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Teetering Veronica

a character in “When the Lion Wakes”, as played by Baby

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Talking: "M-m-maria, why does the TV run away?" Signing: "Maria, did we get a new TV?"

Veronica is a woman with long, copper legs and a very curvaceous body. Her hair is of the darkest night and her eyes are a coffee brown, no cream. She stands at 5'6 and smiles with big, nearly perfect teeth. Save for the small gap between the two front.

All together, Veronica would be attractive. Her puffy hair is tightly pulled back to a neat bun and if seen outside of her 'business' clothing, which is a skintight romper that is all black, strapless, and stops mid-thigh, you might see Veronica wearing blue overalls with a big white shirt and black boots. Something like a farmhand.

She's 24 by the way, and single. Probably for her whole life, even with her looks.


Veronica needs to multitask, she gets extremely uncomfortable if given nothing to do and can become destructive if not watched. Though she can be distracted with conversations and colors, Veronica is best calmed when doing something with her hands.

As for her mind, it's a mess. There is no single thought, nor a regular pattern to how she thinks. Her hands, head and/or eyes are always moving or doing something when she's not on the job. Veronica usually stutters from trying to talk too fast or mumbles when she loses her train of thought. Veronica can almost never think about one thing nor keep a topic simple. If you ask her about the weather, you may get a response about why the idiom had to involve cats and dogs, since they would probably fight before they could leave the clouds.

Confusing right? Well that's how her mind works, and a headache can be ensured if you tried to figure out Veronica's thought process. But she wasn't meant for conversation, she was meant for killing. When her boss gives her a target, her wondering eyes focus, her hands start clenching and unclenching, and she thinks about one thing (Besides the blasphemy of why humans cannot use photosynthesis): success. She transforms from the crazy lady in the park into 'Teetering Veronica' the assassin who can turn almost anything into a weapon.

Aside from all of this, Veronica does experience emotions. Very rarely does she experience them with strangers or during a mission, but when talking/signing to Maria or someone deaf, Veronica comes to life. She no longer looks lost and confused, and her face is constantly changing with her topics, from a snooty frown to a raised brow. The only people who thinks Veronica is interesting or understandable, are people who she communicates with through sign language. Saying as much, Veronica has a soft spot for all deaf people and will have immense difficulty injuring one.

Veronica would be diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy


Veronica is supplied with a number of things from her boss, depending on the mission.

Disguises: Veronica's disguises are very effective, but rarely used. Though her agency can supply the perfect 'Painter' disguise, Veronica has a hard time living up to what a painter is supposed to do. As simple as it seems. Veronica may end up frustrated, trying to completely change her mindset of a painter and become so lost in thought, that the disguise becomes pointless.

Disguised Ear Piece: Veronica has an earpiece in her right ear, which has a constant stream of people talking to her. These are people in the agency and most frequently her boss. They talk about random subjects and switch every five minutes, used to keep Veronica's mind focused, in it's own way.

Array of weapons: Used for assassinations, many times Veronica breaks down the weapons given to her due to her desire to find out what's in it, even though she has already torn apart many weapons before. In the end, Veronica has to use something like a hairpin to finish off her target, since her given weapon was disassembled.

Colorful knotted strings: Why it took the agency so long to think of this, nobody knows. Recently thought of, giving Veronica these knotted strings keeps her hands busy and her mind focused for an extended period of time, and keeps her from destroying her weapons or anything around her.


Veronica was born in the Bahamas to a well off family in Nassau. Her family came from the states and were mostly foreigners, even though they had relatives in Nassau. When she grew up, she was praised many times because of her looks, and for awhile, her family was proud of their beautiful daughter. But people began to realize that Veronica was a little off. She was always rambling about something random and her head bobbing in many directions made people assume she had down syndrome. She was constantly held back in school, and finally, was given up for adoption by the time she was seven. Her mother had a hard time connecting to Veronica, not understanding her thoughts nor her emotions, seeing as they were random as well.

When Veronica grew up in the orphanage, she had little friends and was always sad. It wasn't until she met Maria, a girl that was one year younger and completely deaf. Maria could lip read and taught Veronica how to use American Sign Language, satiating Veronica's need to do something with her hands while still expressing her thoughts. This event opened doorways to Veronica, who never had a real friend before. She would talk to Maria about everything, from her school life and family abandonment. It wasn't until Maria was adopted at 13, did Veronica understand that she could not live her life alone anymore. Veronica ran away from the orphanage and followed Maria, watching her from a distance as she grew up with her new family. Veronica squatted in an abandoned house nearby, and relied primarily on the school's food and Maria's extra lunches.

Maria's new family turned out to be drug dealers, and only adopted Maria to convince any cops that they were a normal 'family' selling used cars. The couple wasn't abusive, but did not show Maria any attention either, just gave her the necessities, food and shelter. Maria was enrolled in a public school, where Veronica would also attend and speak with her. Over the years, the cops completely let off from the couple, convinced it was just a normal family, allowing them to have more freedom in their operations. Getting a little too cocky got the couple into some dirty dealing and a few thugs came over to get their money back. While watching from a distance, Veronica saw the thugs kill Maria's adopted parents and attempted to kill Maria as well.

A well aimed rock lodged into one of the thugs eyes as a warning. A few more random objects killed two of them, and by the time the police showed up, 17 year old Maria and 18 year old Veronica were on the floor next to a bunch of dead bodies and random objects on the floor. This was what brought the agency's attention to Veronica, the woman who had an amazing ability to turn almost anything into a weapon.

The agency is formally called 'The Agency', named commonly so it could be casually used in regular conversation without any suspicion. It was a collaboration of islands coming together to have their own secret retaliation to hostility. Islands are usually easy to overtake and have difficulty managing an army. Which is why The Agency is not militant. It is mostly used to gather evidence to be used for bribes or assassinations to help gain the upper-hand in business. It's purpose is to ensure the safety of the islands, which are always overlooked and conquered without question in wars. The Agency is hard proof that small countries do have a voice, especially with it's invisible hand getting a stronger influence in the world.

As of the day, The Agency has grown to where it can lend out it's services to bigger countries who need a reliable temporary partner to help get information on it's enemy. Not only has this increased the wealth of the collaboration of the islands that created The Agency, but also the safety of the islands as well. Veronica and her boss are under the subdivision of the Bahamas, the island division that specializes in assassinations.

Veronica lives in a hotel, passing off as tourist who lives with her lesbian partner Maria.

What is this Agency? It would be an agency run by a collaboration of islands in the name of self-defense.
Who runs it? Who runs it would be a board that contains the current leader of each island in the group.
Is it affiliated with a government or non-government entity; if so, which? It is not affiliated with any government.

So begins...

Veronica Sharpe's Story