ClearwaterMax Aquino

I'll just stay out of it...

a character in “What the Heart Wants...”, as played by KidFurturistic

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Max Aquino

A tribal Filipino tattoo and the serenity prayer tattoo

Normal Clothing
Most of the time its some skinny jeans and a shirt with some smart ass statement on it but sometimes he likes to shake it up and wear something a little different

Boy 2 - The shy guy


-Playing Guitar
-Keeping to himself

-Big crowds
-Mean people

Favorite Color

Favorite Song
Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

Overall Personality
Max is an all around great guy. That's if you can get him to talk to you. Max doesn't like talking to or hanging out with just anyone it makes him feel so uncomfortable. He loves joking and has a wonderful sense of humor. He gets nervous when around a lot of people he doesn't know. As a nervous habit he picks at his hands. If he lets you in he will expose you to one of the greatest guys that you will ever meet in your life.


What's usually with him
-Iphone 4
-Rolex given to him by his grandfather
-His pintail 40 longboard
-Black book bag

So begins...

Max Aquino's Story