Archer's School for Accelerated LearnersArtie Coltman

The nerd that helps his friends out with everything, though he has a rebellious streak in him. One of Sarah Kaplans' best friend, and had a huge crush on her.

a character in “Who Killed Sarah Kaplan?”, as played by JimmyTheRat

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Arthur Xavier Coltman

Gender Male

Age 17

Artie likes to be somewhat neat with his appearance. He usually wears what the school says to wear. He often spends a few minutes to combs his hair and he brushes his teeth. Though that is as far as spending time on his time on his appearance. He often has a quirky smirk across his face when he is thinking. Artie picked his graphic tees at the local good will store. His favorite shirt is 3 years old and has almost no tears in it. Artie doesn't wear jeans, he only wears cargo pants. He says that the pants don't feel right against his skin. On his feet are his 2 year old Van sneakers. They have a small hole in the bottom of them, so whenever its raining or snowing he wears his boots that were his fathers.

Artie is one of the nicest person you will ever meet. He helps people with their homework, gives directions to the newcomers, and often bums out his smokes to those in need. Due to his nice nature Artie makes friends easily, though some of his friends take advantage of his nice nature and try to walk all over him. When he catches a person walking all over him, Artie makes sure that he pays them back by giving them not exactly what they asked for. His upbringing made him to accustomed to hear the word 'no.' He also doesn't allow himself to become close to anyone for fear of getting hurt.

Artie was born into a middle class family, he didn't starve and he didn't go cold. Though he didn't have all the fancy things that he wanted. He lived with it though. Artie lived there until he was about 10, then his mom and his dad got a divorce. Him and his sister got stuck with his mom, then they became a lower class family. There was often days the only food Artie was getting was at school. Though he was happy, their mom found another guy. They were together until he was about 14. Artie and his family were back in poverty. During this time Artie had taken to picking locks and breaking into stores when he needed money. When Artie was about ready to enter Archer's School for Accelerated Learners, she met another guy. He had gotten a scholarship to go to this school and was gonna let some dude take that way from that. It was around that time that Artie had his first Cigarette. He didn't cough up a lung afterwards because his mom had exposed him to second hand smoke all his life.

When Artie first arrived at the school he was overwhelmed by everyone there. He soon was picked on for being a really nerdy kid and was a loner for about half of the school year. He desperately wanted to go back home where he wasn't picked on as bad. He first met Sarah when he was smoking in one of the areas unsupervised by cameras. She had smirked at him and leaned right next to him. They soon got into a conversation and they became friends. Soon the other kids stopped picking on him and life got better. He even made a few friends ranging from the other nerds to the rebels. Though, Artie never built up the courage to ask Sarah out on a date. He was smoking a cigarette in the construction site when they found Sarah in the bell tower. He spent almost the entire week of forced vacation locked in his room with only a carton of smokes, his lighter, and a few packs of Mountain Dew. There wasn't a time where he wasn't crying, smoking, or drinking during that week.

Artie is fairly skilled at making friends and picking locks. Though if he tried, he could like like no other. Most of his lies are half assed and could be destroyed in a heartbeat if somebody actually took the time and figured it out.

Artie is deathly afraid of spiders, rats, and cockroaches. He will squish any cockroach he sees. Though he won't go near spiders.

Star Wars
Video Games
School Work

Rich People
People who use people
Country Music
Fake people

Well his short term goal was to go on a date with Sarah, though that plan got shot to hell. His goals for the future is to be a teacher, whether it's for history or math. He just wants to teach others what he knows.

How they know Sarah Kaplan
Sarah was the only person who was nice to him when he first came here. They became fast friends and Artie soon developed a crush on her. He held Sarah in his arms when she cried about Johnathan using her and leaving her. He said comforting words the entire time she was crying.

Other Important Details
Artie can play the guitar fairly decently, he can also sing too. Though he is terrified of people hearing him that he doesn't absolutely trust.

(Yes, I know that the picture is Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. There wasn't any decent looking guys who were nerds, so I went with a nerd who I thought was halfway decent looking.)

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Artie Coltman's Story