What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?

What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?


At Makenzie Prep, absolutely everybody has a secret. But what if someone figured out yours? What would you do to stop it from spreading?

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What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?


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At Makenzie Prep, everyone - and I mean everyone - has a secret. What if someone found out that you had never had a bofriend? Or you made out with that loser two years below you? That would totally ruin your reputation! What if someone figured out your secret? What would you do to keep it safe?

It's September 8th, the Monday of the second week back to school, and alot has happened... but we will talk abou that later. Makenzie Prep seems like the average highschool - with its cliques; jocks, nerds, hipsters, loners, rebels and much more. But somewhere in the school is one single girl who knows everything about you - from your family life, to your nervous habits, to your dirty little secrets. And she isn't afraid to let them spread.

She will contact you via text message, and will sometimes give you... tasks to stop her from spilling, which could be anything from wrecking a classroom to breaking someones heart. She goes by A, and that's pretty much all you know. Don't be afraid to give her information - think someone is cheating? Chemistry between someone? Text A, she might just spare your secret. Sure, it may be sucking up, but if it's to protect your secret, who cares?

Woah, woah, woah... what happened?
Even if it has been only a week since school began, alot has happened.

At a party, under A's instructions, a house and car were set on fire, two people told the rest of the school about their 'secret relationship,' someone was pushed into a river and a truck was wrecked. The next day, when everyone arrived at the school, they saw the whole place covered in stickers with the word MURDERER printed on them.

PS: This all happened in my RP What's Your Dirty Little Secret? You do not have to be part of that to join this.


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A responded to Adrianna's text as soon as she arrived home.

From: Adrianna
He's my best friends boyfriend have you no heart?

To: Adrianna
Oh, I have a heart. It's just been out of use for some time. xxx - A

She walked through the hallway as the next message came through.

From: Nathan
Who are you, and what you want?

To: Nathan
I want...hmm, I suppose I would like you to tell someone about your whole 'violin' secret. You choose who. ;) Or I could tell the world any number of things - That you've never had your first kiss, or you and your family are part of a Triad. Oh, and the person you tell has to attend the school. Tell one person about your violin secret, or everyone about one of your more...drastic secrets. xxx - A


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Seeing one of her closest friends faint,she was completely speechless which didn't happen easly. She was about to call 911 but before she got the chance,Ade already did. She watched as a few of the football players came over. "Give her some room people,God." The people moved a little farther away,knowing she was joking. She watched as Cody and Chris ran up. "Did something happened before she passed out, or did she just fall?" She was still utterly speechless,she cleared he throat and spoke after Ade. "I think she just fell but I looked away when she did." She felt so useless and she hated that. She watched as Cody hugged ade to comfort her,she smiled seeing that both of her best friends had someone to help them. Unlike Adriana,Lina kept a level head and just tried to relax to team.

As they took her away,she looked towards the team. She was good at getting them back focused. She looked towards the others before clearing her throat. "Ok guys,she's going to be fine. I know it so lets just hope for the best and take a few minutes to collect outselfs,alright?" She watched as they nodded and started to go in their little groups. She exhaled deeply and looked at a few of the people still around her like Ade,Cody,and Chris. She smiled and put her armn around Adriana before speaking. "Ade,she'll be fine. Alright,don't even worry about it. We'll go see her after pratice,ok?" she smiled at her friend before letting go of her. Excuse me for a minute guys. She waved before walking away from them. she took out her sleek red phone and started to type a text.

Earth to A. I would love to get my challenge over with,so you can just leave me the hell alone. so if you would sweet enough to do so,I would love you forever. Sarcasm of course.

She put her phone away before walking back to the group and smiling like nothing was wrong.


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Ade admired how strong Lina was. She on the other hand was crying like a baby. She was happy cody was there to comfort her. Once he let go she whispered "Thank you."
Before Lina hugged her. "Shouldn't we meet her at the hospital," She turned to her friends, " I drove my dads range rover so it fits all of us. "She was glad she brought her dads car instead of her own tiny convertible.
Ade felt her phone buzz and looked down. Only to see a message from 'A'.
To: Adrianna
Oh, I have a heart. It's just been out of use for some time. xxx - A

She looked down quickly and typed.
To: A
are you kidding me she's in the hospital I cant just steal her frikin boyfriend.



