Apparently, it contained the results of the aforementioned quiz, but Rhys had yet to read the name upon it. He decided he would read it after meeting his roommate and getting himself acquainted with both him, and the school.


And so, Rhys sat upon his bed after returning the things to his pockets and silently stared at the door, waiting for whomever he would be rooming with to enter.