21 Century United StatesMelody Winger

Don't you dare talk about my father like that.

a character in “When the gods came to earth”, as played by RiotTerritory

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Name: Melody Winger

Nickname: Lodi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Looks: She loves fashion and is always wearing something different and beautiful. Her sense of fashion is always changing and you never know what she will wear next. Though she stands at only about 5'1, she is beautiful in her own way. Her step-brother (see history) is the one that showed her all about the fashion world and makeup and how beautiful she really was. She also has a natural marking on her upper back of a sun that gains a short ray of light of light every year of her life and a longer ray of light every ten years of her life.


What god is your parent: Apollo



History: Lodi has always been called the favorite of her father, Apollo, because when she was very young, Apollo gave her a marking on her back of a sun that gains a short ray of light every year of her life and a longer ray of light for every ten years. Lodi has never actually met her father, but at sunrise on every birthday, when she gets a new marking, she knows that from somewhere, Apollo is looking over her. When she was ten, before Lodi fully understood what she was, her mother remarried a man that had a son. Lodi and her step brother, Jake, became quick friends and shared everything with each other. No one knew that Lodi was a demi-god besides Lodi and her mother, and no one besides Jake and his father knew that Jake was also a demi-god. However, the night before Lodi's first birthday with, Jake, the two decided that they would try to stay up all night. They fell asleep at eleven o'clock, but at sunrise, Jake was woken up by the bright light emanating from Lodi's back. That day, Lodi and her mother sat down with Jake and his father and told them everything. Jake and his father then told the two women that Jake was, in fact, a demi-god as well. He was a son of Aphrodite. Lodi's life has been spent thus far happily with her mother, step-father, and step-brother.

Orientation: Straight

Personality: Lodi can quiet at times, but can also be extremely loud at times. Because of her step-brother, she loves fashion and beauty and can sometimes be very vain. She loves music and instruments are very easy for her to pick up, but the only instrument she has ever stuck with is guitar. She is also very intelligent, but doesn't like to flaunt her intelligence and would rather people just saw her vast knowledge when she used it. She has a sort of knowing. Though she cannot directly tell the future, her father's power of prophecy seems to have rubbed off on her and she can sometimes tell how things are going to end. Her greatest wish is to someday meet her father and to also find love. Her greatest fear is that she will die alone.

So begins...

Melody Winger's Story