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"I uh, I think practice is over guys." Cody said. It really wasn't up to him in any way, but he doubted anyone would protest. Most of the guys still needed to go get something to wear to the dance and would probably be grateful for the extra time anyways. When nobody protested, including the coach, he assumed they agreed.

"So to the hospital then?" he said looking around. A few people nodded, and he knew that Emmalina, Adrianna, and Chris would all be there without a question. As people started leaving the field to go their separate ways, Cody headed to his car.

When he got to the hospital, Cody was stopped in the waiting room. An extremely rude nurse said something about no visitors yet, although she didn't give a reason, and then walked off. As a few other people showed up, Cody relayed the message. Regardless of who asked, the nurses gave the same uninformative answers. It was like they weren't even listening to anyone's questions.


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#, as written by Sieye
Alex sat the the desk, doodling out ideas for his next novel. It was a secret passion of his, writing. Hockey took over the number one spot, but writing always calmed him. He would always lose himself in the fiction world. Recently, he came to trying to write a mystery novel. He was always more into the science fiction type, but wanted to venture out a bit. This though, caused some severe writers block, which has been going on for some time now. Ideas were not just coming to him. He looked up scanning the room, trying to get some inspiration. He noticed some familiar faces from some of his classes, but most were underclassman.


Alex cocked his head to the side caught off guard by the girl who yelled in the mostly silent library. He looked over in the direction and watched as two girls were looking at each other, the one who got asked the question blushing and sliding slightly in her chair. Alex couldn't help but laugh a little. That kind of sarcastic question reminded him something Tyler would say. Guess everyone has those kinds of friends he thought refacing his book smiling. He started to scribble some words on the page and sighed, slamming the book a little too loud.It's hopeless he thought grabbing his bag off the ground. Screw this I'll just go home.

Alex made his way between the desks in the library and went to open the door stopping midway. Please don't screech. He opened the door slowly and sighed as no noise was made. He exited the room, playing with his keys as he heard his name being yelled. "Alex! Hold up!" It was Mr. Kaizer from Literature class when Alex was a junior. Alex was pretty good in literature and found Kaizer to be a good teacher so he respected the man. Alex looked around making sure no one was in sight. He acted like an ass when in front of certain people but didn't want to if not needed. He didn't have to do that in front of Mr. Kaizer so he was glad he didn't have to start. "Hey Mr. Kaizer. What's up?" It came out a little more informal than he wanted but it was OK. "I need a favor from you Alex. I need you to join the committee for the back to school dance."

Alex stared at him with disbelief for a second and then noticed the teacher was serious. "Um.. that's not really my thing though." he responded scratching the back of his head wondering if that answer was good enough. "I know Alex, but I need you to do this. The last I checked there was no one in the group and they really need help. I think if you join, a hockey player, it will get some to follow you".

Alex continued to stare thinking what to say next. "I'm not really popular Mr. Kaizer. Ask one of the football players. Their the ones who are the most popular. The committee will be flocked with people."

The professor sighed a second. "Always cutting yourself short Alex. Look, I trust you will actually do the job." He stopped for a second thinking and continued. "I know you like to write Alex. You're essays were always one of the top in the class. Here's what I'll do if you do this for me. I'll talk to a friend of mine who is a professor at a local college. He used to write novels and has some contacts with publishing companies and editors. I really need this favor done. I owe Miss Barkley one."

Alex gave a questioning look at him but decided to not ask. The idea of a publisher was too good to pass up. "FINE. I'll do it" he said sighing. "Miss Barkley is in the staff room right now right?" he asked as he started to walk there. Mr Kaizer smiled and yelled "Thanks!" Alex gave a small wave and walked towards the staff room. Alex got to the staff room, and knocked on the door. He slowly opened it and noticed teachers at the desks either cleaning up to go home or writing their lessons for the next day. Alex saw Miss. Barkley at her desk and walked over to her. "I'm here to sign up for the "Back To School Dance" committee."


