When The Gods Slept: The God-Core

When The Gods Slept: The God-Core


Go on an Epic Quest to save Syeran, a world that is run on magic, read more inside.

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There is a reality, a universe in which magic governs every little thing. From the breeze in the spring to the destruction of stars in the cosmos, people use magic every day; it moves vehicles, provides defense, expands knowledge, and make a hell of a good turkey when applied. This world is called, Syeran. Syeran is in a bit of a Victorian age, locomotive technology run by magic is on the rise and magic driven guardians patrol the streets. All the magic in the world comes from one source, The Creator, an all powerful being that gives every person their ability to use magic. He is a pleasant God, letting his followers do as they wish, only hoping that they regard the happiness and beauty of others. All the world follows this being, they apply to one law so well that war is unheard of. It is a great golden age, people have forgotten about The Great Magic War and the Guardians that had lived for thousands of years in the same spot, worthless after the war had ended. There are not only humans, there are thousands of creatures, Elves, gnomes, dwarves, orcs, and even demons. Each culture has been assimilated into the new magic age, it is not uncommon to see a Dwarven inventor creating a fabulous new device ran on magic. Or to see an Orc operating a juggernaut magic suit capable of lifting an elephant.

But a great and terrible change is coming, The Creator has disappeared, all magic in the world is vanishing. Air ships start falling from the sky, inventions start falling apart. Only those of great power are still capable of wielding magic, but they are nearly killed by those who are jealous. Magic becomes hoarded and rare, brothers have killed each other other meaningless magical trinkets. The world is thrust into war, but a select religious group still has faith. They are devout in the teachings of The Creator and know of a prophecy that for told of this disaster. They issue out a call to all adventurers, only of those of great power and ambition answer it. The religious group The Golden Dawn gather this group of great adventurers to find one thing, The God Core: A magical device capable of resurrecting a sleeping god.

The adventure is waiting, Syeran is calling for any great hero to step up to the batters plate! Be the great and powerful hero you always wanted to be! Go on a daunting and epic quest to save a world that is nearly out of magic!

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Abilities/Spells: Any known abilities? Perhaps a student in a school of magic or a battle hardened warrior with skill in the sword.
Personality: (Really tell me about your character, I want them to have life)
Appearance: A description of your character, typically their behavior and body language.

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