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After Hannah had said what she said the guy that they both said was cute laughed which just made Carter blush more. “You’re so embarrassing!” Carter whispered in Hannah’s ear and Hannah just smiled. If Carter was a normal person she may actually be good friend with Hannah but for now they were just art class friends.

The librarian loved Carter and Hannah for some reason, so she didn’t even tell them to be quiet. Maybe she loved them because they baked her cookies, or helped out in the library when there were busy days. Carter often does that, she distracts herself with other activities. It keeps her mind away from the dark thoughts that haunted her most of the time. Now the thoughts where back of her past, she couldn’t take it any longer she needed to keep herself busy.

“Come on Hannah lets go,” she said as she picked up her books. Hannah followed. As they walked in the halls Hannah stopped at a dance committee poster, “we should totally get on the committee,” she said and she grabbed Carter’s hand and drug her to the staff room.

Without knocking Hannah entered, dragging Carter along with her. She looked around, she has never been in here. Then she looked at the guy from the library. She could feel herself start to blush but then she reminded herself that he didn’t know Hannah was talking about her.

“The dance committee sounds so super fun! Can me and Carter join?” Hannah said. Hannah always acted like she had 10 cups of coffee just 5 minutes ago. She is so full of energy.


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A lay down on her bed as the next storm of texts came rolling in.

From: Emmalina
Earth to A. I would love to get my challenge over with,so you can just leave me the hell alone. so if you would sweet enough to do so,I would love you forever. Sarcasm of course.

A rolled her eyes as she replied.

To: Emmalina
Who says I'm going to give you a task today? Well, I might... but you'll just have to wait and see ;) I bet you regret killing your family now you're stuck with this foster family. xxx - A

From: Adrianna
are you kidding me she's in the hospital I cant just steal her frikin boyfriend.

To: Adrianna
Oh, a shame. It's too bad, I don't think you're going to be little miss popular anymore once your secrets come out. xxx - A


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(Grumpy-Converse, I don't know if you noticed, but Ariel texted A asking what her task was so if she could get it soon that'd be great!! :))

Ariel's eyes flickered up from her worksheet when she saw the girl across the table set a notebook down in front of her. She glanced up at the girl who smiled at her, and she gave a small smile back before reading the piece of paper.
You seem a bit ill at ease, is something wrong? She looked up, not really sure how to actually respond, should she write as well? She wasn't sure if the girl sitting across from her had written it because they were supposed to be quiet in the library , or maybe because she couldn't talk, which could also be paired with not hearing. But when she looked up at her, the girl pointed to her ears and gave a thumbs up, and Ariel took that as an indication that she could hear alright, but assumed she couldn't speak. Ariel nodded her understanding, then remembered the question.
"Ummm..." now she was a bit uncertain as to whether she should just say everything was fine or if she should tell her about this whole A situation. Was there some sort of unspoken code that people weren't allowed to talk about A in person, or else? Ariel mentally told herself that she was being ridiculous, I mean, after all, she didn't even know for sure if this whole scheme was actually legitimate. Therefore, she decided it wasn't worth mentioning.
"No, I guess-" she trailed off when she caught sight of the librarian giving her the death stare. She looked back to Asajj and spoke quieter, "Everything's fine, thanks though." she smiled once again, then looked over at the librarian, seeing that he was still watching them out the corner of her eye. Ariel rolled her eyes slightly and picked up her pen, writing on the notepad, "I'm Ariel by the way, and your name is..?" she slid the notebook back to her, then looked down at her Latin homework, but being so easily distracted, tore away her gaze once again as someone else entered the library. It was a boy who she was certain that she hadn't seen yet in the first couple weeks of school, and she wondered if today was his first day. He walked past them, with headphones in, and before Ariel looked away, she was almost certain she saw him flip off the librarian for no reason. She raised an eyebrow slightly and then glanced up at the girl at her table before she went to check her phone to see if A had responded to her question. Nothing yet. Ariel sighed and put her phone back down, wondering how long it usually took for A to get back to people with their tasks. But mainly she wondered just how bad hers would be, and if it would be worth protecting her secrets.


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Annabell grew anxious. No word from A was usually a good thing. Now it made her quiet and depressed. She pulled open the drawer to her desk and pulled out a pill bottle of Zoloft. She looked at them, debating wether or not to take one. A few minutes passed and she opened the bottle and took one out. She threw the bottle back in the drawer and took a sip of her Mountain Dew, swallowing the pill. She got back to work on her photo editing, when her mother called out, crying. Annabell ran downstairs to make sure her mother was ok, she was pregnant after all. Her mother was sitting on the couch, crying her eyes out.

"MOM! Are you ok? What's wrong?"

"It-it's your dad..." Annabell's heart shrunk.

"D-dad...What about him?"

"He...he didn't make it. He flatlined." Annabell's mom struggled to say between sobs. Annabell started to cry. She ran outside into the street and cussed at the sky.



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The girl glanced up from her work to the notebook Asajj had handed her, responding to Asajj's smile with one of her own before reading over the words written on the notebook. She nodded, evidently taking the meaning of Asajj's gesture. "Um..." she began with an unsure tone of voice. And, well, when someone responded to the question of 'is something wrong' with an uncertain 'um', it was kind of answer enough on its own, but Asajj did not push the issue when Ariel simply stated, "No, I guess..."--and was interrupted by the glare of the librarian, clearly none too satisfied with Ariel's quiet tone. Evidently not even when she lowered it even further.

Ariel decided to take care of that issue by simply taking up Asajj's notepad and writing in it. Well, that's new. Asajj had never had a conversation with anyone in which they were both writing...but she supposed if a conversation where one person was doing the talking was unusual enough, then one where neither was talking at all had to be at least somewhat unique. Asajj took the notepad back once Ariel had finished writing on it, and read over what had been written. I'm Ariel, by the way, and your name is...? Asajj began to write her responce, directly beneath Ariel's. My name's Asajj. And she was contemplating what to write next when a new presence made itself known in the library--in the form of one Mr. Alexander Hale, the jolly and friendly teacher of Calculus, that same subject Asajj was currently working on.

"'evenin' Miss Uzun!" he greeted her with typical vigour and enthusiasm--which did not endear him to the librarian, who merely scowled helplessly. Asajj returned the greeting with a wide grin. Mr. Hale was one of few teachers who didn't act like Asajj deserved to be in a special needs class, which was more than enough already for him to be her favourite teacher...no less that he actually cared about her, which sometimes Asajj felt was more than could be said for the rest of the world. "Just thought I'd swing by on my way out and drop off the sign-up form for the Back to School Dance committee. I take it you're signing up this year again?" Asajj nodded eagerly as he slid the paper over to her--at which point he seemed to take notice of Ariel for the first time. "Well, I can see you're busy at the moment," he smiled, speaking in vaguely the voice of a father watching his child socialise with other kids for the first time. "So I'll not bother you any longer. See you in class tomorrow, Asajj." And, having properly butchered her name into 'a-sage', Mr. Hale took his exit, much to the evident relief of the librarian, who still glared balefully at Asajj as though the blame for all this cacophony fell clearly on her. Asajj merely smiled apologetically at her, before turning back to the notepad before her. He always mispronounces my name, but he's much too nice for me to go off and correct him. She gave a rueful sort of smile as she pushed the notepad forward back to Ariel.

It was another second or so before another presence made its debut unto the rapidly-dwindling population of the library, but needless to say this was not nearly as flamboyant a presence as that of the good Mr. Hale. Asajj happened to be looking up from her homework just in time to catch a fresh glimpse of the new arrival flipping the bird to the librarian for absolutely no reason whatsoever, which caused Asajj to choke painfully as a result of the inadvertent chuckle that action elicited. Ow...I really need to stop laughing at things... Asajj thought mordantly as she felt the sharp pain that had stabbed up her throat gradually recede. Still funny as hell though.


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Madison awoke to a faint buzzing sound. At first she felt lost, but quickly recognized the familiar hospital room. Why though? It didn't make sense, she wasn't scheduled to come in for another two weeks. The curtains were drawn shut, so there was no telling what time it was.

"Morning sleepy head." A voice said. Madison turned her head to see Tyler sitting in an arm chair in the corner. It didn't look like he had been there very long.

"What happened?" She asked. No matter how hard she tried, Madison couldn't figure out why she was in the hospital. Had she been hurt at cheerleading or something?

"You passed out." Tyler said calmly. Something about his voice sent a wave of panic through Madison, causing the machines to beep a little faster. Tyler took a breath and smiled. "It's nothing to worry about. There was just a little bit of growth and a little bit of shifting and one thing lead to another." He never said the word, but Madison knew exactly what he was talking about.

"So what happens now?" Madison asked.

"They want to put you under for the night while they run a few more tests just to be safe. Assuming everything stays stable for the night though, they think it should be business as usual within a few days." Tyler said. Madison nodded. "A bunch of your friends came by. Some of them left when the nurses turned them away, but a few were pretty persistent. What do you want to tell them?" he asked. Tyler had already talked to the nurses, they would go along with the fake story. It was the main reason their answers to her friends had been so unbelievable vague.

"I don't really know. What makes sense? Dehydration? Anorexia?" Madison paused, "no, I don't want people to think I'm anorexic." It wouldn't be much of a stretch, she was pretty thin.

"Extreme dehydration it is." Tyler said with a smile. After a short conversation with one of the nurses, Tyler went out to go let Madison's friends in.


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Character Portrait: A

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Sipping his coffee, Aether gazed through his blackened aviators, something he wore to hide his eyes, across the cafeteria. Through the moonlit venue there was silence only. Around the tables, silence only. Up on stage, silence only. Against the kitchen gates, silence only.
If you asked Aether exactly why he was in the school cafeteria at one o’clock in the morning (or night, whichever you prefer), you would probably get more answers from a marble statue. Perhaps he was standing, waiting for a train. Maybe he was waiting for Jesus to come down from on high and vanquish all the little demons that crept and grabbed at his heart. His mother would say, “Nah, he just wants to be alone with his coffee.” But, nonetheless, all we could know was that he was drinking coffee and holding his black phone.

Turning it on, Aether’s pocket vibrated. From “A” and all his would be fellow victims. Aether ignored it all. Skipped them all. Scoffed at them all.
How could he be so indignant with her earlier? Irresponsible.

He decides to play a song from his phone...

http://youtu.be/POTHIP_GjY8 - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Roy Acuff

Texting A, alone:
A – I’m ready.


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Adrianna was walking into the hospital when she saw the text message. She sucked in a gust of air in irritatin and sighed in defeat. She pulled out her phone and started texting. Each word made her sick to her stomach.
" So this is what it's like to make a deal with the devil." She thought to herself.
To: A
you win your bitchyness I'll do whatever you say.

She stopped by the floral shop in the hospital and picked up yellow roses. Just because they are for friendship even though she was planning to steal her best friends boyfriend. Irony is a bitch. She tucked her phone in her pocket as she walked into Mads room.
"hey mads how ya feeling?" She asked setting the roses on the stand by her bed.


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Ariel watched as the girl wrote her response on the page of the notebook. My name's Asajj. she had printed out. Ariel nodded firmly and gave her a small smile as she saw it as the most simple way to say 'well, it's nice to meet you'.
"'evenin' Miss Uzun!" Came a booming, but cheerful voice from behind her. Ariel jumped slightly in her chair, not expecting to hear such noise, in the library, no less. Ariel quickly checked the librarians reaction, which of course was priceless before she turned, to see the source of all the sudden noise. It had been the calculus teacher, Mr. Hale, who was standing before them, as usual, wearing an animated smile that was too big for his face. If you were to ask Ariel, she could make a list of all the things she didn't like about a teacher, right on the spot. But really, try as she might, she couldn't find much faults in Mr. Hale, and she usually excelled at recognizing faults. Mr. Hale was just one of those people who had such a contagiously bright personality, that he had practically lit up the dreary atmosphere of the library. Astonishingly, she didn't even so much mind that the man was a teacher, some of her least favorite people on the planet. Ariel sent a small smile his way but it seemed to go unnoticed, as he launched into enthusiastic conversation with Asajj. Ariel didn't take it too personally, she understood that she hadn't been at this school nearly long enough to have the teachers recognize her and actually want to make talk with her. Instead, she simply turned her focus back to her Latin worksheet, completing the only two blanks that were still left. She let her pencil drop to the surface of the table, and then, with nothing else to do, she found herself listening to what Mr. Hale had to say to Asajj.
"-sign-up form for the Back to School Dance committee. I take it you're signing up this year again?" Ariel heard. Across the table, Asajj gave an unmistakably keen nod of her head. Dance committee, hm... It didn't really seem like Ariel's idea of fun, and the last thing she wanted was to get herself even more involved with school than she had to be, but she figured it was each to his or her own.
As the teacher passed Asajj the sign-up form, he finally seemed to acknowledge Ariel, and he gave her a have you been here all this time? sort of look. Ariel smiled sheepishly as Mr. Hale said towards Asajj, "Well, I can see you're busy at the moment. So I'll not bother you any longer. See you in class tomorrow, Asajj." she watched Mr. Hale disappear back into the hallway, and when she turned her attention back to Asajj, she was writing away on the notepad again. Ariel quickly checked her phone for any new messages, still none. As she set her phone back on the table, Asajj extended the notebook towards her.
He always mispronounces my name, but he's much too nice for me to go off and correct him. Ariel did a small chuckle and picked up her pencil once again, and wrote out on the notepad, Yeah,I didn't think that sounded quite right... but Mr. Hale is a great teacher, and this is coming from someone who often hates some teachers more than anything. He has a really great attitude. Tapping her chin with her pencil, she tried to think of a little more to write down, wanting to keep the conversation going, after all, it had been the one of the first she'd had with any student at this school. Hm... what to say, what to say... Her eyes wandered over to the committee sign up sheet which laid on the table in front of Asajj.
Anyways, how many years have you been doing the dance committee for? You seem really excited about it, is it a lot of fun? Though she still didn't even feel slightly interested in signing up, she thought it was a good route to take, since it was obviously something Asajj enjoyed. She passed the notebook back to her with a small smile and while she waited to get it back, she packed her Latin textbook away into her bag and leaned back in her chair, left without much more to do, yet she still didn't want to leave. She stared down at her phone which laid on the table, still without new messages.

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Settings are the backdrop for the characters in your universe, giving meaning and context to their existence. By creating a number of well-written locations, you can organize your universe into areas and regions.


While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!

Add Group » 0 Factions to align with

There are no groups in this roleplay!

Add Character » 17 Characters played by your community

Character Portrait: Madison Delaney
Character Portrait: Cody Lafontaine
Character Portrait: A
Character Portrait: Adrianna
Character Portrait: Annabell Christman
Character Portrait: Carter Rose Leeh
Character Portrait: Christopher Dawson
Character Portrait: Amy Light
Character Portrait: Alexander Setinov
Character Portrait: Jason Hollings
Character Portrait: Nathan Liu


By marking a character as abandoned, you can offer them to your players as pre-made character sheets.

Character Portrait: Ariel Santiago
8 sightings Ariel Santiago played by akjadestar
Character Portrait: Aether
2 sightings Aether played by lom.conor
All you can get from this guy is that he likes black, spurs, and country music.


By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.


You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.

The Forge

Use your INK to craft new artifacts in What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?. Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

Notable Items

No items have been created yet!

The Market

Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

Market Data

Market conditions are unknown. Use caution when trading.

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